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Occult Worship – Hollywood’s Darkest Secrets That Everyone Knows of But No One Talks About!

by Alien UFO Sightings
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The recent events that have occurred in Hollywood have caused an uproar in America’s society, but it’s not only that these revelations proved that there is a bunch of perverted and predatory sexual individuals in the film industry, it’s the fact that many people seemed to know about this for a very long time.

When these secrets come out, it’s always like a Pandora’s box has been opened and a lot of people feel empowered to speak out about the injustices that they had suffered in the past, even though that the media wasn’t willing to listen or take them seriously.

One might think that pedophilia or sexual harassment in Hollywood are not really the disease here, but only symptoms or a bigger pandemic.

Believe or not, there could be something hidden in plain sight in Hollywood, where the influence of the occult and esoteric schools of ancient black magic could play a bigger role.

It’s well known that this has always been present in this industry and those who have the power want to do anything to avoid people from knowing about the truth, because it would mean that they would lose the control they have over the public psyche and the collective conscience.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that this is just another conspiracy theory, but we have been warned for years about this stuff. Thousands of books, tapes and videos have been gathered to prove that this bizarre conspiracy theory is real.

“Hollywood is, as David Lynch titles it, an “inland empire” – a kind of covenantal city-state of its own, with its own religion, including all the trappings of neophytes, acolytes, servants, agents, star saints, hierophants and hierarchs and holy sites. It is a veritable polis of initiatory esoterica where the holy sites and rites of Hollywood are not the altars of mainstream religion, but another ancient religion, ultimately summed up in the epithet of the ancient mysteries. The ancient mysteries comprise the competing religious practices of the empires of old, but the one empire that seems to have achieved the most appropriate association with Hollywood is Babylon – the “gate of the gods.” – Jay Dyer.

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If you start to use semiology to understand how many music videos, films, cartoons or series that we watch today are plagued with many subliminal messages, you will realize that they are trying to introduce occult memes into the subconscious and mess with your mind in the process.

There are many scenes where sexual innuendo jokes are made, but they are so well hidden that we don’t even realize until someone point out these to us. Many films and series nowadays are also packed with pornographic images and vague pictures of human reproductive organs, what kind of message do you think we are getting from these movies?

Here you have some compilations of examples of these clues in many Disney’s films:

There are also many examples of Illuminati symbols in many cartoons that your children watch:

Illuminati symbols are also in many popular music videos, could it be a coincidence? We don’t think so, there are too many to overlook them:

Have you ever noticed how some sessions for some magazines or album covers include Illuminati symbolism? You haven’t? Well if you have seen an artist covering one eye then you definitely have. The symbol of the one eye is a resemblance of the eye that watches from atop the symbolic pyramid, a symbol that it’s in our money and scattered throughout the political word.

If you haven’t seen any of these pictures, here you have a collage with some of the most popular ones. Thought this is just a tiny fraction of many other examples since every single day there is another one that is being photographed for commercial purposes, just pay attention when you buy a magazine or an album and you will find them.

As you can see, Hollywood has the ability to keep under the carpet many secrets, using its own hidden language to persuade people to do what they want. The fact that this language is ignored by many until someone points it out it’s worrying and it shouldn’t be ignored, because once you see the truth, you will start to see it everywhere.

These symbols are persistently recurrent in so many productions that it’s too suspicious to be just a simple coincidence, which means there must be a bigger reason behind this. When you analyze witchcraft history in different places like the Egyptian culture, Babylonian Mythology or Mayan myths, you realize that Hollywood (and the movie industry in general), is working to serve a particular ideological movement.

Some of the most obscure satanic rituals involved things like human sacrifices, pedophilia, sexual perversion, ego worship, fragmentation of the individual psyche into controllable parts and mind control. Subliminal messages are used to control those who have a weak mind, creating psychological slaves.

In conclusion, we can say that something good will happen with all these scandals coming out, because we will start to see the rest of the iceberg on this sea of lies called Hollywood.

Let’s just hope that all these events can undermine the core of the depravity in Hollywood, and that we can finally liberate our culture from these horrible influences.

Sources http://www.wakingtimes.com

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