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History is laced with conspiracy theories. Some of them turn out to be true, some turn out to have elements of truth and others are completely false. Truth Control has assembled a list of the most outrageous and thought provoking conspiracies you will ever hear.


Adolf Hitler Fakes Death

The official history of Adolf Hitler is that he committed suicide on April 30, 1945, however, there are a number of people who don’t believe this and think that he faked his death. It is believed that Hitler had a stand-in and that this stand-in was the one that was found death in the bunker in Germany.

Where did Hitler go after his fake death? Some people say he went to Barcelona Spain, and then eventually ended up in South America. Some people say he even went to Antarctica. While the evidence for Hitler faking his death is rather slim, to the same effect the evidence for the official suicide story is also a bit lacking.


Mystery Man at Signing of Declaration of Independence

There is an interesting story in regards to the American Declaration of Independence that is rarely talked about. The story goes as follows:

It was on July 4, 1776 in the State House at Philadelphia that many of the founders of America sat debating whether or not to sign the Declaration of Independence. They were enclosed in a room with the lower chamber doors locked and a guard posted. They knew they faced the death penalty for high treason as they were about to sever the last tie between the old country and the new.

Suddenly a voice rang from the balcony with the closing words, “God has given America to be free!” With that the American patriots rushed over and one by one signed their names on the Declaration of Independence. Afterwards they went to go express their gratitude towards the speaker but he was not there. To this day nobody knows how he entered the locked and guarded room or who he was.


Montauk Project

The Montauk Project was a secret government operation which was considered to be an outgrowth of the experiments achieved with the Philadelphia Experiment in regards to time travel as well as mind control. The location of this operation was in Montauk, New York where a number of the smartest scientists were said to work with technology given to them from various extraterrestrial groups from Orion and Sirius A.

The operation was known as a Black Hole project where the highest level of clearance was required. Documents, hardware and everything involved was buried in a black vault and only those with a need to know have access to it. The experiments conducted were top secret and few people know all of what really went on there. The majority of stories revolve around developing technology and mind control techniques to better control society.


Barack Obama Citizenship

Since his inauguration in 2008, the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth has been very controversial. Many people believe that Obama is not a legitimate United States citizen which would make it constitutionally illegal for him to be President of the United States.

Some people claim that his birth certificate, which states he was born in Hawaii, is a fraud and that he was really born in Kenya. Others claim that during the time of his birth his father held British citizenship which made him a dual citizen, which is not a natural born citizen as contained in the United States Constitution.


Iraq War / WMD

There are a number of conspiracy theories revolving around the Iraq War. The general theory is that the United States lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction and used this as a pretext for invading Iraq. The reason why Saddam Hussein was a target to be taken out was because he refused to allow U.S. companies to take over Iraqi oil production.

On top of this other theories mention the War on Terrorism and how the United States uses terror as a way to implement new bills and laws for the “safety” of the American people while they really take away their freedoms. Some other people, such as William Henry, think one of the primary reasons for the Iraq War was for the United States to have access to a Stargate which is located in Iraq.


Civilization on Mars

Some conspiracy theorists claim that there have been in the past and currently are civilizations on Mars. There is said to be human-like extraterrestrials who inhabited the planet long ago and have used Mars as a base for some time. People point out that there are many underground tunnels and cities on Mars, similar to Earth, where these beings are said to live.

It is also said that the United States government has the technology to travel to Mars and that they have secretly taken humans from planet earth over to Mars since the late 60’s. It is said that Mars has is very much like Earth and not as red as commonly portrayed on the surface. Vegetation is said to be scarce on the moon and therefore there is not much oxygen on the surface so it is very hard to breathe without assistance.


Birth Certificate Is A Traded Security

There is a more recent conspiracy that the birth certificate assigned to United States citizens at birth is a stock for a corporation, the citizen, which is held and traded on various stock exchanges throughout the world. Each certificate is worth approximately $6 million dollars which represents the value of that particular “stock”, or resource.

When a mother gives birth to a child she informs the government of this birth through a Birth Certificate. This certificate converts a man or woman’s life, labor and property to the United States government as an asset. The Birth Certificate was originally designed for children of newly freed black slaves after the 14th Amendment. It has since been integrated further.


Moses was Akhenaten

There is a conspiracy primarily started by Sigmund Freud with his book, Moses and Monotheism, that states that the Israelite Moses was actually the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten who ruled ~1353 BC to 1336 BC as part of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. People such as Freud will point out how the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt was actually the Exodus of Akhenaten from Egypt. The story of Moses in Egypt is said to be a cover for the followers of Akhenaten.

In addition, many of the other Biblical patriarchs such as Abraham are also said to be Egyptian pharaohs as well. It is well accepted by most Biblical scholars that the Israelite history is closely meshed with Egyptian history, but what is not well accepted is that much of the history of Egypt, especially around the time of Akhenaten, is actually the history of the Israelites.


Atmosphere on the Moon

Some people claim that there is actually an atmosphere on the back side of the moon that we can’t see. The moon is said to have a gravity much greater than what we are told and the backside is said to have lakes and vegetation. There are also some astronomers that have claimed to take photos of cloud formations of the moon which would also give credence to an atmosphere.

NASA officially says that there is no atmosphere or very, very little atmosphere on the moon. Whether or not humans could actually live on the moon is generally viewed as crazy, however, some groups of people think that it is possible and that NASA is keeping this information from the public.


Count of St. Germain

Saint Germain was a very mysterious figure from the 18th century. The most mysterious part of Saint Germain is that he always appeared as a middle aged man and never seemed to age throughout his life. He was said to have appeared out of nowhere around 1710 and he looked as though he was 50 years old. Saint Germain continued to appear in public life as late as 1782 and he always looked as though he hadn’t aged at all.

Saint Germain was independently wealthy and nobody knew where his money came from, some people speculated that it was alchemy. He spoke several languages fluently including German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic and Chinese. Everywhere he visited he was accepted as a native. He was well connected and attended many high end banquets and was never seen eating in front of other people and he only drank an herbal tea of his own concoction. It is also believed that Saint Germain adopted other names in different areas for the purpose of political service work. He was said to be seen as late as 1822.



Majestic-12 (MJ-12) is said to be a secret group of 12 (some say 19) scientists, intelligence officers and high level government officials who were involved with researching UFOs and information pertaining to extraterrestrials. The group is said to have been created by President Harry Truman by executive order in 1947, possibly in response to the Roswell, New Mexico UFO incident.

A top secret meeting location was said to have been created in Maryland for the purpose of MJ-12 that was only accessible via air. Much of the funding for Majestic-12 came through illegal CIA activities such as the drug trade to keep the funding and project out of the eyes of the representatives in Congress.


John Titor Time Traveler

John Titor is a supposed time traveler from the year 2026 that started posting on several online forums during 2000 and 2001. In his posts he would talk about how he was a time traveler sent back from the future to help mankind prevent future trouble. Titor had many interesting claims about how time travel worked and talked about some of the paradoxes that commonly come up with time travel.

Titor talked about how in his timeline Y2K created great problems and that they had spent years rebuilding and restructuring after economic collapse they had shortly after the event. One of Titor’s main predictions was another civil war in the United States that would eventually lead to World War III in 2015. He mentions how the whole world will change and how we will be much more family oriented and closer to each other at this point.


Nero Burns Rome

A great fire erupted in Rome on July 19, 64 that lasted for 5 days. There are different theories on what started the fire, however, many people believe that the emperor of that time, Nero, was behind the creation of the fire. Nero had wanted to rebuild Rome to his liking and the fire was the perfect catalyst to allow for this to happen. After the fire Nero collected large sums of money for the rebuilding efforts and he rebuilt himself a new palace known as the Domus Aureus.

Some historians mention how Christians admitted to starting the fire, but it is also believed that these Christians were forced to admit to it otherwise they would be tortured.


Watergate Scandal

On June 17, 1972 a break-in occurred at the Watergate Complex at the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The break-in resulted in a number of documents being photographed, phones wiretapped and the office was burglarized.

President Richard Nixon was found to be involved in the scandal as well as many other members inside his administration. Due to his inevitable impeachment, Richard Nixon resigned from the office of Presidency. The amount of Nixon’s involvement is not entirely known. Some claim that he was fully involved and aware of what was going on, while others claim that he was set up and framed.


Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a region located between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Throughout the last 50 or so years there have been reports of strange paranormal activity going on there. Many ships have been reported missing there and UFOs have been seen hovering around that area and going underwater.

Many people believe there is some type of magnetic activity going on here that could be related to past civilizations like Atlantis. Some people claim that the Bermuda Triangle could be a time portal that transports beings into another location or time period.


Cell Phones

Since the introduction of cell phones into everyday life questions have been raised about how safe they really are to use. A number of people point out how cell phones are really just miniature microwaves pressed up against our heads. They say the cell phones are slowly frying us and they point out that studies have been shown that cell phones are linked to cancer and brain tumors.

Aside from the health issues people also think that cell phones are tracked by the government and that they are able to monitor our calls. Generally speaking it is illegal for the government to track calls without a warrant, however, some people contend that there are many creative ways the government is able to get around this.


Cold War Was Staged Event

The Cold War is generally viewed as a technological weapons race between Capitalism in the United States and Communism in the Soviet Union. The “war” was based around fear that the other side might become more powerful and dominate the world. Some historians have a different view, however.

During the Cold War people such as mastermind scientists Oppenhiemer and Fuchs were supplying data about the bomb they were building to the Soviet Union. The United States and its allies were supplying information and resources to the Soviet Union and the actual tension created between the two nations was a manufactured hoax branded by the media to make the people think that there was actually a war at hand. Citizens on both sides were lied to.



The Mafia is well known for being an underground criminal network engaging in illegal activities for big money. But what is not generally acknowledged is that the Mafia is really just another order of Freemasonry. The Mafia has always been closely tied to many Masonic orders and the structure of the Mafia runs like a Masonic order.

The Mafia is also closely associated with the Vatican through various financial dealings as well as through one of the Vatican’s most popular Masonic orders, the Knights of Malta. Many top Mafia members are crowned as Knights of Malta by the Vatican and operate for the Vatican. The movie Godfather III actually depicts this connection between Mafia, Vatican and Freemasonry.


Face on Mars

There is a region on Mars known as “Cydonia” which has controversial images of various human looking things on the surface of Mars. One of these images is what appears to be a face that has become commonly known as the “Face on Mars”. This face photo was originally released in 1976 and has been in discussion by many groups ever since the release.

NASA contends that the way the rocks and shadows were placed on that two mile mound made it appear as a face. Other people believe that it is a face created by some type of entity. Some people believe this face is the actual burial ground of an Anunnaki leader named Alalu.


Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was a test that occurred within the US Navy in 1943 to test Einstein’s Unified Field Theory in an effort to bend space and time. The story goes that the U.S.S. Eldridge ship completely disappeared, was transported 200 miles into Norfolk, Virginia, and then later reappeared back in its original location.

There were also said to be sailors on board the ship during this event and that many of them reappeared confused and traumatized from the event. Some were even said to have been rematerialized partly in the metal of the ship when they reappeared.


United States Corporation

Shortly after the American Civil War, as the states were rebuilding, a 2nd United States was formed. The District of Columbia became incorporated by Legislative Act in 1871 under the Emergency War Powers Act and the Reconstruction Acts. The name of this corporation is “UNITED STATES” which stands in distinction to the original United States of America. One is a sovereign Republic under a constitution, the other is a corporation built around Democracy.

This is why some people will say the UNITED STATES government is able to sidestep the Constitution and do things that it shouldn’t be allowed to do. The UNITED STATES follows a different constitution than the United States of America. One uses lawful money, the other uses legal tender; one has sovereigns, the other has citizens; one has electors, the other has voters; one has a trial by jury, the other has a jury trial; one has lawyers, the other has attorneys. And the list goes on and on.


Treaty of 1213

TOPSHOTS Britain’s Queen Elizabeth talks with Pope Benedict XVI during an audience in the Morning Drawing Room, at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland on September 16, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI urged all parties involved in Northern Ireland to work for a “just and lasting peace” in his first speech of an historic state visit to Britain on Thursday. AFP PHOTO/ POOL/ DAVID CHESKIN (Photo credit should read DAVID CHESKIN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Treaty of 1213 is a treaty that was created between King John of England and Pope Innocent III on October 3, 1213. This treaty assigned all the land of England over to the Pope, who as the Vicar of Christ, claimed dominion over the whole world. This treaty essentially made the Vatican the owner of the world while the English Crown became the executive governing body.

Many people still believe that this is a legitimate treaty that is still in existence to this very day. The Pope has a long history of crowning kings and queens in Europe and acting as the Vicar of Christ has been the basis of the Pope’s power since the beginning. Even today there is a close connection between the Pope and all the heads of state.


America Discovered Before Columbus

Christopher Columbus is generally credited as having discovered the Americas in 1492, however, there are a number of historians who have found other groups to have sailed to and visited the Americas centuries and even millenniums before Columbus.

There were many seafaring civilizations in the ancient world such as the Phoenicians who were known for their maritime travel and their advanced technology. It is said the Phoenicians, as well as other groups, had traveled to the Americas as far back as 3000 BC. The Phoenicians are generally downplayed in history and ignored, possibly because they challenge official history.

It is also worth noting that some people draw connections between many of the ancient megalithic sites in both Europe and the Americas as being possibly constructed by the same groups of people such as the Phoenicians and other seafaring civilizations. These sites were constructed in the Americas thousands of years before Columbus ever set foot. This also ties into the Aztec’s belief that the landing of Cortes on their shores was actually the return of the god Quetzalcoatl.


Nazis Backed By Vatican

It is well known that Adolf Hitler was a Catholic, but what is not generally talked about is the close connection the Vatican and Jesuits played in the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. The Nazi movement is said to be a Vatican movement that was trying to restore the Gentile Roman Aryan system of the past.

The Nazis signed many concordats with the Vatican such as the “Reichskonkordat”, signed July 20, 1933 in Rome. It is believed that the Vatican was closely associated with many of the banks behind the Nazis through their ties to European banking families. The Vatican was also involved in creating “Ratlines” that were used to help Nazi war criminals escape to safety.


Francis Bacon Was Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, one of the world’s greatest English writers of all time, is an enigma when it comes to who he really was. There is very little history about Shakespeare and what we do know is that the schools he went to were very low level and he had a disregard for study. There is nothing known about the life of Shakespeare that would justify the high level writings that are attributed to him.

Therefore, many people believe that the writings of Shakespeare were actually created by somebody else and then imputed to him. The most popular candidate for these writings is the highly educated and articulate Sir Francis Bacon. It is said that there are many clues that point to the authorship of Francis Bacon in many of the plays if one looks close enough and reads between the lines.


Inside of Earth Is Hollow

There are a myriad of conspiracies concerning “Hollow Earth”. Some people contend that the earth is really hollow inside and that there are 1400 mile diameter entrances at the north and south poles. Both of these entrances are said to be usually covered in clouds and the airspace is restricted by law. The earth’s crust is supposedly 800 or so miles thick and then after that you reach inner Earth.

In mythology the name given to this inner Earth is Agartha. There is said to be a sun in the center and there are vast civilizations with great technology and natural resources. There are also said to be many extinct animals such as dinosaurs and mammoths that exist there.


President Eisenhower Treaty With Aliens

In 1954 President Eisenhower is said to have been involved in meetings with Extraterrestrials. Originally in 1953 Astronomers had made contact with a race of aliens. During this time another group of human looking aliens made contact with the United States and warned about the previous group of aliens. They offered to help us with our spiritual development and growth and requested for the United States to disarm and destroy its nuclear weapons. This request was met with extreme suspicion and was refused by the United States.

Later, in 1954 when a meeting was setup with Eisenhower and “Grey” aliens, a deal was reached which was called the “Grenada Treaty”. This treaty stated that we would keep the presence of the Greys on earth secret and that they would exchange us with advanced technology. It was also agreed that they would not make any other treaty with another nation on earth. It was also agreed that the Greys would be allowed to periodically abduct humans and examine and monitor their development with the stipulation that there would be no marks and they would have no memory of the event occurring. © <a href=”http://www.truthcontrol.com“>Truth Control</a>


Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray was originally the prime suspect and was brought in for a trial two months after the death. Based on the advice of his attorney, to avoid a possible death penalty Ray admitted to the murder of MLK. 3 days later he recanted his plea and said he didn’t commit the murder.

Later civil cases found that James Earl Ray was not the murder of Marin Luther King Jr. and instead placed the blame on Loyd Jowers, a nearby bar owner to where the murder occurred, as well as government involvement. The King family contends that James Earl Ray was innocent and that forces within the government were involved in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.



Democracy is said to be a system of government that transfers overt control to covert control. The problem with the monarchies of the past was always that the people would become upset with them and eventually rebel. Because the monarchs were always overtly in the open it was easy for the serfs to know who to render their dissatisfaction towards.

With democracy, on the other hand, there are no blatantly open monarchs ruling, which is much more convenient for the ruling elite. Rather than having a king or queen with all the power, a democracy simply allows the king or queen to hide behind the democratically elected front-men that they provide. It doesn’t matter whether people choose Team A or Team B, at the end of the day they both play for the monarch behind them.


Asteroid Belt

Some people believe that what we now call the Asteroid Belt is not a collection of asteroids, but rather the remains of a planet that has been completely obliterated. What planet the Asteroid Belt is the remains of is up for debate.

There was said to have been a great war between two technologically advanced groups of beings in our ancient history and this war resulted in the destruction of a planet called Tiamat. 1/2 of Tiamat became the Asteroid Belt while the other 1/2 became Earth.


Banco Ambrosiano Collapse

The Banco Ambrosiano collapse was an event that opened up the veil behind the Vatican, Propaganda Due (P2) Masonry and the Mafia underworld. Banco Ambrosiano was one of the largest Italian banks that was used for a number of illegal activities. Behind this illegal activity was the bank chairman Robert Calvi, Vatican Bank President Archbishop Marcinkus, Venerable Master of P2 Licio Gelli and Mafia financier Michele Sindona.

Banco Ambrosiano was one of the many banks being used to transfer billions of dollars in various illegal activities. When the bank went bankrupt everyone pulled millions of dollars and fled the scene. Event after event was uncovered which linked many of the illegal activities to these Masonic organizations. Robert Calvi faced a symbolic murder where he was hung from the Blackfriars Bridge in London.


Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project was a secret project by the United States government, along with Canada and the UK to develop the first atomic bombs. The Manhattan Project started in 1939 and was led by US physicist Robert Oppenheimer. The whole project was carried out in extreme secrecy and the general public had no clue that such a project was underway.

The project costs were close to $2 billion and over 130,000 were employed for the project. Entire towns were built at times to ensure that top secrecy would be maintained. The government and the media never reported on the project and it wasn’t until 25 years after that people finally found out about it.


Hitler Burns Down Reichstag

The burning of the Reichstag was a pivotal moment for the development of the Nazis in Germany. The Nazis claimed that the Communists were beginning a plot against Germany and used it to gain political favor from the common public. After the burning of the Reichstag the Nazis became a majority party in Germany and Hitler as able to assure his power.

There are a number of people who claim that Hitler and the Nazis were the ones behind the burning of the Reichstag. Hitler and the Nazis knew that if they could create an event that would emotionally put the population into fear and hate they would be able to more easily gain control. Because of this it is said that they planned the false flag event of burning their own Reichstag to gain political favor from the general public.


Great Seal of United States

There is much controversy over the Great Seal of the United States. Some people say that it is completely Masonic in symbolism and that it represents an evil and sinister plot that is being accomplished behind the scenes with the United States. Others will agree that the symbolism is Masonic and but view the symbolism in good light saying that the United States was founded for good reasons.

Many people will point out how the number 13 appears all over the seal. The number 13 has many different interpretations. The most talked about aspect of the Great Seal is the pyramid with the missing chief cornerstone at the top with the “All Seeing Eye” at the top of it. What this eye represents and what is being said here is one of the greatest mysteries in all of symbolism.


Ancient Texts In Vatican Library

It is widely known that a great portion of the Vatican Library is open to the public, but what is not so well known is that there are secret archives in the Vatican that only a few people have access to. It is here that many ancient books from various time periods throughout the world are supposed to be housed. It is said that these locations are so secret and so exclusive that there have been popes who have lived and died within the precincts without ever suspecting their existence.

Many of the writings not included in the New Testament as well as many of the texts from ancient Alexandria before it burned down are located here. The most exclusive writings on ancient occult magic and alchemy are said to be housed here, writings that would show the true hidden knowledge that the church keeps from its members.


Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are widely known for acting as the military and financial wing of the Vatican throughout the Crusades of the 1100s and into the 1300s. It is officially stated that the Knights Templar officially ceased to exist in 1312, however, many people believe this organization actually reorganized and has re-emerged itself throughout history through other names. For example, it is said in Germany the Knights Templar went on to become the Teutonic Knights who eventually went on to become the Teutonic Order which went on to provide political support for Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

The Knights Templar are also said to have invented modern day banking where paper money is created out of thin air to manipulate markets. It is believed by some that today banking is still in the hands of the masonic orders that were the outgrowths of the Knights Templar.


Nibiru / Planet X

Nibiru, also known as Planet X, is a supposed planet that was popularized by Zecharia Sitchen in his book, “The Twelfth Planet”. Nibiru is said the be the planet of a group of extraterrestrial beings known as the Anunnaki. It is said that Nibiru orbits the sun every 3,600 years which is why we can’t currently don’t see it, even though many people claim we can see it and NASA is covering it up.

Many people say Nibiru is set to return near to the earth in the coming future. When and at what time is up for debate. Some said it was supposed to happen in 2012, others say it is closer to the year 2160. People say that the Anunnaki will be returning on Nibiru and that they will be back to check up on the progress of humans.


Aryan Master Race

The Aryan master race motif was popularized through Hitler and the Nazis as the German people were said to be the descendents of the original Aryan, or Nordic, race of beings. This stock of human was said to be the highest quality and because of this the Nazis felt that they were entitled to world domination.

It is said that near Tibet is where a hidden group of Aryans known as the Great White Brotherhood and Hidden Masters reside. These Masters are said to be the guiding hand throughout the history of the world. The Nazis took expeditions to Tibet where they were said to be in search of the secret city of Shambhala where these Hidden Masters would guide them with occult powers for carrying out their plan.


Underground Tunnels and Bases

Many people, such as the deceased Philip Schneider, believe that the government has constructed numerous underground tunnels that connect to underground cities. These underground tunnels and bases are funded through the secret black budget of the government. These bases have been in existence since at least World War II, and some believe much, much earlier than that.

These underground networks are used for various secret government operations such as extraterrestrial and terrestrial experimentation. Many of these tunnels and facilities are also said to be under key locations such as Area 51, Dulce, New Mexico and the Denver Airport.


Hollywood’s Influence

Similar to the way the news media influences people. Hollywood has a huge ability to present new ideas to people, to change current beliefs and to generally get people to think a certain way. Movies are extremely rich in their story telling abilities and the level of influence that movies have is generally not fully realized.

There is a trend in Hollywood to promote “filth” or things that generally deemed as not healthy for society such as pornography, violence, drugs and so forth. Many people claim that these things are promoted greatly in movies and that we slowly shift towards the acceptance of them.

A lot of movies are also said to have hidden stories that are contained within that most people skim over. You have the external story that majority of people pick up, but then you also have the internal story that really goes much deeper and that few people are able to synthesize. Some great examples of this are Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining to name a few.


HAARP Weather Manipulation

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a US Ionospheric research program located in Gakona, Alaska. The stated purpose of HAARP is to develop ionospheric enhancement technology to further radio communications and surveillance technology. Some people think otherwise, however.

Many have speculated that HAARP is actually used to manipulate the weather and that it has been the catalyst behind many recent earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Some people are also concerned with the environmental effects of HAARP, in particular on the ozone layer and the permanent damage that is created by HAARP. Some people also mention that HAARP can has the ability to create electromagnetic sweeps which can be used for mind control on large populations.


Jesus Never Existed

A theory that is becoming more and more popular, especially after the documentary Zeitgeist, is that the Christian figure known as Jesus never actually existed. The evidence to support such a claim involves the many similar Christ like beings and the way they were used as symbols to represent the Sun.

Throughout history other religious figures such as Horus, Krishna, Mithra, Zoroaster and others shared many similar aspects to Jesus. All these figures with known as crucified saviors who were here to save humanity.


Vatican Is Satanic

A number of conspiracy theorists claim that the Vatican is a front for a group of Satanic Cabalists who possess very ancient and very dark occult knowledge. The history of the Vatican isn’t the most holy of histories and a thorough reading of history will show the many wars, tortures, coups, assassinations and lies all perpetuated by the Vatican.

The power of the Vatican didn’t come through a willful adoption by its adherents, but rather through centuries of bloody conquest that forced people to comply. Once the Vatican gained control over territories they burned all the histories and wrote history in their own favor. The Vatican is known for stunting human growth for centuries through the ignorance of the Dark Ages in European history. There are countless reasons as to why the Vatican is not the holy organization it portrays itself as.



Atlantis is said to be an advanced civilization that existed on this planet in the past. There are many theories as to who this civilization was and if they were originally from this planet at all. The location of Atlantis is also not fully known. Some people also believe that some of the people in power today are descendants of these Atlanteans of ancient times.

If Atlantis really did exist and advanced technology was around a long time ago it greatly challenges the theory of evolution and of present day humans being the most advanced beings on this planet. Some people will point to structures like the Great Pyramid of Giza as structures that were either built during this time, or constructed based off the technological knowledge that these people had during this time.


Jesus Married To Mary Magdeline

There is a growing conspiracy, greatly heightened by the book, “Holy Blood Holy Grail”, and then brought into mainstream attention with the movie the Da Vinci Code. Many believe that Jesus was actually married to Mary Magdeline and then his bloodline was brought over to France where the descendents went on to become the Merovingians.

People also point out to how Mary Magdeline was not a prostitute and how the early church wanted to downplay her role to make her look like she was unimportant. They also point out how they wanted to keep a strong male power base and didn’t want to portray Mary Magdeline as a smart, important women.



Bigfoot is not only a mystery, but also a conspiracy. Many people believe that Bigfoot is known about by certain groups of people and knowledge about Bigfoot is being suppressed. Who, what and were Bigfoot is depends on who you ask.

Some people will say that Bigfoot is actually an ancestor to humans and that we evolved from this species. Some people will say that Bigfoot is an alien being that was originally from another planet. Others will say that Bigfoot is a being that is able to shapeshift and change form into other types of beings. Most people will agree that Bigfoot is cunning in its intelligence.


Denver Airport

Ever since its opening in 2006, the Denver International Airport has been the center of much controversy. For starters, the airport is constructed much further away Denver than the old airport, and the construction costs were $4.8 billion dollars, nearly $2 billion over budget. Many people believe that the airport is actually a cover for a large underground base that was constructed in tandem with the airport.

On top of this, many of the art and design throughout the airport is full of masonic and “New World Order” themes. There are suitcases with gargoyles popping out of them, there is a giant horse “Mustang” in the front of the airport with red eyes, there are murals throughout the airport depicting death and sorrow and there is a giant statue of the Egyptian god Anubis standing outside. To top it all off there is a dedication stone inside the airport with the Freemasonic Square & Compass reading at the bottom, “NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISSION”.


Great Pyramid / Sphinx

We are taught that the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed roughly 2560-2540 BC as a tomb for Pharaoh Khufu. The general accepted construction theory is that the blocks where either dragged, lifted or rolled into place. A construction of such a large magnitude would take many years to completely and many thousands of men.

However, there are many other theories in regards to the date of construction of this structure, as well as the method used to create it. Other theories state that this pyramid was actually the first pyramid created in this area, and that the surronding step pyramids came later in construction. This would represent a decline in Egyptian civilization. The Great Pyramid is also said to have been constructed much earlier than 2560 BC.

Another interesting thing is that even in this day and age with our modern technology we would struggle to erect such an edifice. Some people have the view that this pyramid had to be built with some type of highly advanced technology either by a very advanced Earth group or perhaps even an advanced alien group.


Puppet Dictators

Many of the dictators put in power, both past and present, are said by some to be puppets for an even greater power behind them. Past figures such as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were said to have an even greater power operating behind them pulling the strings. These figures were just the branded front-man that carried out the tasks for the public to see.

More present dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qadhafi were said to be put in place and allowed to operate so long as they continue to carry out the tasks designated for them. Even with more democratic governments, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, the democratically elected leaders are still believed to be puppets since they are also controlled by people more powerful than they.


Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is a secret fraternal order operating out of Yale University in Connecticut. The society is rarely mentioned in the news, however, it is said to one of the most influential bodies when it comes to politics. Both John Kerry and George W. Bush, 2004 US Presidential Candidates, were members of Skull & Bones. George H. W. Bush was also a member of this fraternal order.

Skull & Bones is said to have close connections to the Illuminati and is possibly a branch of the Illuminati. It is also said that Skull & Bones members practice Satanic rituals and go through Satanic initiations to become members.


American Civil War Started By Britain

There are a few alternative historians who claim the American Civil War was not started for economic reasons between the North and the South states, but rather because Britain was trying to reclaim America. These historians will state how ever since the British defeat in the Revolutionary War they had been trying plot after plot to reclaim the United States. Having failed with the War of 1812 and later the establishment of central banking, Britain went for its next plan: civil war.

Just as during the Revolutionary War, agents of the British Royal Family and Rothschilds, such as Lord Palmeston, Giuseppe Mazzini, Albert Pike and George Peabody, were manipulating both the North and the South states to create a civil war so they could take over the divided nation.
© Truth Control


AIDS Created In Lab

There are numerous conspiracies as to the origins of the AIDS virus. The most popular theory is that it was created in a military lab by the United States government. The purpose of the virus was twofold: 1) as a political/ethnic weapon against Africans and “lower races” and 2) as a tool for depopulation.

It is also widely believed that the virus was introduced into the population through Hepatitis B experiments that were performed on gay and bisexual men in the late 70s. The official stance of the scientific community is that AIDS originated in African in the 1930s from the closely related Simian Immunodeficiency Virus.


Peak Oil

The Peak Oil theory basically states that the majority of our oil producing fields have reached maximum extraction capacity and are currently on the decline for production while at the same time consumption for oil is growing each year. Based off this current trajectory the reserves of oil will continue to deplete and the price of oil will continue to rise.

It is said that there isn’t that much oil left to discover and that the majority of the largest producing oil fields, such as those in Saudi Arabia, have been almost tapped dry. In order to keep up with current demand more oil fields will need to be discovered otherwise we will continue a yearly oil deficit until it becomes a crisis.



Feminism is another conspiracy created to break down the family unit. The family has always been at the heart of a prosperous civilization and a primary way to break down and control civilization is to break down the family. By promoting women as being unequal to men the state is able to gain the allegiance of women to promote more government control.

By putting women to work the government is able to tax 1/2 more people and they are also able to raise the children through state sponsored schools rather than by their parents at home. The male has been replaced with the government through Feminism. Now rather than having men in women’s lives we have the government.


Income Tax Is Not A Law

Many people say that you don’t have to pay income taxes in the United States for a number of reasons. Many will say that the 16th Amendment, which allows the government to tax citizens on income, was never actually ratified. The Amendment required the consent of at least 36 states, however, only 2 states agreed. Despite this, the 16 Amendment was introduced and today we have the income tax.

The income tax actually started out as a voluntary tax. In fact, even to this day it is still voluntary. However, with increased pressure and marketing the government has misled the people into thinking that they need to pay their income taxes, often times using the threat of prison for non-compliance.

On top of all this the IRS is a private corporation. So when people pay their taxes they are not paying their taxes to the government, they are paying their taxes to a private corporation that was originally set up in 1863 in Delaware under the name of Bureau of Internal Revenue.


Knights of Malta

The Knights of Malta is a Vatican operation that is claimed to be behind many of the secret and covert operations going on throughout the world. For example, the CIA was said to be set up by the Knights of Malta and the executive members are all said to be Knights of Malta. Many people of power in high places are Knights of Malta and as such are loyal not to their country or business, but to the Pope and the Vatican.

It is said that most Knights of Malta have diplomatic immunity and are able to ship goods and undergo business without undergoing customs checks in other countries. The Knights of Malta are also said to be closely tied to other European and American Freemasonic Orders as well as higher levels of the Mafia.


Oklahoma City Bombing

The official story is that the Oklahoma City Bombing was a mass bombing carried out by Timothy McVeigh with the help of Terry Nichols in April 1995. McVeigh was said to be a militia supporter and upset about what had happened in Waco, Texas two years earlier and took his aggression out on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, in Oklahoma City.

Many people don’t believe the official story and claim that the bombing was actually a false flag event created to demonize any opposition to the government. People also claim that neither McVeigh or Nicols were connected to any militia groups and that the government said that they were in order to vilify these kinds of groups.



Project MKULTRA was a mind control research operation carried out in the United States (as well as other countries like Canada) by the CIA. MKULTRA conducted many different illegal experiments on US and Canadian patients without them knowing exactly what was being done or why. Many of the experiments were so bad that much of the experimentation was done in Canada and other foreign countries to escape United States jurisdiction. The project started in 1950 and lasted until around 1973.

Experiments conducted on unwitting humans and children included things like: torture, verbal and sexual abuse, electrical and chemical shock, the effects of stress on humans, interrogation techniques, subsonic and vibrational disorientation, drugs, radiation, genetic research, brainwashing, the use of prostitutes by agents, gases and poisons.


Russian Revolution Created By America and Britain

The Russian (Bolshevik) Revolution is commonly portrayed as a independent movement carried out by a few revolutionaries in Russia. However, a further study into history shows there is much more going on than originally portrayed.

A great number of researchers have found that the Russian Revolution was actually financed out of American and British banks and that Lenin, Trotsky and the others were front men used to carry out this plot. Russian-speaking revolutionaries were also trained in New York and sent to Russia to distribute pamphlets among the prisoners to get them to rebel against their own government.

Moreover, once Communism was set up in the Soviet Union it was the United States who supplied food to the Soviet Union to keep the people fed. Communism was known to be an economic failure which is why Capitalistic America was used to supply the means necessary to keep the Soviet Union afloat.



The eugenics movement is an effort to remove the lower level genetics from the human species while leaving the higher quality genetics. The obvious problem with eugenics is who determines what is low quality and what is high quality? Much of what is referred to today as population control is really eugenics. The eugenics movement had its modern-day beginnings with Hitler trying to create a “New Man”.

Since Nazi Germany eugenics is still popular in the United States as scientists work towards cloning humans and altering DNA. The unstated goal of eugenics, according to many people, is to create a more dumbed down version of human beings that is much closer to that of an animal than a human. The goal of eugenics is to remove individuality of human beings and turn them into a slave race that will easily take orders and follow the whims of their masters.


Abraham Lincoln Assassination

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln has many different conspiracy theories revolving around it. The main assassination by John Wilkes Booth is generally agreed upon by most camps, however, whether Booth operated alone or whether he was used by a group of individuals is up for debate.

Some people point out that Booth was a 33rd degree Freemason who had close ties with the Knights of the Golden Circle who were funded by European Freemasonic bankers. It is possible that these groups put John Wilkes Booth up to the assassination. Other theories include involvement from the Rothschilds, the Jesuits, the Vatican and Edwin Stanton.



Environmentalism is a push by governments and large corporations to control people and make money. The governments pushes environmentalism because they are able to more easily implement government policies which take advantage of these news “problems” as they implement their desired “solutions”. A carbon tax is an example of a government policy that helps to make a more green planet by taxing businesses for doing something that is not environmentally friendly.

Corporations are able to capitalize off these new green initiatives by creating business around them. Corporations work in close unison with governments to be the provider of these solutions to help make the planet more green and clean. While the majority of people think that governments and corporations actually care about the planet, the main reality is that they are looking for more money and more control and will use whatever means necessary to trick the people.



Some people believe that the people in power are planning depopulation on a mass global scale. They will point out the many methods that are currently in use such as: war, deadly drugs, viruses such as AIDS, abortion, euthanasia and all the additives and chemicals put in our food and water.

People claim that the current population of roughly 7 billion people on the planet is too much and that the levels should be closer to 500 million. Some people will also point out the mysterious Georgia Guidestones which oddly enough say, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”.


Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a private campground located in Northern California where some of the world’s most powerful men meet for a couple weeks each year towards the end of July. Since 1923 every Republican president and most Democratic presidents of the United States have attended.

Like many of the elite clubs it has the normal list of accommodations and attributes: white males, prostitutes and ritual ceremonies. The most popular ceremony performed is known as the “Cremation of Care” where a burning effigy is sacrificed to a 40 foot concrete owl known as Molech. Ceremonies such as this have given people much to consider as to what the real purpose is behind Bohemian Grove.


Jesuits Tied To Illuminati

Some well read secret society researchers such as Michael Tsarion will suggest that the Jesuits are closely tied to the Illuminati, or basically are behind the Illuminati. Through the study of the history and symbolism of these groups it can become evident of their close connection. Even the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, was a Jesuit priest.

It is no secret that the Vatican has always been closely linked to Freemasonry through the Knights of Malta as well as other York Rites. The Vatican is also closely tied to European Freemasonry through various kings and queens. European history is riddled with assassination attempts and monarchy overthrows instigated and planned out by Jesuits.

People often wonder if the Jesuits take orders from the Vatican, or if the Vatican actually takes orders from the Jesuits. People such as Eric Jon Phelps will go so far as to say that the Black Pope, the leader of the Jesuits, is the most powerful man on the earth.


Crop Circles

Crop circles have amazed people for decades. Many people write crop circles off as hoaxes created by human beings, however, some individuals think crop circles are actually messages created by extraterrestrial beings perhaps with the aid of their spacecraft.

Most of the crop circles usually contain some type of mathematical pattern which is open to a great deal of debate as to what it actually means or signifies. Some people think that these crop circles contain hidden keys that contain greater understanding to our true nature and being when we unlock them.


Pearl Harbor Was Allowed To Occur

It is said that President Roosevelt and other United States officials were aware that the Pearl Harbor attack was going to occur and that these officials allowed the Japanese to attack in order to bring the American people into World War II. At that time the American people didn’t want anything to do with the war and in an effort to change their minds an unprovoked attack by the Japanese was used as a catalyst for entering into war against the Axis nations. The following day after the Pearl Harbor attack war was declared on Japan.

Several high ranking officials have given testimony stating that many of the officials were well aware of the attacks ahead of time and that orders were given to not prepare defenses and that they need the full support of the American Nation in a ware time effort.


FEMA Camps

FEMA Camps are claimed to be internment camps dispersed throughout the United States by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in preparation for when martial law takes place in the states. It is believed that things may be getting really bad in the states in the coming future and that martial law is going to be instituted and people are going to be brought to these camps.

Many people believe this may be similar to the concentration camps that existed in Germany during the Nazi reign. They also state how this coincides with many of the other political policies that are being pushed lately such as the removal of firearms from citizens, similar to other tyrannical nations.


CIA Drug Trafficking

The CIA has a long history of drug trafficking. Case after case show that the CIA it not so much interested in stopping the illegal drug trade, but actually finding a way to use this drug trade to their advantage, both financially and otherwise. In exchange for information on rival drug cartels the CIA has been known to grant immunity to import large quantities of drugs across borders into the United States.

Drug lords and country officials have made claims mentioning that the CIA is greatly involved with and fully controls some of the major drug cartels. In short, US tax dollars are transferred to the CIA to fund and arm cartels with the means necessary to transfer drugs into the US illegally.

Many people also point to the United States laws against drugs as a driving reason as to why the CIA is able to operate an illegal drug cartel. By keeping out free market competition and making drugs illegal in the United States it is a lot easier for the CIA to covertly traffic drugs and keep prices high without the threat of any real competition.



When jets fly through the air they emit an exhaust of vapor water known as a contrail, short for condensation trail. Some people believe that some of the contrails we see are actually chemtrails, or rather, chemical trails emitted from these jets. What is contained in these chemtrails and why they are being emitted is up for debate.

Some believe that these chemtrails have effects on the weather while others believe these chemtrails have dangerous chemicals which are harmful to humans. These people argue that the government is behind many of these chemtrails and that they are secretly emitting these harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.


Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip was a program of the Office of Strategic Services (predecessor to the CIA) where many of the former Nazi scientists from Germany were brought over to operate within the United States. It is believed that many of these scientists had been involved in many high end technological advancements for the Nazis such as flying discs. The Americans greatly wanted to control this technology and intelligence after the end of World War II.

The problem was that US law prohibited German Nazis from immigrating to the United States. The United States didn’t want to lose these smart Nazis to other nations such as Russia, so a little handiwork by future CIA Director Allen Dulles tweaked a few things and got them over to the United States to carry on many more top secret programs.


Princess Diana Murdered by British Royal Family

The official story is that Princess Diana was killed in an auto accident on August 31, 1997. However, many people, including her partner’s father, Mohammed Al-Fayed, believed that her death was actually a planned murder carried out by Prince Philip, Prince Charles and MI6.

The reason for the murder is believed to be of Diana’s soon to be engagement with Dodi Fayed, a Muslim, while Diana was herself a Christian. Such an engagement involving a Muslim in the British Royal Family would not be tolerated at all and so she was murdered.


Operation Northwoods

Operation Northwoods is a declassified government document drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy administration. The document called for the CIA and other agencies to commit false flag acts of terror and then blame it on Cuba as justification for America to enter a war with communist Cuba.

The document reads:

The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.

Many false flag events such as bombings and hijackings were proposed in this document. Operation Northwoods was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy.


Fluoride In The Water

For over 50 years fluoride has been added to the water of many countries to help reduce tooth decay. Many people claim that fluoride has many negative effects such as cancer and even the lowering of IQ. Many tests have been done by organizations proving fluoride to be harmful to humans.

Why fluoride is still being added to water is up for debate. On the one hand you have people arguing that it is good for our teeth, which is why we also find it in toothpaste. On the other hand you have people who acknowledge that while there may be positive effects of fluoride on our teeth, the negative effects of fluoride far outweigh the positives. There is also evidence to support that fluoride is not at all related to the prevention of tooth decay.



RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. These tiny computer chips are easily embed on animals or humans to allow for tracking and monitoring of these beings. RFID chips raise a number of concerns for people in regards to privacy and anonymity of themselves. Many people are fearful that these chips may be one day be used to as a way to identify human beings.

A number of people from the Christian religion also claim that RFID may be the “Mark of the Beast” that the Bible mentions in the book of Revelation. They are concerned that the goal of governments is to get people chipped with these types of devices and then track their every move from them. Money, food, jobs and all parts of life would be tied to this chip which is tied to the centralized state that manages people’s life. This type of chip would greatly reduce freedom and individuality and everyone would be forced to do as the state tells them to do.


Flu Shots / Vaccinations

The basic idea behind flu shots and vaccinations is to help the body prevent or mitigate the effects of certain viruses that may be harmful. There is a growing number of people who believe vaccinations and shots, such as the flu shot, are actually put in place to make us more sick and weaker. While it is true that the flu shots can be somewhat effective in fighting the flu virus, it has also been shown that there are numerous negative side effects which may occur through the use of them.

Moreover, there is the concern that such shots actually make our immune systems weaker as they make us more dependent on them than ourselves. Our bodies are naturally designed to fight viruses and bacteria and to keep our bodies from doing this makes our natural immune system weaker.


Man-Made Global Warming

Many people believe that man-made global warming is a hoax perpetuated by governments and businesses to make money and gain more control over people. By branding global warming as created by human actions governments are able to use global warming as a front to bring in policies that would otherwise be unfit to be brought in. Corporations are also able to use global warming as a reason for implementing and selling new types of products.

People are split as to whether global warming is something that is completely false, or rather that global warming isn’t man-made. Many people claim that the earth’s temperature is controlled primarily by the sun and that humans don’t have any effect on that actual temperature of the earth. The earth has been around for billions of years before humans and will be around for billions of years after humans. People also point to the warming of other planets such as Mars and Jupiter as evidence of global warming being a result of the sun and not humans.


Big Pharma

There are many conspiracies revolving around pharmaceutical companies and the role they play in profiting off of keeping people sick and dependent on their drugs rather than actually curing their illnesses. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies are also said to invent and brand many things that are not diseases or disorders and then create the treatments to generate a steady income stream of people treating non-existent or greatly exaggerated diseases.

It is also said that many of the drug companies work closely with the government to create monopolies and raise the barrier of entry for smaller drug companies to compete. By doing so, they make it tricky for a smaller company to introduce an superior product without being able to get the proper approval from various government agencies such as the FDA.



NASA has been said to be at the heart of much disinformation and cover-ups in regards to space, UFOs and extraterrestrials throughout the past 5 decades. NASA keeps a lot of information from the public in order to keep us from knowing the true reality of our universe. Images are often altered, information is often times not released to the public and they are very generally general and vague in their descriptions of what is really going on.

Many researchers believe this is done in order to keep the general public from knowing their true reality. If NASA was to tell us that aliens were real or that we had technology far superior to what the public uses today it would potentially cause an outrage and also take away all the power these types of large organizations currently control.


Intelligence Agencies

Time and time again intelligence agencies are always found at the heart of conspiracies. Intelligence agencies are accountable to virtually no higher authority and consequently are allowed to run free without any real oversight. Everything is simply branded as being done in the name of security so the people are unable to question any of the activities. Everything must be done to keep people safe.

The most common culprits for conspiracy is the United States NSA & CIA, the British MI6 and the Israeli Mossad. Most people will agree that these intelligence networks operate closely together and some will say that one or the other is the actual head of these agencies. Whatever the case may be, there are countless examples of these agencies being involved in conspiracy after conspiracy.


3 World Wars Planned Years In Advance

It is said that the first two world wars were planned years in advance by secret societies and that the third and final world war is on the way. On August 15, 1871, Albert Pike is famously quoted in a letter he wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini detailing the three world wars. To paraphrase:

The first world war was created by the British and German Illuminati agents to weaken the Czars in Russia and bring in Communism to destroy other governments and to weaken religion.

The second world war was brought about to take advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. Nazism was to be destroyed in order to implement a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine.

The third world war, if necessary, is to take advantage of the differences between the new state of Israel (political Zionists) and the leaders of the Islamic world. The result of this war will bring about the destruction of Christianity and atheism and will leave people left looking for a new religion which will be the pure doctrine of Lucifer.


Area 51

Area 51 is a base located in southern Nevada that is tied to many UFO sightings. The base is believed to be a location that was formerly used by the United States Government to research and reverse engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft technology. It is also believed that there may have also been aliens from another planet there as well. The base is monitored 24/7 by vehicles and signs are posted miles away from the facility saying it is a restricted area and that photography is prohibited.

There have been former scientists who have spoken out publicly about Area 51, such as Bob Lazar. The US Government shares very little information on the base and in their internal maps the base is not listed. After the huge popularity of Area 51 it is believed that this base is no longer in operation and these operations have been moved to other secret locations.


Jewish World Domination / Zionism

Zionism is the conspiracy of Jews to re-establish the land of Israel and bring about the rest of the world under their control. Many people will point out how banking and the media is greatly controlled by Jews. Families like the Rothschilds, who are Jewish, control incredible amounts of wealth and have contributed towards various Zionist endeavors.

The creation of the State of Israel was actually set up primarily by the Rothschilds after World War II. Some people will go as far as to say that the Zionists actually used the Jews in Nazi Germany as cannon fodder to gain sympathy from other nations for the poor, persecuted Jews. As a result the Zionists were able to create the State of Israel and further their agenda.


Moon Landing Was Faked

Many people believe that the United States never landed on the moon and that the Apollo mission was a glorious hoax. Much of the reasoning for this has to do with the way certain photographs appear. For example, 2 of the photos that were said to be taken miles apart both share the same background. Another example is a rock photograph that has a clearly visible and symmetrical “C” letter engraved onto it.

Shortly before the moon landing Stanley Kubrick had just finished up his film, 2001: Space Odyssey. It is said that NASA approached Kubrick to help them shoot the moon landing in a way that would convince the world that the United States really did land on the moon. The shuttle taking off and landing would be real, but all the moon scenes would be faked.

The movie The Shining by Stanley Kubrick is also believed to be a hidden metaphor of the entire moon landing being faked. There are very many interesting bits and pieces found in that film that give credence towards Kubrick knowing what really happened with the moon landing or even being involved himself.


Roswell UFO Crash

Roswell, New Mexico is the location of the most popular UFO case in recent history. The story is that there was a UFO crash that took place in Roswell, New Mexico around June or July 1947. The government claimed that this object was a high-altitude weather balloon, however, many independent researchers are not convinced of this story.

Many UFO researchers claim that this was an alien spacecraft that had crashed into the earth. Inside the spacecraft were several dead alien beings and also the remains of several military personnel. Many of these people believe that these beings and this technology was taken to a secret facility to be examined and then back-engineered. If this is the case then the government is covering up what really happened in Roswell and there may be a whole lot of other things going on between the government and extraterrestrials.


Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group is one of the most elite organizations in existence. Every year a group of around 100 – 200 of the world’s most powerful bankers, businessmen and politicians get together to discuss and plan out the world agenda. The first Bilderberg meeting occured on May 29, 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands, which is where this group gets its name.

The Bilderberg Group meetings are completely private and closed to the public. The media is also not allowed to film the events. Everything that is discussed in these meetings is done through closed doors and in secrecy. Membership to the Bilderberg Group is by invite only which is controlled by a group called the Steering Committee. The small core of the Bilderberg Group works with the larger group of invitees to plan ways to carry out their goals using the resources of the invitees.

The Bilderberg Group sits on top of other quasi-secret societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) involving the United States, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) involving Western Europe, and the Trilateral Commission involving Japan. In fact, the Trilateral Commission was created by a Bilderberg Group member, David Rockefeller, after a 1972 Bilderberg meeting. The Bilderberg Group and the families and individuals involved are closely related to earlier secret societies such as the Round Table, Committee of 300 and even the Black Nobility of 12th century Europe.


Mainstream Media Propaganda

The main news networks such as Reuters, AP, CNN, Fox and MSNBC are all owned and controlled by powerful people who stay in power by making money. It is no secret that these people have it in their best interest to deliver news in a way where it works to their advantage. There is no incentive to deliver quality news if these corporations make less money by doing so.

The mainstream media is great for “problem, reaction, solution”. The corporations will figure out whatever it is they want to push, such as go to war with another country to gain natural resources and keep the public in fear and servitude. So they will fabricate a “problem” that will get a desired reaction from the people watching the news. People are much more apt to believe something on television because they couldn’t imagine a large company lying to them. So they will be fed the propaganda all day long for weeks or even months before finally becoming conditioned to give the desired “solution” to the problem.

It is all marketing. People buy things that are marketed to them, the same goes for news.


Deliberate Dumbing Down of Education

For decades the school systems throughout the United States and other countries have been dramatically declining in education, and many will claim this is by no accident. It is in the best interest of people in power to have a population that is smart enough to essentially be a slave, but not smart enough to free themselves from their bondage.

Many of the schools focus on treating children like robots and to take orders. Most schools focus on memorization rather than creativity. Schools these days teach children what to think as opposed to how to think. As a result children grow up to be much more docile towards taking orders and going with the flow. People less likely to question their reality or their government are much, much more easily manipulated.



Freemasonry has a long history of being involved with many subversive movements and coups. Many secret societies are often outgrowths of Freemasonry or higher orders operating within Freemasonry. Orders such as the Bavarian Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Order of the Garter and the Knights of the Golden Circle are all believed to be closely linked to Freemasonry.

Freemasonry operates like many hierarchical organizations throughout the world. The vast majority of members at the bottom of Freemasonry don’t really know what is really going on. But as you work your way up through Freemasonry certain rites will become introduced and certain initiations and rituals may take place. It is once you reach the upper levels that you will start to see where there is more to Freemasonry than meets the eye.

Freemasonry is a system used by many elite groups to recruit people to become future leaders and businessmen. People who go along with the plans are rewarded handsomely with money.


Alternative Energy / Tesla Suppression

Many people claim that technology exists to power civilization without the use, or dramatically less use, of fossil fuels. Some will go so far as to say that energy can be generated free without any costs at all. Nicola Tesla is generally noted as being the inventor of such devices, such as the Tesla generator.

Because of the cost-effectiveness of such technology, this information and technology is greatly suppressed by governments and large corporations of the world. Enabling people to have free or substantially cheaper energy would create less reliance on governments and corporations, something that they don’t want. So these energies are greatly suppressed and when inventions and models do come about that provide an effective alternative to what we currently have the powers that be quickly find a way to silence these findings.


Shadow Government

There is said to exist a shadow government that operates behind the United States, Britain and many other countries. The citizens of these countries have the illusion that they are in control of their country, but in reality the shadow government controls the overall direction of the nation.

Wars, economics, laws, politicians and many other aspects of government are heavily controlled by this secret government. This shadow government also extracts finances through covert black operations such as the military industrial complex as well as other programs such as NASA. The shadow government is said to be behind many of the conspiracies that we hear about within governments.

Just who the players are of this shadow government is not as clear. It is believed that many of the people operate throughout the various secret societies throughout the world such as the Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, Jesuits, Knights of Malta and so on.


Organized Religion

Organized religion is one of the oldest and strongest conspiracies there is. The general theory is that religion for the most part is a tool used to manipulate and control people who think they are doing good for “God”. The reason religion is so powerful is because it captures something that is very dear to people, a spiritual reality, and then brands it in a way that is beneficial to whoever is operating behind the religion.

It doesn’t matter whether the religion be Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Hinduism. These religions all take spiritual truths and then twist them and misconstrue them to their advantage in different ways. There is plenty of good in religion, but there is also plenty of bad. And often times religious institutions and leaders will mislead people in the name of religion for their own benefit.


Reptilians Rule The World

The Reptilians conspiracy involves a race of extraterrestrials from the star Alpha Draconis in the Draco constellation. Unlike humans, the Reptilians are a group of being who are very unemotional while being very logical and hierarchical. According to researchers such as David Icke and Alex Collier, these beings are able to shape-shift into different forms, such as human.

Some people believe certain people in high places of power such as Queen Elizabeth II and other members of royal families to be shape-shifting Reptilians which operate under a human disguise most of the time.

The rational for this theory revolves around various ancient myths and texts as well as present-day testimony to people experiencing these beings. People such as Arizona Wilder are on video discussing ritual abuse which they experienced by these shape-shifting Reptilians beings.

Not all Reptilians shape-shift and there are different types of Reptilians depending on where they sit in the hierarchy. The majority of Reptilians operate on a hive-mind where there is very little individuality and freedom and there is much more structure and control by their masters at the top.


JFK Assassination

Many people believe that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was not carried out by the the lone gunman Lee Harry Oswald. Who or which group actually carried out the assassination is up for debate. Some will point to the Jesuits, some will point to the British Crown, some will point to the CIA and others will point elsewhere.

Who did it is probably of less importance than why it was actually done. It was said that John F. Kennedy was interfering too much with the plans of the hidden controllers behind the world and that he was creating problems for them. Some of the things that may have led to his assassination are: he wanted to end the Federal Reserve, he wanted to dismantle the CIA, he wanted to expose the Mafia and he wanted to avoid a Cuba attack among other things.
© Truth Control


Alien Abductions

Many people have presented stories about being abducted about aliens for the longest time. Some of the stories may be straight fabrications, others may be far fetched, but all it takes is for one story to be true. The majority of people who are abducted share similar themes to their stories.

The basic story is that while sleeping or wandering somewhere alone people suddenly appear in a medical type area where they are laying down on a table with other humans also laying down next to them. While laying on the table there are 2 or 3 “Grey” aliens (the ones with the big eyes) operating and experimenting on them. There is usually extreme discomfort and people are usually unable to escape or do anything about this. The aliens take samples of various things such as semen and urine and seem to be doing some type of test to gain understanding or insight into what is going on.

Communication is discussed as being done telepathically through the mind. There is no verbal words which are uttered, yet most people report to be able to get their point across through their mind.

After a certain period of time, abductees usually appear back in the place they were taken from with very little memory of what just happened or where they were. Some have better recollection than others.

Not all abductions have to do with “Grey” aliens either. Some report various other types of aliens such as Reptilians and even tall, blonde “Nordic” looking aliens.


Federal Reserve Created For Economic Terrorism

The Federal Reserve is not Federal, nor does it have reserves. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 by a group of very clever bankers and politicians under the sponsorship of the Rothschilds. These bankers knew that if they could control the money supply of the United States, like their families had done before in places such as England, then they would be able to generate huge profits while crippling the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve has been constructed in such as way whereas the profits are privatized to a small group of bankers, and the losses are socialized to the general public through taxes and inflation. By controlling the money supply these private bankers are able to change the rate of inflation and deflation through interest rates and credit. Since most people know very little about banking the Fed is easily able to create crises after crises and profit from the people along the way.

The Federal Reserve has never been audited and it operates above the control of the President of the United States and Congress. While the President may appoint the Fed Chairman, once he is appointed he has no oversight above him. The Fed Chairman along with the owners of the Federal Reserve, direct the direction of the nation much more than Congress ever could. The nation is completely submissive to the economic conditions created by the Fed.

On July 26, 1983 a list of the member banks holding Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock was leaked. The top 3 stock holding member banks were: Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank and Morgan Guaranty Trust.


Illuminati Rule The World

The Bavarian Illuminati started with Adam Weishaupt in 1776, although there were other Illuminatis which existed prior to this time. Freemasonry is often associated closely with the Illuminati as the goal of Adam Weishaupt was to take over many of the Freemasonic lodges in France during his time.

As the Illuminati spread many people started to learn about it, including George Washington of America. In a famous letter he wrote:

It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.

The goal of the Illuminati is to operate behind the scenes without people knowing who or what is controlling it. In the words of the founder Adam Weishaupt:

The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.

The Illuminati uses many symbols and secrets which have special meaning and significance only to the initiated few who are privy to such knowledge. Through symbols with multiple interpretations the general public is left confused as to what is really being communicated through their secret language. A pyramid with an eye at the top might mean one thing to your average person, but it might mean something completely different to an initiated member of the Illuminati. Confusion and misdirection is one of the greatest strengths of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati is believed to still exist in this day and while it may no longer operate under this name, and while the internal structure may be different, the general plans of this order are still in place and well.


9/11 Was A False Flag

The conspiracy surrounding 9/11 revolves around many pieces of information which are questionable and which give credence towards other conspiracies. One of the major views held by “9/11 Truthers” is that it wasn’t Al-Qaeda on their own who carried out 9/11, but rather various criminal elements within the United States government military industrial complex and surrounding organizations such as the CIA. While it is true that Al-Qaeda did fly planes in the World Trade Towers, many assert that the United States government allowed this act to happen in order to create a sense of fear in the general public, so as to allow for greater government control on their lives.

Many will point to Operation Northwoods which is a declassified United States document explaining this same pattern of logic to justify an invasion of Cuba. This is commonly referred to as “Problem, Reaction, Solution”, that is, where a problem will be created to get the desired reaction by the people wherein the desired solution can be presented to the people as they beg for something to be done. The situation is framed in a context so that people will want whatever solution they are being tricked into getting.

There are a litany of features which people will present as evidence of 9/11 being an inside job such as:

  • Mysterious Building 7 Collapse
  • Collapses fell like controlled demolitions
  • Explosive material found at Ground Zero
  • Fire not hot enough to melt steel
  • Pentagon not hit with plane
  • Bin Laden known asset to CIA
  • NORAD ordered to stand down
  • Black Boxes destroyed
  • Countless eyewitness testimony and insider testimony


Ancient Astronauts

The basic idea behind the ancient astronauts theory is that thousands of years ago mankind was either genetically created and altered by extraterrestrials, or the direct offspring of these extraterrestrials. These ancient “astronauts” are in point of fact aliens from a different or many different planets and galaxies. Many of these aliens are believed to look like us, or rather, we look like them.

Credence is given to the ancient astronauts theory in various sources such as the Sumerian Tablets, The Book of Enoch, The Bible and many myths and stories from almost all cultures from around the world. Most of the histories and mythologies throughout the world stress the coming of “gods” from other planets to this planet and breeding either physically or genetically with the earth beings. The offspring of these ancient astronauts are present day humans.

The ancient astronaut theory is the missing link between evolution and creation. Humans did evolve in their past but something suddenly brought in intelligence and advanced civilizations. This something was the ancient astronauts who genetically modified humans. So humans are both “created” in God’s image and evolved beings.

It is believed that there have been numerous extraterrestrial visitations to planet Earth in our history, however, one of the most common is the visitation revolving around the Anunnaki. It is said that the planet they are originally from, Nibiru, was having atmospheric problems and so they were exploring other planets for resources, in particular gold, to help aid their planet.

Earth was found to contain large amounts of gold and so the Anunnaki set up shop on planet Earth to start mining. They noticed the indigenous Earth beings on the planet and decided to make them slaves to help with the mining efforts. The Anunnaki experimented with different genetic tests to create different types of workers. Some of the offspring were too smart and turned out to be too hard to manipulate and control. So they decided to dumb down the humans to a level where they were smart enough carry out the slave tasks but not smart enough to rebel or take control of their own lives.

The God of the Old Testament, Yahweh, is generally depicted as Enlil when it comes to ancient astronaut theory. The serpent in the garden, or adversary, is generally seen as his brother, Enki. These two brothers in ancient history are commonly depicted as God and Satan in the Bible. Enki is said to have been the main Anunnaki behind creating humans. Enki, however, wanted to create humans as free, creative, independent beings while his brother Enlil did not want to give the humans freedom and instead wanted to control and rule over them. The Old Testament in the Bible depicts this family feud fairly accurately.

It is believed that the Anunnaki are still here with us today and that they never left. There are also said to be other groups of extraterrestrials from Orion, Sirius A and B, Pleiades, Andromeda, Tau Ceti, Zeta Reticuli, Alpha Draconis and others. The ancient astronauts conspiracy is one of the deepest and most complex conspiracies there is. Many of the secret government projects and many of the secret societies and families tie in heavily to this closely guarded secret.
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New World Order

The New World Order is the greatest conspiracy of all. Pretty much all conspiracies are a subset of the New World Order: a one world government controlled by a select few. Who these few are depends on who you ask. There are many different theories on who gains to benefit from this New World Order and why they want to create a New World Order.

There are two main camps when it comes to the New World Order, those who believe the NWO is orchestrated and managed by off-world extraterrestrials (such as Reptilians for example), and then those who believe the NWO is orchestrated and managed by rich and powerful families, bankers and businessmen (such as the Windsors, Rothschilds and Rockefellers).

Secret societies and families commonly associated with the NWO are the Illuminati, the Reptilians, the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, the Jews/Zionists, the Bilderberg Group, the Windsors, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Many of these groups are interlinking and many of these groups perform different tasks.

For example, higher level secret societies like the Jesuits and the Illuminati set the agenda for what the next steps will be. This agenda is then disseminated down to groups such as the Freemasons and Bilderberg Group to execute on this plan within their respective areas of control. Many high level politicians and businessmen are part of the Bilderberg Group and are able to work this agenda into their respective fields. Laws, consensus themes and ideas are created and pushed through the world that reflect the overall theme of the Illuminati and top secret societies.

The British Royal family played a major role in recapturing America once it broke free from their control in 1776. The Rothschilds played a major role in the creation of the Federal Reserve in America and are major players behind the banking and economic side of things. The Rockefellers have played a major role in dumbing down education and managing many political bodies of influence such as the Trilateral Commission.

Many will argue that various political systems such as Communism, Socialism and Fascism have all been created and enforced by the players behind the New World Order. These government constructs exist to herd people into a complacent, docile state where they are more easily controlled and obedient, similar to animals. Things such as individuality and personal freedom are to be replaced with group think and slavery through ignorance. These all tie into the secret government mind control experiments such as MKULTRA and the Montauk Project.

A major aim of the NWO is to keep people uneducated in the right areas and educated in the wrong areas. The goal is to teach people what to think as opposed to how to think. By controlling education and people’s intelligence the masters of the NWO are more easily able to trick people into following their orders and acquiescing to their control. The public school systems are highly calibrated to work in favor of the New World Order.

Many people will cite the Bolshevik Revolution and Nazi Germany as predecessors to the final push for the NWO. Both of these fronts were carried out by many of the same families operating behind the NWO today such as the Bush family.

The final move may or may not involve microchipping people to where their entire sustenance will be controlled through their chip. Food, work and livelihood will revolve around them conforming to the rules of the New World Order. If they get out of line their resources will be turned off and they will be cut off from the world. Rebellion will be a sin and questioning your government will be frowned upon.

A quote from the book 1984 is most fitting for such a scenario:

We are not content with negative obedience, nor even with the most abject submission. When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us; so long as he resists us we never destroy him. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him. We burn all evil and all illusion out of him; we bring him over to our side, not in appearance, but genuinely, heart and soul. We make him one of ourselves before we kill him. It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be. Even in the instance of death we cannot permit any deviation . . . we make the brain perfect before we blow it out.
George Orwell – 1984

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