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Aliens are real and they look just like HUMANS, claims top scientist

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A top scientist has claimed “we are not alone” and suggested aliens look just like humans.

Biologist Simon Conway Morris, an expert in evolution at the University of Cambridge, said the chances of alien life evolving elsewhere in the universe are “pretty high”.

Professor Morris, a fellow at St John’s College, Cambridge, sets out his ideas in a new book called The Runes Of Evolution.

In this weighty tome, the Professor discusses a theory called convergence, which suggests evolution may proceed along certain lines rather than being a chaotic process.

If true, this would mean ET is “almost guaranteed” to possess limbs and a head, think intelligently and perhaps even have orgasms – just like us earthlings.


Professor Simon Conway Morris

“Evolution is far from a random process,” he said.

“If the outcomes of evolution are at least broadly predictable, then what applies on Earth will apply across the Milky Way, and beyond.”

Professor Morris said he is surprised we have not yet discovered aliens which look and sound like us, given the immensity of the universe.

He added: “I would argue that in any habitable zone that doesn’t boil or freeze, intelligent life is going to emerge.

“And given the number of potential planets that we now have good reason to think exist, even if the dice only come up the right way every one in 100 throws, that still leads to a very large number of intelligences scattered around, that are likely to be similar to us.”


Source www.mirror.co.uk

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