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“The stones of the first encounter” could confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life

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A disturbing discovery was made inside an underground complex of caves, in Mexico, near the boundary between Veracruz and Puebla states. Jada stones were found with engravings that seem to represent ufo and aliens. Just a little detail: the stones would go back to Mayan times and could be a confirmation (should the studies that will now be conducted will be a positive outcome) of an ancient contact between human race and ancient humanoid astronauts coming from the space. The discovery would date back to March 2017 but only a few days ago Javier Lopez Diaz (Cinco Radio’s journalist) spread the first images, that you can see in this article.

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A prehispanic hierarch hands an ear to an alien and a saucer or ship drawn on the stone above.

The group of “Treasure Seekers” by JAC Detector of Jose Aguayo and the Master Detector of Manuel Rangel Vigueras, started an expedition more than three months ago and accidentally found a carved stone with alien forms inside a cave.

You must walk for several hours through the undergrowth to reach a set of three private caves, located between the limits of Veracruz and Puebla.

In two of these caves, surprising discoveries have been reported, since in one were located several stones with images that represent, in their engravings, the possible relationship between humans and aliens and in another cave the presence of a metal was discovered that, those in charge of the expedition say, could be gold.

In one of the stones, which is apparently fractured by previous expeditions, the upper part of a spaceship can be observed.  Also visible, something like an extraterrestrial and (in old hierarch of pre-Hispanic culture that is in appearance giving him an ear of corn or receiving it), in addition to some other symbols that have not been deciphered; These stones were fittingly called ” Stones of the First Encounter “.

java stone first meeting cinco radio

According to the legend of the locals, it is said that near the place a spaceship may have been trapped or embedded in a cave.

It was by this legend that this group decided to start their search and with the help of the landowner they started the first visit three months ago, achieving the unimaginable. Not only did they find the cave but some stones in which images of non-human beings are shown.

On the attributions or limits that could have the group of searchers on this finding, Jose Aguayo explained that the INAH can not say anything because this is not archeology itself, since if it were a figure of clay would have a real interference.

“If at any given time the National Institute of Anthropology and History decided to collect the pieces, for both groups would be better because this would be accepted what many have denied: the existence of people living outside our planet.

According to these explorers, after reviewing a cave with devices and not finding what they were looking for, they decided to leave, but one of the members of his team suffered an accident, as it slipped and ended up sunk between sand and water in a Curva del River.

“When we came to their aid to untangle it, we made a discovery that would change our lives … The first carved stone appeared that represents the encounter of two cosmic races,” they said.

Later they found other stones that they contained: a presumed spacecraft, a being that does not look human and an old hierarch of a pre-Hispanic culture that delivered (or received) a corn, in addition to other symbols that could not be deciphered. These stones were called “Stones of the First Encounter”.

The explorers believe that this discovery is about the representation of an encounter of two worlds with the Mayan or Aztec civilization.

“Our theory is that those who once were shipwrecked in the cosmos were some day rescued, and before leaving that place had left an indelible proof of their stay in these remote lands hidden from view and from some furtive encounter with the inhabitants of those High and lush lands, “they said.

It is not the first time that representations of suspects of foreigners in Mexico are shown. Previously, the media in that country had published the finding of a sculpture of a being that does not look human.


The stones are numerous and have various engraved designs seems to be depicted the top of an UFO, as well as an alien and a Mayan tribal leader who would seem to have an ear of wheat in his hand, as well as additional other symbols still to be deciphered.


The authenticity of these engravings seems to be confirmed by the fact that exploration of the caves has led to the discovery of other pictograms on the walls of the caves and the fact that the local population gave a name to these mysterious jade evidences: “the stones of first encounter”. It would not be the first rock cuts which seem to talk to us about a paleo contact.

java stones first meeting cinco radio


Baalbek, in Lebanon, rather than at Sego Canyon, Utah, and even in Valcamonica amazing discoveries have been made over the years which, according to many experts, ready to evaluate less “orthodox” hypotheses than those commonly accepted, may be indications of ancient contacts between human race and visitors coming from space.

We have therefore to wait for the outcome of further studies that Mexican scientists will now have to conduct to see if it is just a fake, as some think, or the testimony of rituals or mythological representations of Mayan culture, or if we really are in front of another x-file” of which human history appears to be full.

Some have always stated: The aliens have visited us since antiquity. Truth or misinterpretation?

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