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Bizarre Apocalyptic Sounds Heard Worldwide!

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Is Heaven itself making itself heard to the world? Military, news networks, private individuals, and public resources have all been contributing the facts that the earth’s atmosphere has been the site of a strange, otherworldly, ‘sound’ heard from ‘above.’ This information has been lately circulating the networks and internet.

It is an indistinct ‘howling’ or loud ‘whooshing’ sound not coming from any source, but instead just ‘coming out of nowhere.’ It is widely reported and scary as heck. Is it an announcement of a coming biblical apocalypse? Is it an invisible UFO? Is it bad? Is it good? Weird. Weird, it what it is.

Many, many sources and people have been periodically reporting these events with alarming regularity. Spooky and surreal. The investigations carry on. It is possible that the world will soon be told what and how these strangest of audio sensations are and are about. Until the world is told we human beings will have to hold our collective breath and wonder.

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