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The Mysterious Pyramids of the Amazon—Spotted by A NASA Satellite In 1976

by Alien UFO Sightings
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NASA’s satellite captured the image of a pyramid-like complex in the Amazon. Perhaps this is the vestiges of an ancient civilization that has been lost that we have not known.

Pyramid pyramid complex (Amazon Earth from Google Earth)

In the dense and lush forests of the Amazon, there are countless mysteries that can help us understand the life of ancient humans in the distant past. We know too little about the planet where we live, and researchers are unaware of the potential archaeological findings hidden in the Amazon.

As technology evolves and tools like Google Earth become popular, many have tried their luck to put their name on a new discovery that has not been done before. Google Earth has become one of the most enduring tools used by countless archaeologists, as it continues to make impressive discoveries and supports researchers in many ways.

In this article we look at the populations of the Paratoari pyramid in the Amazon, more commonly known as “the dots.”

Some researchers believe that the Paratari pyramid complex is actually a mound of cliffs, and looks just like the pyramid shape. However, there are many other researchers claiming that these works were built in the distant past by an unprecedented civilization.

On the journey to the area can be found many traces of Inca settlements, such as stone carvings, paved brick (or stone), and artificial pedestal platform. 

Populated mystery pyramid Paratoari in the Amazon. (Satellite photos from NASA)

The mysterious Pyramid’s demise was first discovered on NASA’s satellite image of C-S11-32W071-03, which was published in 1976. The photo prompted many advanced researchers into the dense tropical rainforest of Manu in southeastern Peru to see whether these buildings were actually built by an ancient civilization that had been lost over time.

Although many modern archaeologists have rejected the hypothesis of the existence of an artificial pyramid population, other researchers say that the distance between them and the similarity of the structure of the Objects indicate they are not natural sandstone masses as some people see.

Historical perspective, the Madre de Dios area was considered by many historians as the Inca refuge after the Spanish colonization of Cusco in 1533. Is it reasonable to assume that the Incas created buildings in this area?

It is possible if you keep an open attitude and know that there are many secrets buried beneath the sand, forests and oceans of the world. We must remember that right now, in the 21st century, there are still many places on Earth that have not been thoroughly explored, and the Amazon is one of them.

The same applies to the potential pyramid structures in Bosnia. Although many researchers claim that the cliffs in Visoko (Bosnia) are merely natural structures, many other researchers believe they are of artificial origin, as well as the Paratoari pyramids.

Pyramid-like structure in Visoko, Bosnia. (Photo: Internet)

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