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The Time-Traveller Who Would Become President

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Imagine a world in which one could jump through Grand Central Teleport in New York City, travel through a vortal tunnel in the time-space continuum, and emerge several seconds later at Union Teleport in Los Angeles. Such a world has been possible since 1968, when teleportation was first achieved by DARPA’s Project Pegasus. When my quest, Project Pegasus, succeeds, such a world will emerge, and human beings linked globally via teleportation will proclaim the Time-Space Age has begun. — Andrew D. Basiago

Andrew Basiago is running for president in 2016 under the “Truth” banner—pushing for government disclosure regarding what he alleges is America’s secret time-travel and teleportation program. He is pretty sure he has a good shot—if not in ’16, then certainly afterwards—of becoming President of the United States, because his father received such information via seeing the future using highly advanced secret technology.

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It was Basiago’s scientist father who reportedly initiated young Andy into time-travel in the late 1960s & early 1970s—in a manner that feels very much like a “Fringe” episode. As he describes it, him and about 139 other children were essentially forced into a classified “time-space” exploration wing of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (D.A.R.P.A.) called Project Pegasus. Through the program they would become “chrononauts”—the world’s first “time-space pioneers.”


what Andrew Basiago’s father might have looked like

Basiago revived Project Pegasus as a mission to tell the people of Earth about the secret history of time-travel. His intentions seem noble; as he puts it on the organization’s official website, Project Pegasus “…envisions a world in which teleports will replace airports for ‘real time’ transit between major transport hubs around the world, thereby making long-distance travel faster, easier, safer, and cheaper.”

Comic book readers might recognize the name “Project Pegasus” from the Marvel Universe, where in 1978 it first appeared within the pages of “Marvel Two-In One” #48. It too was a secret organization conducting all manner of elaborate experiments to be used for the government—specifically, the Department of Energy. So while Basiago’s Project Pegasus was concerned mostly with time-space issues, Marvel’s focused mostly on alternative energy (and sort of cultivating/creating lots of super humans).


It is tempting thus far in unpacking the story of Andrew Basiago to believe that he simply came across Project Pegasus in a Marvel comic or movie; just as he might have simply come across the father/son teleportation story from “Fringe”; just as perhaps he cobbled together other aspects of his elaborate narrative—which includes a lengthly section on exploring Mars with a pre-presidential Barack Obama—from such places as the “John Carter” novels, “Star Trek,” “The X-Files,” and so on.

Which is to say—it is tempting to just dismiss his entire narrative as being that of a highly deluded individual and nothing more.


And yet, as I also felt after reading Brice Taylor’s memoir “Thanks For The Memories“…there has to be something else to this story. A story doesn’t get to this high level of complexity (which, in the case of Basiago, includes supposed witnesses and fellow “team members” who have backed up aspects of this tale) without there being something to it. Now, that something may or may not be validating the original story.

I’m just saying there is something there.


And I’m not crazy.






Here’s what, after watching six hours of a presentation on YouTube detailing every aspect of his story (again—I’m not crazy really I’m not), I think might be within the realm of possibility here:

1. I believe he’s a very smart man with a very high IQ. He’s also a lawyer, and it really shows during his exhaustive densely-packed Powerpoint lectures. In fact, Basiago made me think ofanother lawyer—“Gods of Eden” author William Bramley, who maintained the theory that we are in the thrall of a “Custodial” alien race. It is very interesting to see a person with the discipline of a lawyer unfurl such cases as those of Basiago’s and Bramley’s.


2. I believe that at least some aspects of his father’s stated background—which included working on classified projects—might be true. Which is to say: that his father was involved insomething.

3. I believe the possibility that Basiago himself was flagged as a “gifted” child (he claims to have been an “indigo child” with a degree of psychic/telekinetic ability) is possibly true, because during that time period, all the way up into the Eighties, these types of things were being legitimately researched both in the United States and abroad (most notably Russia). That is not to say that such things as psychic abilities, telekinetic abilities, remote viewing, etc. are bona fide real. But simply that there is evidence that the very “notion” of these things have been studied by various governments, for sure.

Remember one of the most famous stories about “gifted children” with godlike powers: that of Uri Geller, who is smack dab right in that same time-period, and who was mentored by Andrija Puharich. Puharich was both a psychic researcher and somebody connected with the U.S. government.


Geller, like Basiago, also made a fantastic claim: that he was some sort of intergalactic “ambassador”/”messiah” (he also earlier claimed to have “super-powers”). He made this claim while being hypnotized by Puharich—Puharich, who was involved in both psychic research and mind-altering experiments for the government (as well as channeling so-called “aliens”).

While Basiago might be laughed right out of town by the mainstream press, it should be remembered that Uri Geller was a big celebrity in the 1970s—even guest-starring in his own Marvel comic.


Let us suppose, just theoretically, that Geller was purposely “created.” Perhaps he was a kid with some moderate demonstrated psychic ability…or maybe just really bright and charismatic with no such supra-human abilities. And he’s this kid and now he has a mentor and making all these claims and going on all these talk-shows…and he’s being hypnotized and now he’s essentially talking about being connected to aliens and being this messiah-like personality.

And so, theoretically, Geller was “cultivated” as this type of public personality. And then he goes off and spreads the word about psychic abilities and the aliens and he’s filling the minds of other influential celebrities (John Lennon) with all this stuff about aliens, and etc. Is it all leading to a purpose? Who knows. Maybe yes, maybe no…maybe it’s all a money-making scam.


Something happened to Uri Geller.

And was he the only person who was so-called cultivated in this manner? Were there other Gellers?


4. I believe that possibly Basiago was in some sort of “cultivating” group for “talented” kids. A few others claim to have been in the same “program” as him. Perhaps that is true.

5. I believe that possibly some really really really weird stuff went down in that program—in addition to some of the classic mind-fucking stuff Basiago describes, such as being spun on a table to induce an out-of-body experience.

For example, out of 6 hours of a two-part presentation, he only mentions once that he was tortured as a child as part of the original Project Pegasus.

Now…you would think that if you were tortured as a child for any reason, you might dwell on it a bit more than make a single brief mention during a 6-hour lecture.

But Basiago mentions it once, then never elaborates…and largely defends the program as a whole in a very straight-laced, patriotic sort of way (though he occasionally notes that the kids were participating “against their will”).


It is this discrepancy alone that makes me take a really big pause before I throw out his story completely. Because it’s…a little disturbing.

This video, from one of those “Sightings”-type shows narrated by Bill Shatner, lays out the Basiago case very succinctly. Pay attention to the hypnotist interviewed at the end of the segment, who claims that some of his patients can be hypnotized to go “back in time”—to literally, travel backwards and forwards in time:

MY THEORY: these kids were most likely hypnotized and subjected to possibly other technologies (slightly more mundane versions of the ones Basiago talks about) to “induce” things like remote viewing (which gets concretized in Basiago’s story as an actual technology called “chronovision”), altered states, and etc.

There is a tantalizing clue regarding this during the end of the two-part 6-hour lecture, where Basiago describes being on a team teleported to Mars (he is now a young adult & in college), running into dinosaurs, and getting his arm bitten off by one (!). He says that his arm was bitten off…but then it sort of “came back.” And he discussed this with his other “team members,” and one theorized that perhaps they hadn’t really physically “transported” to Mars…but rather, they were in some sort of shared virtual reality model.


Why would someone like Basiago—especially if he was completely consciously fabricating a story—leave that detail in?

Because if the “dinosaurs” of that world were really part of some sort of hologrammic “virtual reality”…and his arm was not really bitten off…could it then be said that the whole trip to Mars was, at the very least, a non-physical one?

I’m not saying that it all, as described by him, “never happened”—but rather, that it might have happened in some “quantum” way that cannot be explained by simply talking of “technology”—at least, anything we could possibly conceive of being as “technology.”

He has another story about how he traveled back to the time of Abraham Lincoln to watch the Gettysburg Address. It’s an incredibly detailed narrative, topped with this photo that he claims was taken of him (in the middle) as a boy time-traveller:


Even his insights regarding the photo itself are quite detailed and vivid…and then he says there is a “gray alien” in the photo as well, reaching out with his hands towards him.

To me, the mention of greys are a tip-off that there is something more “quantum”/inter-dimensional/metaphysical going on…that, in a narrative that is fantastic but mostly rooted in the realm of straight-up science and technology, dropping one of those phantom-like beasties sort of “flips” the perspective.


how some of the Martians looked like, according to Basiago

Or consider his description of the aliens of Mars, whose features conform quite well to that of the inter-dimensional creature LAM as described by Aleister Crowley: large bald heads, big eyes. LAM ends up being the template for the “classic” alien grey as depicted on the cover of Whitley Strieber’s influential book “Communion.”


Uri Geller then cites alien contact in his hypnosis sessions, while his mentor Puharich worked with groups channeling “aliens” themselves. Puharich also supposedly worked on secret technology pioneered by Nikola Tesla.

The Tesla connection gets stranger when you consider that the tech Basiago cites in his narrative is also allegedly based on that of Tesla.

Before my delicate Charlie Day-type mind caves in under the massive amount of potential correspondences and connections in the story of Andrew Basiago—and I’m very tempted to do a play-by-play of the first “Avengers” movie, which featured Project Pegasus as one of its key locations, to see how certain elements intersect with this story—let me point out one more thing:

As noted in several of my other posts on this blog, the early-to-mid-1970s seems to be a “flashpoint” for these weird stories. Many of these stories and incidents have similar or interlocking/overlapping elements (as well, in some cases, involved persons).


Even if all those different stories have non-esoteric, non-paranormal, non-fantastic explanations to them…it still seems to me like there’s still some answers to be had…because it seems like some people went through an awful lot of trouble to make other people believe specific stuff.

Anyway, Andrew D. Basiago is running for president in 2016. He said he was told he would become president by his father—this happened back when the younger Basiago was of college-age, and in a special program for Mars travelers with Barack Obama (who was known as Barry Soetoro in those days).

Basiago said Barry just received the future-information that he would become president, and then his dad intimated that they both would become president some day. This made Andrew feel really good at the time, though he admits perhaps his dad only said that to boost up his son’s spirits.

Postscript: The White House in 2012 made a statement officially denying Barack Obama was in the Project Pegasus Mars program.


Source matrixpraxis.wordpress.com

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