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Fascinating floating city shaped like a manta ray would be 100% self-sustaining

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French architect Jacques Rougerie has envisioned a giant floating city which bears a striking resemblance to a manta ray. He discusses his love for the ocean in an interview, where he calls himself a “mérien,” a term he coined which translates to “one belonging to the sea.” His dream is for like minded individuals to populate his City of Mériens, to conduct research on the surrounding ocean.

Rougerie is no stranger to aquatic design. His SeaOrbiter vessel is currently in production, and is planned to make visits to the City of Mériens via its large inner lagoon. The 3,000 foot by 1,600 foot structure can house 7,000 researchers, professors, and students and will be equipped with laboratories, classrooms, living quarters, and space for leisure activities and sports.

The city would be completely self-sustaining, as well, running on marine energy and producing no waste whatsoever. If the idea of a structure dedicated to understanding and caring for the oceanic environment isn’t enough, the fact that it is designed to have low to no impact on said environment is even more exciting.

Rougerie describes his love for the sea in an interview with the radio station French Inter: “I feel very, very good underwater. I feel different. Another type of imagination is awakened in me as soon as I am underwater.” It is his hope others who share this awe and reverence will continue to study and protect Earth’s precious seas.

Source inhabitat.com

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