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If Aliens Asked You to Board Their Craft,..What Would You Do?

by Alien UFO Sightings
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If Aliens Asked You to Board Their Craft,..What Would You Do?

This is a question I ponder many times when thinking about UFO’s and a possible Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth.

What would I do if a Extraterrestrial craft landed in my backyard and the door opened or some kind of entry appeared where it seemed like I was being invited in to the craft?

Here is my thoughts on how my experience may play out! Please tell me what yours may be!

Maybe “they” would even be beckoning me telepathically or even standing by the entrance gesturing for me to come forward into the craft.

So hopefully after my initial shock and disbelief I would be still be thinking rationally and come up with a answer and either move forward and enter or maybe try to ask a few important questions like, “So you’re not going to poke and probe?”,..and “We are coming back right?”


As I run this scenario thru the my thought process, I realize I also should be documenting my experience with photo’s and video! “Where’s my Camera?”, “I’m Excited, Overwhelmed and Delirious in What I should Do!”

Then reality sets in and questions rise up as to why I would be experiencing this?

Why Me?


If a highly advanced race of Aliens made the journey to earth ,…why my backyard?

Surely Stephen Hawking, Seth Shostak (head of SETI), or even Giorgio A. Tsoukalos the “Alien Guy” would be a better choice?

This can’t be Good!

I revert back to instinct and a voice in my head screams load and clear!



Humans are the Species on Earth that claims ownership to the Planet and the dirt beneath its feet. Although we share the Planet with millions of other species we have claimed that we are the dominate species and ruler of the Planet,..and its Galaxy. With our technological advances we have claimed the Moon, Mars and more as ours. If we land there,we own it type attitude. Consuming property as our history as shown over and over again with each human empire pushing for more land and more control.

We defend what we own.

As humans we own our backyard and eliminate any intruders we find “unworthy”. We manicure our lawns and eliminate pests, rodents and plants we consider undesirable. We get angry if our space is trespassed by other people, I myself have been frustrated with teenagers who use my backyard as a short cut between streets. Also in our community complaints arise about crop duster noise and low flying planes over “MY BACKYARD”.

Even if we traverse past our own claimed domains we make temporary ownership. We camp in a forests and bring weapons to protect agonist predators!… in their own backyard! We dam rivers, manipulate weather, and continue to defy mother nature and build wherever we want to.

We may decide that parts of the Amazon are needed for our expansion?,..Oh we have done that!,.. or the Moon is ripe for strip mining! The Planet Mars for our new home away from home!

Haman quest is to always to reach past that final frontier and stake the flag indicating ownership.

“Planting the flag” usually means making a claim to something, usually … Throughout history men have “planted the flag” claiming ownership.

Realizing that no self-respecting galactic colonization force can conquer other planets without a proper flag, Oskar Pernefeldt created the International Flag of Planet Earth and showed off how it might look on a spacesuit and planted on extra-terrestrial soil.

The International Flag of Planet Earth 217 119 26 Finally, a signpost to plant when we conquer alien worlds.So what would I do if an Alien Craft landed in my backyard?

Well, I didn’t go into the backyard at night without some protection!

As the craft approached and attempted landing in my garden I unleashed a a warning shot over its spinning translucent top.

With visible extraterrestrials in the cockpit and as they ignored my warnings and landed on my sweet corn I took action.

I unleashed my Pit bulls on the open door in the craft! They took off as I unloaded the remaining bullets in the clip and although as they took off with my earth enslaved animals and seemed to explode in space due to the carnage I expect on board, I cant help wonder if they came in Peace?

This is just my thoughts and yours could be vastly different!

I hope they are and would love to hear them! (Cause I’m not a good ambassador candidate, obviously)

So What Would You Do?


Please Comment and Share!

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