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13 Giant Human Skeletons, Are They Real Or Fake? (Video & Pics)

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Throughout recent years I have seen these monster human skeleton photographs being passed around on the web. I cherish these photographs despite the fact that most are phony. The vast majority of these photographs have been made by or submitted to worth1000.com. Worth1000′s photographs are splendid yet additionally counterfeit Photoshops.  Common to see unique watermarks on these photographs stripped.

It enables individuals to compose an incredible anecdote about these photographs. Some of these stories are extraordinary, it’s anything but difficult to think they are valid. A few people relate these photographs with the scriptural fallen holy messengers called Nephilim. Though the majority of these photographs are really phony, a couple of the photographs in this post are actually genuine. Counterfeit or not however, the photos are extremely engaging and extraordinary. Hope you like them!!


1.) Giant Skeleton Found In India In The 1930′s

Guy Digging up Giant Human Skeleton found in India

This is the most prominent of the large skeleton photographs knocking about on the web. There is such a significant number of stories about the area where this skeleton was found. From as far away as Texas to India, lol.  My most loved is the 1930′s India tale…

Found while tearing down an old Temple in India, the general look of the people in the photograph don’t look like they’re from India and they also seem to be wearing present day attire that doesn’t look like it could be set in the 1930′s India? Oops!!

There is likewise a coloured version, yet I much rather the black and white version :). Counterfeit, most likely, though still an extremely engaging photograph.


2.) 18 Giant Human Skeletons Found In Wisconsin, 1912

Giant Human Skeleton Found In Wisconsin
There is an extraordinary story underneath this text, in the “SOURCE” link, below. As the story goes, of around 18 skeletons that were found in a Wisconsin cemetery in 1912. The photograph above (as far as anyone knows) is an improved and coloured variant of one of those skeletons found. I trust it’s phony. To me, the skeleton doesn’t seem to be laying as it should, since the man is remaining on level ground. This one is begging to be proven wrong :D. What do you think, genuine or counterfeit?



3.) Giant Skull Found In Brazil

Giant Skeleton Found In Brazil
Very little is known about this photograph. It would appear that a decent Photoshop to me. However, I could not be right!

4.) This Skull Was Found In Spain, My Favorite FAKE

Giant Skull Dug Up In Spain
Sadly, the worth1000 watermark is obvious that this skull is phony. Incredible photoshop work. This one is my top choice. So damned awesome looking!!

5.) Giant Harvard Medical School Skull Created In The 1890′s

Harvard Medical School Giant Skull fake
This one looks genuine! This is really a phony giant skull. It is, in fact, made by Harvard Medical School in the 1890′s. It was utilized to clarify the life systems of the skull, so the whole classroom could see without straining their eyes.

6.) Giant Skull Found In A Dried Up New Zealand Lake Bed In 1934

Giant-Skull-Pitcairn Island, New Zealand in1934
This is another phony picture that was submitted to worth1000. The story online is that this skull was found in New Zealand. :|

7.) India Desert Skull Found In The Empty Quarters

India Desert Skull

Another phony from worth1000. This one is a conspicuous phony however. The skull is in too great of a condition and too splendid in hues. It was made for a Photoshop challenge at worth1000 two or three years back.

8.) Mummy Alien Or Giant Skull Found In Peru (Real)

Alien or giant skull found in peru

This one is a genuine skeleton found in the Peru woodland by Renato Davila Riquelme, who works at Privado Ritos Andinos gallery in Peru.

You can in any case discover this skeleton in plain view there today. The body estimated 20 inches long, while the head is additionally around 20 inches in lengh.

That’s a big head, indeed. Researchers around the globe have done DNA tests on the skeleton but with no firm outcomes. If whether this is a human or a puzzling being? Possibly an alien!

The eye sockets are huge, moreover. Baby giant? Hybrid alien? Or maybe some other type of creature or (more mundanely) an deformed human being?  Either way, at present, we will never know for certain.


9.) The famous Egyptian Giant Skeletons Photo

Giant Skeletons found in Egypt
This one has been demonstrated again and again online to be a phony. There is another photograph online of the skeletons not even being present in the photo. Regardless, it’s an awesome Photoshop.

10.)Two Giant Skeletons Uncovered In Ecuador

Villagers digging up Giant Skeletons In Equador
This is a cracking photograph. Villagers swarming around to uncover these giant monster skeletons. Apologies, this is another phony. It is, if fact, land torn apart by a recent earthquake. Somebody just altered the picture and included the skeletons in after :D.

11.) Uncovering a sleeping giant in Nevada

Nevada Giant Skeleton
I didn’t know Nevada had a sea? That seems as though it was at a shoreline. To me it would appear that the men are revealing a submerged ship or something unique. That skull is much too brilliant to ever be genuine.

12.) Sky View Of A Giant Skeleton Found In Saudi Arabia

Sky View Giant Skeleton
This one is pretty creepy. Probably fake like most of the other ones. This one does not have much info about it. I would like to believe it is real though :D.

13.) Last But Not Least, Another Fake.Giant-Skeleton-dino-fake1

Giant-Skeleton-dino-fake1 (1)

I glued two photographs next to each other. The original version (2nd photograph) shows  Chicago University understudies revealing dinosaur bones in 1993. As should be obvious the skull was included after the original was taken and is mysteriously gone in the second. Counterfeit!!!

CONCLUSION: Most of the goliath skeletons on the web are hoaxes or are just innocent creations passed off as real after losing their original context. However a couple have been affirmed as genuine (like the one above found in Peru).

Ideally you delighted in this exhibition and will impart it to family and friends. This post will be refreshed if any genuine giant skeletons are found later on :D.

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Most of these (if not all) have been faked.


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