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Our origins and the history of we the People of Earth

by Alien UFO Sightings
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After over 35 years of continuing research, contemplating, and witnessing the world around us on this subject, (our origins and the history of we the People of Earth), I have reached a hypothesis that I have not come across, so let me throw a monkey wrench in all of the speculation about this topic and some thoughts as to why I have come to my conclusions. Do I have all the answers? Certainly not. Indeed my thoughts raise some very fundamental and disturbing new questions, but I believe I am on the right trail of what really could be going on.

First let me make it plain to you that I take what is written on paper with a grain of salt, to study further where I can find real convincing reasonable evidence of it’s authenticity. I’m not talking out of my posterior. Everything here is based on information from countless resources that is available to everyone.

Please bear with what many will certainly call absurdities and downright fiction, because I believe there is some truth to this line of thought, and there is real evidence, along with abundant information to back my idea if you take the time to search for the truth and open your eyes for yourselves. Furthermore I feel this idea fits many of the unanswered questions we all still have, although it doesn’t provide much in the way of answers. What is my idea? Lets talk about “their” ideas first. I’m not telling you that I think what I’m going to tell you is right, but it FEELS right, and it fits the puzzle even though many pieces are still missing.

Some say we were created by the Annunaki.

If the Annunaki created us out of their own DNA and/or apes, as many believe, and they had all this other mysterious technology that could, and did, cut, shape, and raise blocks of stone that weighed in the hundreds of tons, flying machines, and other things that seem to defy physics etc.., wtf did they need us for?

I haven’t found any information or evidence that would imply they got horny and decided to get it on with some sexy gorillas, and we’re told it would be impossible to conceive a child one way or the other in that manner anyway, so let’s continue.

The evidence that our ancestors had miraculous capabilities is here and plain to see for anyone willing to take the journey to see them as I have. There are countless recordings by our ancestors that even I can partly decipher by studying them, and I’m no scholar. It is ridiculous to believe that a culture with these kinds of resources and abilities needed or help to do ANYTHING at all!

As a person with engineering, mechanical, and practical experience on a master level, I will stand firmly and tell you that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to recreate just ONE of the smaller pyramids that can be found around our ENTIRE WORLD without leaving a MAJOR VISIBLE IMPACT on it’s surroundings of how it was done, IF we could do it at all.

It also appears to me, based on the written and physical evidence left by our ancestors, that most, if not all, of these monumental miracles were built within reasonably the same period in a relatively short time. Some historians agree with this idea.

We have no current technology (that we are aware of), that could cut a 100 ton (200,000 pounds by U.S.A. standards), piece of stone and raise it out of a quarry without SUBSTANTIAL excavation of the material surrounding it, or major impacts to the surrounding environment caused by the heavy machinery needed to accomplish such a feat.

Instead, we find that everything they did was done by careful design and planning and it blended into the environment in which it was built. It became a part of it’s environment, rather than an intrusion upon it, as compared to our modern cities.

It is also said the Annunaki came here for our gold? Given the proof we have, WHY WOULD ANYONE EVEN ENTERTAIN THAT THOUGHT? Simply ridiculous.

With the technology that is recorded in history of what they had, and what they were capable of, and what WE CAN SEE they accomplished, if they came here for gold, they simply would have taken it and left, wouldn’t they? Why did they need us?

The facts and evidence SHOW that the Annunaki, as well as many OTHER civilizations of that era, did NOT need our help to mine gold, or any other worldly material. This line of thought makes no sense when faced with the reality of the evidence and recordings surrounding the culture of that era. Evidence that remains here for us to see and study to this very day! Did I mention that these engineering miracles are STILL here on our Earth TODAY for us to go and SEE TOUCH AND SMELL with our own senses? Our history, the work of our ancestors, right in front of our faces, yet most people do not understand the significance of it.

So if they didn’t come here for our gold, what did they come here for? That’s a good question. No one is letting that cat out of the bag just yet. We may never know.

It is quite clear however, that our ancestors were manipulated, enslaved, and disposed of on a mass WORLDWIDE scale that can not be denied according to the records left by the very people that were victims of the dictatorship that ruled them and committed these atrocities. This evidence has been tampered with and manipulated over time in such a way that we are programmed to believe what OTHERS want us to believe, resulting in the mass illusion that “they” have all the answers and that “they” are in control, so we need not concern ourselves. “They” will find the answers and tell us the real truth, right? “They” will find a way to make the world better. … Better for who?… Us, the People of the Earth? I don’t believe this to be the case. I don’t think you really believe that either. But it is so much easier to ignore it and just ‘go with the flow’, isn’t it?

The other popular beliefs are just as contradictory.

In the beginning there was nothing, then there was this big bang that somehow started all by itself and, POOF! we evolved into existence!

We are evolved apes? We just popped up out of the primordial ooze of the cosmos that had insurmountable odds of happening, but, lucky for us, it did? Odds that are even higher than the odds of a dust storm going through a junk yard to create, and leave behind, a fully functional airplane


That’s not a joke my friends. The odds of having the big bang happen are much less probable than the idiosyncrasy of an airplane being created by a dust storm in a junk yard, even if it couldn’t fly. So why do so many people believe this idea?

I don’t think I really need to comment further about this but, the so-called scientific facts do NOT support the evolutionists theory that Darwin supposedly started. The evidence to support this idea of ‘evolution’ simply does not exist. Much of what they would have us believe is complete FABRICATION! They even ADMIT this from time to time. If you have a problem with this statement, do the research yourself. You will find NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE that does not have a MAJOR FLAW, and the ‘experts’ say ‘trust us, we know it’s true, you just have to believe us. We will find the proof eventually. You’ll be the first to know when we do.”

So they are asking us to have faith in the evolutionist theory as they hypocritically tell us from the same mouth that creationism is a lie because it’s based on faith? AND they will be sure to tell us if or when they discover it? right?


Why are we still allowing them to program this idea into our children at school??

The God theory.

God created us in his image so we could be the stewards of this world that he also created for us, right? Then we sinned and got cast out of Eden. Where was God when this action of sinning was being played out? Sitting quietly by taking notes? It doesn’t add up.

Since then we have been taught that we must repent and be forgiven from sin so that we may have a place in heaven, or spend eternity in the fiery abyss of hell.

While this argument is much more difficult to break the ice of the current beliefs, (and I feel is much closer to the truth), let me ask some more simple complicated questions.

If you believe this theory based on the Bible or any other religious texts, who wrote the texts? The Creator most certainly did not, or there would be NO ROOM FOR DOUBT. MAN wrote EVERY religious text that we are taught about today AND in the past. Why would it be difficult to believe that this information may have been corrupted and manipulated even as we ourselves are told that we are corrupted as a being? Would anyone argue that we are not being manipulated and taken advantage of in our current society? Do you really believe that we the People of Earth, and/or God have control of our lives? To me, this all sounds like scare tactics mixed with truth, in order to make us behave in a certain way.

If The Creator created us in his image to be his beloved children (one interpretation, but all interpretations seem to be basically similar in that root), then where did sin come from? In order for this idea to work, sin HAD TO BE CREATED BY THE CREATOR AS WELL! Right?

If The Creator didn’t want us exposed to sin, why was it allowed? Furthermore, if we were exposed to sin by some malevolent being that The Creator must have ALSO created, and this malevolent being created sin in spite of The Creator, why didn’t The Creator simply make it go away and heal us, thereby showing love and understanding for us? After all, we are inferior beings to The Creator, with limited consciousness of the known world and the universe around us. Insanely gullible. How is it that an outside source to our reality as we knew it in our innocent, ignorant beginning, how was it even ABLE to deceive us into disobedience with lies and malevolent intent if, being present, The Creator did not ALLOW or PLAN it to happen?

Even to this day we are susceptible to outside influences that effect our judgement and actions, whether the information is TRUE OR NOT. This is a fact that is self evident and can not be denied.

So if this is the true path of our existence, why doesn’t it add up? The Creator of all, could have resolved this without us even knowing it ever happened. Indeed, The Creator could STILL erase the entire event and leave us without any knowledge of it what-so-ever, making us pure, without sin, as it is said we were meant to be. Furthermore, The Creator could have prevented the creation of sin entirely.

It doesn’t add up.

None of these three theories add up, not one.

But, What If?….

What if this event, (the rise and fall of people, religions, governments, and civilizations), this event that is very well documented by our so-called ‘ancient’ ancestors in cultures and civilizations AROUND THE WORLD, mixed with lies and false events that NEVER HAPPENED with real events that did happen in recorded history, is a continuing cycle that reaches far beyond the scope of our

Is this the first go-round? Or has it happened before and it’s repeating again?

Are we thousands, tens of thousands, millions, or even hundreds of millions years old in our existence?

Why does the majority believe in one of these scenarios as being absolutely true, when every theory is undeniably and fundamentally flawed at it’s core in some obvious way?

What if the truth that is hidden between the lines of the dogma, propaganda and physical evidence is even more ludicrous and terrifying than we are willing to admit? So simple that NO ONE would believe it because of the teachings of our youth, the programming of our society, and the “evidence” presented to us in a world-wide conspiracy so convoluted with deception and lies that it would be nearly impossible to realize it, let alone believe it?

Lets talk about what has NEVER CHANGED in our history.

From the very beginning as we know it, humans have been controlled by dictatorship, lies, and conflict of one form or another. Whether it be by the cave-man boss of his clan to go take from another clan, or the aristocratic imperial institutions of today that behave in exactly the same fashion, who take what they want from others, wherever they want, whenever they want.

That can’t be true you say? Just one example we all know, “If thou eat of the fruit, thou surely will not die” or, “Cry havoc! and let loose the dogs of war!”

Sound familiar?

This has never changed throughout our entire history as we, AS A PEOPLE, know it to be. We rise as a civilization, and then we are decimated by something that we don’t fully understand, and the cycle starts all over again. But, why adopt the very same path of destruction that was proven NOT TO WORK?? We KNOW it doesn’t work, yet here we are still doing the same ol’ song and dance as if THIS TIME, we might get it right?

Every civilization is dictated and ruled by some group that calls themselves “royal”, “elite”, “pure-blood” or the like. EVERY SINGLE ADVANCED CIVILIZATION IN OUR HISTORY HAS BEEN CONTROLLED IN THIS WAY! The facts to support this ARE THERE! AND THEY ARE STILL HERE TODAY CONTROLLING US THE SAME WAY THEY DID FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF OUR EXISTENCE!!

But wait, I’m not finished scrambling your noodles. What if ALL of the previous civilizations, stories, and cultures existed at relatively THE SAME TIME? We can’t depend on something as simple as a weather report, but “they” tell us this rock is a million years old and this rock is only a thousand years old that was found next to it. How do we know we are getting the true facts? I don’t believe we are told anything of significant value. The scientists themselves ADMIT they have, and continue to change facts about findings based on new “empirical” data.

If these monuments were all built within a few hundred, or a couple thousand years apart from each other (which many of them are now said to be), then why do “they” want us to believe that there is no correlation related between them? Do they not teach us in school that these “primitive” peoples had NO WAY of communicating with each other? Then why is so much about them the same? The same writings about the same stories told in different, or exactly the same way in tens of thousands of artifacts discovered all over the world? And they are not related? Really? I don’t buy it.

This idea would lend more credit to the creationism theory, but still leaves many unanswered questions that we continue to speculate about.

Let’s think outside the box for a moment.

It is imperative that you keep an open mind going on from here, because you will not want to believe what I am about to insinuate. Most of you can’t believe it because you are programmed not to, and will not look any other way.

Many of you will refuse to believe it even if you are still of sound mind and soul, you’d rather ignore it and just ‘go with the flow’, but I believe that the light will come on for some of you once you have read this and done the research for yourselves. I hope I can reach you.

But to you few who can see and understand what I believe is happening, I call out to you. It is my hope to wake as many of us as possible from the unimaginable works that are in progress. You are not alone. You are not crazy. It is what it is, and that is the bottom line.

Here’s my thought about the answer to God, the universe, and everything.
It is NOT 42, as suggested by a movie.

The Creator created everything. Everything. Let me be clear. The Creator CREATED EVERYTHING. Without the word, or act of creation, there would be no existence, nor would we have any knowledge of having ever existed. With this line of thought, God, (at least as far as what we are taught is God), may ITSELF be the entity that offended or rebelled against The Creator.

Simple logic.

That’s right folks, I just said it could be that the very thing that many believe to be our savior, in fact is not, but rather it is our cave-boss, the devil, lucifer, evil, aliens, angels, fallen or otherwise, etc.. All of which are identities for the entity cast from the place of The Creator for whatever reason that we do not understand. This entity has controlled us from the beginning of our existence to this day. And many of our people call it God.

Don’t run away just yet.

What if the world around us and everything we see, touch, and smell, IS EXACTLY AS WE SENSE IT TO BE? How or Why would our very own senses that interpret the world around us, lie to us?

When has your “gut feeling” EVER been wrong?

Thus comes the arguments from the cave-boss, the decimators, the dictators, the masters of our enslavement, in order to subdue our thinking to THEIR way of thinking. Or at least, to control our way of thinking in order to make us believe the lies we are told, and behave in a manner that they wish.

Here, as an example, are some of the things we are told and made to wonder about through our schools, media, television PROGRAMMING, and pretty much everything else that revolves around our daily lives;

“Is the world round or flat?… How big is the universe?… Why did God abandon us to such misery and conflict?… What is God?… God isn’t real… Satan isn’t real… What is the difference?… It is a widely known fact that human beings evolved from nothing and that once upon a time, we popped into existence from somewhere, out of nothing from a big bang that also just happened for no apparent reason. We don’t fully understand how this happened, but we know this is what happened, just trust us. We’ll prove it without a doubt, some day…. Repent that you may know God or be cast into the fiery abyss of hell!… How can I get a bigger house than my neighbors?… Wow my cell phone is almost a year old, I need a new one like that person has, or a better one, yeah!… Buy a house! Live the dream! and pay us interest for 30 years for absolutely nothing but THE POWER TO TAKE IT AWAY… Sign here and get “free” credit!, with 19% percent interest that we get for doing absolutely nothing except tormenting your life… This miracle pill will give you a boner for hours!… What happens to the trillions of dollars that is TAKEN from us through taxes, fees, fines, etc etc…” I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

What makes us want these things that we KNOW we will never really own or truly benefit from, and that become completely LESS than worthless to us upon our death? Why do we willingly agree to be robbed by others so they can live in luxury while we struggle every month just to pay our bills and feed our families? WHY DO WE GIVE THEM POWER OVER US????? If you borrowed 20 bucks from your friend and he said, ‘OK, but I want 30 bucks back’ you’d laugh in their face right? Why do we agree to this same thing with strangers who share no part of our lives unless we DON’T pay them on time???? Suddenly they can destroy our lives with a few simple keystrokes on a computer, or a signature on a piece of paper that only has value to them???? Why???? How can we understand our Creator if we CAN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND OUR OWN IDIOSYNCRASIES??

All of this comes from our cave-boss, our controllers, the ones that control everything about our every day lives as we know it today, and also in our history. The ones that repeatedly tell us they know all the answers to everything, and yet here we are still growing like a mushroom in the dark.
We have been, and have ALWAYS been, controlled through fear, greed, lust, doubt, lies, poverty, deception, and countless other means, by an entity that has haunted us throughout our existence. It is plainly evident that this IS TRUE based on the information that has been handed down to us from our ancestors, and by the world around us as we know and SEE it today. All you have to do is open your eyes and senses and SEE it happening around you every minute of every day.

Do we live in harmony with one another?

WE DO NOT! As far as our history goes, WE NEVER HAVE!

Our history is riddled with war, murder, thievery, and all manner of lies and deception against each other.

Is this you? Is this how you believe the world is SUPPOSED to be? I’m not sorry to say that I do not agree with it, I want no part of it, and I am shamed that I have ancestors that may have been involved with it.

Example, anyplace, anytime, Earth.

“HI! We are from the land of other and we want your land now, so we are going to kill most of you except the ones we want to use for whatever reason, and then kill them too or put them somewhere after we are done with them. How’s that work for ya?”

Sounds crazy right?

IT HAS HAPPENED MANY MANY TIMES IN OUR HISTORY! IT IS STILL HAPPENING TODAY IN EASTERN COUNTRIES! But we are never told the real story about what’s going on. We are programmed to believe “they” are doing the right thing, through the media calling others terrorists etc etc and that “we” need not concern ourselves. If we catch them in their schemes, they smile and say oh I’m sorry you caught me, I promise I’ll never do it again, and then most of them walk away scot-free, unpunished and keep right on doing what they got busted for in the first place! What’s wrong with this picture people???

And one of the things that gets me the most about it, is that the majority of us buy the deception without a second thought! We are more concerned about the next new wonderful thing that we are going to get for ourselves and seem completely content to ignore the atrocities committed against our fellow Brothers and Sisters around the world. I just don’t understand it. What if “they” decide that we are the terrorists? What would happen then?

We don’t even live harmoniously with the nature that is all around us and self evident. Many of you will agree with me that what has happened, and what is happening NOW, goes against the very fundamental core that nags at every living being in our existence. The desire to HELP one another and live peacefully together. In every country around the world that I have visited, and I have visited over half of them, I found that people are fundamentally the same in almost every respect, aside from some cultural and physical differences, and the current level of social programming that they are in. If you find that hard to believe, it is because you have never gone there to see it.

Again, thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX,

Suppose one of The Creator’s creations manipulated others of it’s kind to convince them to join it in order to challenge, rebel, or offend The Creator in some way for reasons we were never made aware of, or simply can not comprehend. So, The Creator placed that entity and it’s followers here. The Creator could have even created our universe for that purpose. A prison if you will, a place we can not escape. A place away from the true meaning of our reality. Away from our true Creator. What if we are all descendants of that entity which was placed here. What if this being, be it human or not at this point, (doesn’t really matter which,) created us (yes, you and I, the people of Earth), to further rebel or offend The Creator in some way, or to try and be like The Creator, or even to try and prove that it is equal to The Creator itself?

Is this starting to sink in?

What if we are simply collateral creations involved in a dispute that we, as a People, were NEVER A PART OF, but we are instead being used as a tool, an “in your face” thing against The Creator of all?

What if we are bred and fed like cattle in a yard, and led ignorantly to the slaughterhouse in order to sate an insatiable hunger that has controlled our people from the very moment of our creation? The hunger to be The Creator or it’s equal? Do we feed this entity so that it can continue trying? Does it feast on our fear and misery? Does it feast on our very souls? Yes my friends, I believe these ideas are true in some fashion.

In this line of thought, suddenly all of the theories can come together and they can all add up. At least I feel this is so, even though it seems nonsensical because of what we are programmed and conditioned to believe.

Besides, how could an entity that defied, dis-obeyed, or challenged The Creator sustain control over us for hundreds or thousands of years? How could it still be here after all this time? Certainly it should have perished by now, right?

It’s just not possible, right?

Or perhaps it is a being nourished by some form of energy unlike the energy we need to survive. I doubt that it gets this energy from our Creator. I believe it gets this energy from you and I, our children, and all of our Brothers and Sisters on our planet Earth. Specifically from us, because without us, it would diminish and fade away. Could we have been created for this purpose?

It becomes a very simple story that is so absurd that no one could, or would want to, believe it.
It goes something like this;

After The Creator finished creating everything, one of the creations did not like the thought that it might be inferior, or less than it’s Creator, and proceeded to offend, challenge, disobey, and/or rebel against The Creator in some way. It proceeded to influence others of it’s kind to it’s way of thought by whatever means necessary. The Creator, rather than simply destroying this upstart, cast away this entity and all of it’s followers from the true reality of what is, and what will be, for all time. And this entity, finding it was cast out and imprisoned, was enraged. So it and it’s kind created us, WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH, for whatever true purpose never to be known by us, to rule over and take advantage of us, in order for this being and it’s followers to gain something from us in some way, so that they may continue trying to find an escape from their imprisonment. Every 3600 years or so when we have become many, and difficult to control, we are slaughtered. But some few are spared so that we may be taught their ways as of old, as their ignorant slaves, their property, their means of continuing existence. We are given forgotten languages, religions, and technologies of a forgotten age, spread out across the world not knowing our brothers and sisters in other regions, unable to communicate well with them even if we meet them, and start to grow in number again. So, as it was, so it is. What was before, is so again now. The origins and future of WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH.

Scary isn’t it?

What is it that this malevolent being needs from us? Our souls? Could this malevolent being create our souls? Our essence?

I think not. I believe our souls are linked to The Creator and the creation of everything in some way spiritually, AND elementally, on a level that we can not comprehend as a human being. I believe our soul and essence can not be taken from us, but only given by our conscious consent, or by knowingly or even UNKNOWINGLY joining the rebellion or offence in some way against The Creator.

So, going with this line of thought, did we somehow agree to be here, as part of this great mystery that we want so desperately to unravel and understand? What does that make us?

What happens to those of us who don’t go along with this idea of denial or offence against The Creator once we have made a personal decision based on the influences around us and the influences of our true self? Our inner voice, our gut feeling. Will we be named blasphemers and outlaws against God? Will we be murdered as in the stories of old when others like us also chose not to be a part of the greatest lie never told?

Is there a way out? Is the story of Jesus truly a conduit for us to escape? Or is it just another form of control for a doomed, selfish people that can not, and will never, escape the continuing saga going on around us, and IN us? What will the excuse be if we fall for it?

I’m sorry Creator, I was deceived. It all looked so real! I thought I was doing the right thing, because it’s what everyone else did. Even though my gut feeling, MY INNER SELF, told me it was wrong.”

Think that will work for ya?

What is it really all about?

Why don’t we know the real truth. Or even worse, what if we were dumped off here with this malevolent being and it’s troop that may or may not have created us, like an unwanted step-child, and left to it’s manipulations for all eternity?

The greatest mystery to me is simply, “Why?”

So there you have it, my thoughts about Creation, the universe, and everything.

But wait, there’s more.

In every religion, every history, every documentary we know that speaks of the end times, they all UNANIMOUSLY AGREE,
in the end, a great chariot as a ball of fire, (described in many different ways), will descend from the heavens bringing death, destruction, salvation, and peace on earth. If most of us are dead, it would be pretty peaceful for a long time would’t it?

I find there is more and more talk of “the awakening”. What does that really mean folks?

Our 3600 years is almost over and last call is coming right around the corner. Just look around, you can see we are being prepared, conditioned, for it, to BELIEVE that “They” have everything under control, so that we don’t unite and come together to fight the true enemy that we share our world with. The majority will go to the slaughter as a cow goes to the slaughterhouse, in complete trust of it’s caretakers, believing that “they” have our best interests in mind.

Some of us know what’s really happening but we have little power to do anything about it, because not enough will believe it is really happening, even when the proof of this great lie is before them, still they will not believe. I don’t pretend to know why. But I say UNTO YOU.

Beware of them offering gifts of immortality, sex, success, and wealth, for ye shall not have it for long, if at all. Only ye shall find death disguised in it’s stead, born from treachery, lies, and deceit. Only those at our beginning who still remain with us, those who keep the secret knowledge from us, those who may very possibly have created us, they will have what it is that we are taught to desire and covet, those who STILL control WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH, even from our beginning. Only they, and maybe some few of us that they choose will remain, in order that the process may begin again.

Get ready for the greatest show on earth my Brothers and Sisters, because the credits are rolling, and the curtain will soon draw back to reveal the next showing in our known history, of the greatest deception of all. And as we begin to be slaughtered once again we will come to understand that we don’t really know anything at all about why we are here, or why we came to be. Some very few of us will survive. We must. If we did not, nothing would be as it is today. There would be no one to ask why, or how. We simply would not care to ask. We would be of a mind of that which bestowed this curse upon us in the beginning. If this happened, would we not cease to exist at all?

My best heart felt wishes and sorrow to you all, that you may survive and overcome the trials and tribulations that are about to be unleashed upon us. And mostly, I wish you may share comfort and solace with your loved ones, our Brothers and Sisters of we the People, of our beautiful world that could be so easily transformed into our own paradise, if only we can find a way to overcome the ones who seek to keep us under their control, and live in harmony with one another and our world.

So it was, and so it is, and once united it could be up to us, whatsoever shall be to come.


Written as comment by James on this post alien-ufo-sightings.com

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