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Negative RH factor: it may not belong to the Human Race

by Alien UFO Sightings
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One of the most recent theories states that human beings with the negative RH factor would be part of an extraterrestrial lineage.

We know that people have four blood groups: A, B, AB and 0. The  Rh factor,  or  Rhesus factor , refers to the presence of an antigen  (protein) on the surface of red blood cells. It is a hereditary character and is transmitted as an autosomal dominant: s and a person has this factor it is said that his group is  Rh positive  (Rh +), if instead the protein is not present on red blood cells the group is called Rh negative  (Rh- ).

Over the years, scientists have been constantly searching for the answer that explains the absence of the Rh factor in some individuals: recently, they believe they have made a particularly interesting discovery on individuals with Rh negative factor.

Inside the theory

This fascinating theory states that in the past the extraterrestrial life forms arrived on Earth and, through genetic modification, made the human Rh negative, with the intention of creating a race of servants. The Rh negative type is more common in the Basque peoples of Spain and France, and about 30% have a negative factor, and about 60% have a negative gene.

According to researchers, this is the reason why Rh-negative mothers can not support fetuses with Rh-positive blood: this extreme finding is hard to explain, but it certainly could be the result of an ancient genetic manipulation .

This theory originates through the study of the ancient Sumerians, and goes hand in hand with the hypothesis that extremely intelligent alien beings, known as  Annunaki  , came to Earth and began to create the first human societies. The negative Rh could be the legacy that the Annunaki left on Earth many years ago, after their passage.

To make it even more interesting, we can say, for example, that the blood with negative Rh factor is typical of the British royal family: this news has developed several conspiracy theories, about a possible extraterrestrial origin of the British royals. Although this captivating theory is not yet scientifically confirmed, it opens up a further possibility of research, on a previous highly evolved alien civilization, that could change the entire history of human life on Earth.


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