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We are not alone … And it’s time to start making decisions

by Alien UFO Sightings
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The Extraterrestrial theme is more topical than ever. It is getting closer to the time when they will colonize our planet.  And it’s time to start thinking about the most important thing:

What will we do when they come?

Although perhaps this question is late, because they carry between us a lot of time . More than we imagine or are willing to believe. And they have not come just to observe … At least now the game has changed.

Thousands of years ago in Egypt, the aliens could mix with the humans with some terrifying plan that we still do not understand … But surely not peaceful.

They intended to mix with humans, perhaps to obtain a species more similar to them and thus be able to use us as slaves, or maybe, to use as a replacement for a possible pandemic that would be endangering their civilization.

The problem is that they are much more advanced than we are, and the day they want, they will use us at their whim, and we will have no choice but to try to obey and survive as we can. It certainly will not be easy …

We know that there is less and less time for us to discover life outside our planet. The recent discoveries of several nearby planets further open the debate about the steps we have to take. But it’s late. There are beliefs that everything that we are discovering are clues that the extraterrestrials leave us . Tracks to follow his plans, still believing that we are free. But we are not. We have never been free, and the consequences are closer than ever.

These latest discoveries could be the final clues. Maybe they’re leading us to something bigger? Maybe lead to destruction?

The human being is not prepared for the arrival of the aliens. We do not have enough technology or organization. We do not want them to arrive, but they will …

Will we be able to convince them to retract their plans for destruction?

They have been around for a long time, and if they have not wanted to officially present … It’s for something!

There is little we can do before this advanced civilization … because we do not have enough knowledge to face them. We are children in a world controlled by higher intelligence …

What are you going to do?


Source www.upsocl.com

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