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Who knew? Charlie Sheen is a space nerd

by Alien UFO Sightings
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You may be surprised to hear whom Neil deGrasse Tyson, pop culture’s favorite astrophysicist (Sorry, Raj Koothrappali) wants as a guest on his NatGeo show, StarTalk.

Wait, what?

DeGrasse Tyson recently explained why interviewing the Vatican warlock assassin would be a win-win for all involved:

“I once had him in my office when he was visiting the [Museum of Natural History], and he spent 30 minutes asking me completely informed questions about the big bang and the early universe and exploding stars and dark matter. I was thinking to myself, “Nobody knows this about this man.” He’s somebody who could occasionally use an infusion of goodwill, and to the extent that he is a geek enthusiast, ‘StarTalk’ could be just that occasion.”

Well, it probably couldn’t hurt. Perhaps if it went well, we could have a Sheen cameo on The Big Bang Theory. But seeing as how that sitcom is also produced by Sheen nemesis Chuck Lorre, we wouldn’t hold our breath.


Source www.usatoday.com

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