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It’s a frightening thought, but there are many experts in the field of Alien visitation and space exploration who believe that the earth will be visited by a form of Alien Intelligence that is vastly superior to that of it’s own.

This seems to be something that all who have studied it agree upon even if they can’t pinpoint exactly when it will happen. Some think it will be in 50 years while others claim it will happen in actually 20 instead. In any case, there is concern that this from of Alien Intelligence could be a potential threat to mankind.

Yes, at first this AI could seem quite harmless, but there are predictions that once the AI starts to study the earth and its inhabitants, this could all change. Even if the AI still seems harmless, it could become too intelligent for humans to understand well and that could lead to problems or a threat as the AI decides to take over. It could happen if the AI believed itself superior to those around it.


So, what can the human race do, are they doomed to domination? Not, necessarily, turns out the answer to dealing with the AI perhaps on it’s terms lies in the human brain. The human brain is a vast computer in itself, in many ways, there are aspects to it that many of us haven’t even harnessed within ourselves. So, imagine if many were to come together as in a sort of human hive of brains? It turns out there is research being conducted where the human mind becomes a sort of hive mind working on one purpose.

Think along the lines of saying the bee, one bee alone isn’t much of a threat or even that cunning but a whole hive working together, is quite powerful. So, in these studies, humans have come together and created a human brain hive. One such study was conducted using sports fans who were brought together in a group to see if they could accurately predict the outcome of the English Premier League games. The study was conducted by the Unanimous AI and Oxford University. The result of the study of forming a human hive was that these individuals when united as one was able to be around 72% accurate on their predictions. This was better than the fact that individuals it was only around 55%.

This is just one study that proves that together humans can create an amazing vast computer hive of intelligence. But the question remains will that be enough? Well, if history has proven anything it’s never to underestimate the self-preservation of human beings, we have determination, desire and we also understand about emotions such as love.

So, maybe the intelligence level may not get to the same extreme even a human hive as the Alien Intelligence, but these other components could end up being the secret weapon of the human race. So, even in a human brain hive, it’s important that humans never lose track of the thing that could set them apart from any form of AI their humanity.

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