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I have to admit, that whilst I love a good conspiracy— entertaining the idea that the Earth is flat was just too “Off The Wall” to ever take seriously? So I decided to delve into the world of the “Flat Earth Theorists” — put my tin foil hat on, cast aside any preconceived ideas I may have had and just examine the evidence backing this extraordinary claim….

I have to say it is pretty compelling stuff…

Is The Earth Flat?

Prepare yourself, because you will hate the idea for a while. Then, one day, you won’t, and then you’ll see it. First you will fight, then you will debate, then you will accept — Its flat, and it’s being kept from you…

It was only recently that I became aware that the whole concept of a Flat Earth still existed — but having spent a little bit of time researching it — I quickly found out it is not just mentally unstable internet trolls who are pushing this idea.

In-fact, the Flat Earth movement is rapidly growing with backing from former NASA operational graphics manager, Matthew Boylan who worked for years creating the photo-realistic computer graphics for NASA that we have all come to accept as reality for many years

Boylan claims that NASA’s sole reason for existence is to propagandise the public and promote this false “Ball-Earth” heliocentric worldview…

Is The Earth Flat?

So what does the Flat Earth look like? — Well, flat earth’s believe that the North Pole is the only pole which is in the centre of the “Earth” and Antarctica (which in the globe theory is just a small continent at the base of the ball) is actually surrounding us 360 degrees…

Is The Earth Flat?

Going to the “North” and “South Poles” would be a great place to start in identifying whether this theory is true. The only problem with this is that both of these areas are heavily protected by the military, and a treaty has been in place since 1961 which prevents any independent explorers going there unless they are part of a “pre-approved scientific research tour…

Jarhle Andhoy who dubs himself a “modern viking” was recently fined 45,000 Norwegian kroner and given a suspended jail sentence for travelling to Antarctica illegally to see just what is going on down there — Now 50 countries and growing are part of this treaty.

So what is this telling us? — Could it be that there is something going on that people don’t want us to find out….

Another fairly obvious observation that the Earth may not be spinning like we have been told is evident during flight times. Surely if a plane is travelling with the direction of the earth spin then it should take much longer to reach the destination than travelling the opposite way?

It would be fair to assume that the flight times would be significantly different at least — but they are not, which is totally inconsistent with the spinning ball model.

But how can a plane travel in one direction and “not fall off the end?”

This question that is frequently used to disprove Flat Earth conspiracy theories, but actually there is a very simple explanation for it, but before i answer that.

There is no “end” as such. According to the Flat Earth theory Antarctica surrounds us — a body of ice that nobody has ever passed, or flown over — In-fact, in our entire history there has never been a flight down one side and up the other of the South Pole — The only kind of circumnavigation which could not happen on a Flat-Earth is North / South-bound path coincidentally…

Is The Earth Flat?

This is likely the very reason for the heavily enforced flight restrictions originating from none other than the United Nations, the same United Nations which haughtily uses a Flat-Earth map as its official logo and flag…

So — using the United Nations logo as an example we can see how a plane can travel in one direction and not hit the “edge”;

Is The Earth Flat?

The northern point on the compass is pointing toward the centre of the Earth. When you travel Eastwards, your compass is at a right angle to North; hence Eastwards travel would curve around the North Pole and bring you back where you started — Therefore, circumnavigation is possible on a flat earth…

Different directions on a compass have nothing to do with the earth being round. On a round earth the north-pole is at the top, Antarctica is at the bottom — In reality, the North Pole is in the centre and Antarctica surrounds us. It works exactly the same way. Traveling north will lead you to the centre, traveling south will lead you to Antarctica.

As an analogy —  Imagine that you are standing twenty feet from the North Pole. If you travel Eastwards where will your path take you? That’s right! Your path takes you in a circle around the North Pole.

The smoking gun for me in taking the Flat Earth theory seriously is the curvature argument.

When I was younger I grew up on the Isle Of Man where there is a mountain called Snaefell which is a famous vantage point allowing you to see England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales from the peak on a clear day using nothing but your eyes.

How is it possible that you can see all these locations perfectly flat with no dip due to the curvature of the globe?

NASA and modern astronomers say that spherical trigonometry dictates the surface of all standing water must curve downwards an easily measurable 8 inches per mile multiplied by the square of the distance — therefore the countries should technically be behind almost a mile of curvature and the peaks should be leaning back away from you.

What we actually see though is clearly the opposite and shows zero curvature. To this day, there has never been a successful scientific experiment that has found any evidence of curvature of the earth.

The only scientific experiments that have actually measured any curvature have gone on to back the Flat Earth theory. Most notably Samuel Rowbotham tested 6 miles of flat water where no was curvature observed and in 1888, Sir Walter de Sodington Blount did a similar test on the Bedford Level canal which again disproved the theory of a curved Earth.

Take this view from the top of Everest? Looks pretty flat to me?

Looks flat to me!

Is The Earth Flat?

“Globe” theorists claim that the horizon is evidence of where the curvature of the globe begins — but if this was the case then when you zoom in on the horizon then you should be seeing off into outer space because the earth would start to curve down?

Is The Earth Flat?

In reality, the more you zoom, the more the Flat Earth theory becomes plausible, as all you begin to see is more flat earth.

I hope this is starting to plant a seed of doubt in your mind— but I know that you will still be unable to reconcile the evidence presented simply by the fact that, “NASA” have been up there and taken pictures of the earth for everyone to see!

A quick google image search blows the flat earth theory out the water right? Wrong… Before I deal with that — I just want to show you some amateur footage that was captured by DogCam on a balloon that was sent up 110,000ft into the edge of space…

Notice anything strange about this? — Perhaps you may have noticed the fact that you cannot see any curvature? No spinning at 1000+ miles an hour? And at 3.38 you can see a “hot-spot” from the sun which clearly suggests it is much closer than the 93 million miles we have been told — Still unconvinced?

Watch this panoramic footage from 18 miles up, again showing a world very different from the one we are told;

The very first ever official picture of the earth was taken 65 miles up in 1946 by a 35 millimetre motion picture camera riding on a V-2 missile launched from the White Sands Missile Range — Here is the unedited picture below —

Is The Earth Flat?

Is The Earth Flat?

Since that very first picture — Nasa has released some very suspect pictures and videos from their space stations claiming to show the round earth in all its magnificent glory. The Blue Marble photo though is probably the most iconic.

Taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft at a distance of about 45,000 kilometres — it is probably one the most widely distributed images in human history.

The Blue Marble Photo

Is The Earth Flat?

NASA captions this picture—

This spectacular “blue marble” image is the most detailed true-color image of the entire Earth to date.

Using a collection of satellite-based observations, scientists and visualisers stitched together months of observations of the land surface, oceans, sea ice, and clouds into a seamless, true-color mosaic of every square kilometre (386 square mile) of our planet—These images are freely available to educators, scientists, museums, and the public.

In other words—  This is not actually a picture of Earth, but instead is a series of composites that have been stitched together by scientists and “visualisers” (whatever that means).

Isn’t is strange how they can send a person up to space, but they can’t just point a camera at the Earth and snap it?— Why the need for composites / fakery which is what these images are?

There has never been a single full picture of the Earth released by NASA that has not been edited and put together from different “observations”—  Robert Simmon who put this picture together openly admits that;

“The atmosphere is Photoshop blur. Some of the clouds are collaged together using Photoshop’s clone tool to cover gaps in the satellite’s coverage. That data was stitched together and applied to the surface of a digital ball, then modified in Photoshop.The black area around the earth is not the void of space, but a background of black colour that I placed the earth on top of”

Without these alterations, the image wouldn’t look very “earth-like”, Simmon said.

So the fact that we do not have a single image of earth taken as a whole with a camera makes it far from a “wacky, tin foil conspiracy”— but a perfectly plausible idea based on the lack of evidence available to the contrary.

When you look at the video footage online from space— the only official NASA footage released has been filmed with a fish eye lens— which again, does nothing to dispel the Flat Earth conspiracy. Any other footage available will either be fake or a CGI replication.

But why would NASA perpetrate this lie— Why is in it for them?

This is the question that I have yet to get my head around, but there are plenty of motives.

One motive could be to keep the trillions of dollars for a space program that does nothing and goes nowhere and it could be a case of being “in too deep”— If it was revealed the Earth was indeed flat, this would prove the Moon Landings were fake.

Another reason could be that when you are told you live on a globe that has been fully mapped,  then you’re basically of the knowledge that that is all there is— Any place outside of the parameter of “Earth” could be something that people want to hide for many reasons as is evident with all the military protection in the Antarctic?— Maybe what is beyond needs to be kept secret…

Who knows—  but I hope these questions have raises some debate as it is a very interesting subject which will only be cleared up when space travel becomes commercial —  Whilst I would have previously laughed at anyone suggesting this nonsense—  after looking into it it’s hard to argue with the evidence.


Source sonarz.com

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