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3,000 Year-Old Tomb Of Royal Scribe Discovered In Egypt

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Image Credit: Waseda University

The solar boat of the Sun God Ra worshipped by baboons

A team led by Waseda University Professor Jiro Kondo has discovered a previously unknown tomb in the Theban necropolis in Egypt. The beautifully decorated tomb is thought to go back to the Ramesside period (c. 1200 BCE) based on stylistic characteristics.

The owner of the T-shaped tomb, measuring 4.6 – 5.5 meters, is assumed to have been a nobleman or scribe named “Khonsu.”

Image Credit: Waseda University

Beautifully decorated ceiling of the Khonsu tomb

On the north wall of the entrance area there are carved pictures showing the solar boat of the Sun God Ra being worshipped by 4 baboons in poses of adoration.

Right next to these images, in hieroglyphics inscribed vertically, Khonsu shows “true renowned scribe.” And on the southern part of the eastern wall in the transverse hall, Khonsu and his wife are shown worshipping the gods Osiris and Isis. Behind Khonsu and his wife is a depiction of two ram-headed deities, probably Khnum or Khnum-Re.

And on the northern part of the eastern wall in the transverse hall, the seated figures of the gods Osiris and Isis are depicted in the upper register, but the upper part of their bodies is broken. In the lower register of the same wall, a painting shows the fellows of the tomb owners. Most of the paintings on the western wall of the transverse hall are not visible.

Image Credit: Waseda University

Khonsu & His wife worship the gods Osiris and Isis

The tomb is likely to contain additional images in its inner chamber, according to professor of archaeology at Tokyo’s Waseda University, who headed the Japanese archaeological team, Jiro Kondo. Large stones currently block access to the chamber, but further excavations are planned to uncover it.

The tomb was discovered by chance when Kondo and his team were clearing the eastern end of Tomb TT47, belonging to nobleman Usherhat, who oversaw the royal harem under Pharaoh Amenhotep III (who reigned circa 1388 BC to 1351 BC).

Right now, the tomb’s inner chamber is blocked by piles of stones, but Kondo and his colleagues say they hope to find more wall decorations once they are able to venture inside.



Source: Waseda University

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