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Twenty-two years ago, in the dark ages of the 90s, Michael Dillon sat down to have dinner with his family. He seemed distracted to his wife like he was pondering something great or had a bad case of gas. His son passed him the mashed potatoes and what happened next almost tore the family apart. He filled his plate with all the mash before anyone else got to have any and constructed out of it a replica of Snæfellsjökll (Snæfells glacier). As his children cried, he looked upon his work and muttered: “This means something.”

No, wait. That was a scene from the greatest close encounters of the third kind movie ever made, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” In reality, though, Snæfellsjökull meant something, and not just in the Jules Verne sense that it was the entrance to the center of the earth where Brendan Frasier and dinosaurs roam free. It meant something to aliens.

Dillon, a British man who had often traveled to Iceland, had been contacted by aliens who told him to gather selected people and go to Iceland; on November 5th the intergalactic travelers would meet them on Snæfellsjökull. His prediction was backed up by visions of the future event a woman had while abducted.


Wonders of Snæfellsnes, Reykjavik Excursion Tour

Aliens and Snæfellsjökull Glacier, UFO headquarters


The Icelandic paranormal community rejoiced and the media was alerted. A couple of Icelanders, who had contacted aliens with the help of mediums (in the 90s, aliens talked through psychics like ghosts do), even started an organization that was supposed to deal with extraterrestrials, since Snæfellsjökull was to become some sort of alien headquarters on Earth.

The universe is a vast place, with billions upon billions of stars and endless amounts of planets, so there are probably many types of aliens out there. According to the Icelandic experts, there were nine known types of aliens. The most famous being the tall, skinny ones, with gray skin and huge black eyes that haunt my nightmares. No one knew which was coming, though. And no one knew if they were going to be hostile.


It could have gone both ways

The Men in Black show up, probably


A conference was held in connection with the arrival where over 500 people interested in aliens and UFOs gathered. Among the guests, were members of the American army, the British police, the CIA, the FBI and other organizations, all eyewitnesses to the UFO phenomena. According to the news at the time, proof of the existence of alien earth tourists were shown at the conference, in my research, though, I didn’t find what the evidence actually was.

Then the big day finally came, on November 5th, 1993, and thousands of people, along with a camera crew from CNN, made their way onto Snæfellsjökull, to wait for the twilight hour, the time in which the UFOs were supposed to show.

The world (or at least Iceland) was glued to the television set. I was eight at the time, and I still remember waiting for something to appear in the dark sky. I was (and am) a big movie buff, and “Intruders,” a miniseries about abduction had been recently shown on TV and it had left me terrified and intrigued. I wanted aliens!


A child’s depiction of the event


This next paragraph won’t be a surprise


The aliens didn’t come. Or, let me put this another way, no visible aliens came.

Let’s face it, if gray aliens with big black eyes had landed on Snæfellsjökull while CNN was broadcasting live from the scene, you would’ve known about it. The definitive proof of intelligent alien life would change everything, and would probably cause mass panic and chaos because of all the alien invasion films we’ve seen.

All in all, the event was good according to the people that went. Everyone was happy, although some a bit scared; people held hands and sang and smiled. There was good energy all around.

Perhaps the aliens did come but got frazzled by how many were there to greet them. Perhaps they were camera shy. Perhaps no aliens had any contact with anyone involved. And perhaps, one day, the aliens will come to Snæfellsjökul and bring in a new era for mankind—one of peace and happiness.

Incidentally, a year later “The X-Files” premiered on Icelandic television and it was advertised as being based on true events. We obviously all want to believe.

Can you imagine being 9 and believing that everything that happens in The X-Files is real? I can!

Source www.whatson.is

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