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Meet Grace Neutral, a body modification enthusiast with an alien beauty

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With more than 400,000 Instagram followers Grace Neutral is a social media celebrity. With her unique look and incredible tattooing skills her popularity is not surprising.

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Using dramatic body modification techniques, the Londoner has transformed herself in a ‘pixie dream girl’ with purple eyes, pointy ears, forked tongue, and a heavily tattooed body.

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Additionally, Grace is a fan of scarification which involves cutting off the top layer of the skin in a pattern which then heals to leave a permanent scar. She has multiple all over her face that make her look otherworldly.

The tattoo artist who is also heavily tattooed admits that people do often question why she makes so many alterations to her body.

Photo Credit: Carl Wilson

Photo Credit: Carl Wilson

‘There’s a huge difference being a woman in this world. For men, people swallow it more easily but for a girl they expect you to be this English rose,’ she told Yahoo 7.

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While she doesn’t have anything against conventional, mainstream beauty, Grace doesn’t think that it defines who she really is.

“It’s not that I don’t think someone like Kim Kardashian is beautiful – she is, but there’s nothing in that ideal that reflects me. I appreciate it but I wouldn’t want it – just in the same way that I’m sure she wouldn’t want to look like me.”

Another thing that she changed in her body was to remove her belly button so her stomach would be completely smooth. In an interview with Sophie Eggleton, she described the process of getting her belly button removed as easy and said it wasn’t painful.

‘I was laid out on a tattoo bed. I had iodine all over my stomach and then they cut it out. I was not really watching,’ she said.

‘As far as pain went it was fine and as far as healing went it was one of the easiest ones I’ve had.’

She’s also considered having her nipples removed, but has been advised the process is too risky.

But Grace’s scariest procedure yet is her eye tattoo, in which she dyed the whites of her eyes a light purple colour. It’s a dangerous process that under 100 people have had done so far, and Grace admits that she found it ‘terrifying’.

“I’m not going to lie, it was the hardest modification I’ve gone through but it was the least painful,” she said. “The eyes are so delicate and your sight is a really important thing so there’s a lot of risk involved and it’s not something you should take lightly. I really thought about it for a long time.” She eventually decided to go for it, because she felt like it would be the “final step” in her modification process to make her feel truly comfortable in her own skin.

Get to know Grace more in this video below:

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