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UFO Crash, Metal Objects Found 80 Miles from England’s World Cup Stadium

by Alien UFO Sightings
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England’s last World Cup game was the most watched moment of TV since the London Olympics Closing Ceremony in 2012.

23.6 million of us tuned into to watch Kane and the gang come out on top after a fraught battle with Colombia, and it seems even more of us will be watching the match-up against Sweden.

I’m not talking terrestrial TV, here – we’re talking extra-terrestrial.

It seems the news that it’s coming home is already known across the world, so now it’s gone further afield and aliens – yep, aliens – have heard it’s coming home. And they want to see it happen too.

Not content with spying on us from afar, which is definitely what UFOs do, the cheeky little alien life forms have crash landed just 80 miles from the football stadium where England will face-off against Sweden in the quarter finals.

Football. Why else would a UFO come here? ‘Oh sorry guys, we just crashed by accident, might as well stay and watch the footy, eh?’ It’s kind of like turning up at your parent’s house with a big bag of laundry and saying ‘no, no I just came to see you…’ We’ve all been there.

As the Mirror reports, the spooky ‘UFO’, complete with pulsating lights, crash landed and exploded 80 miles from the Russian city hosting England’s World Cup quarter final match against Sweden.

Two glowing orbs were reportedly seen lighting up the midnight sky over the west of Kazakhstan. The collision then happened near the village of Bostandyk, around 1,000ft from the Zhalpakatal-Karasi highway, according to police.

The unidentified flying object apparently ‘exploded’ on landing, causing houses in the area to ‘tremble’ while it also ignited a blaze on the land, wiping out bushes and grass over a 100 hectare area.

According to locals, mobile communications were cut out due to the incident, and residents who rushed towards the site of the crash found a silver-coloured object partially buried in the ground, and another similar but smaller object nearby.

The silver object had a sealed hatch with a protruding valve, which the locals were unable to open.

One witness said:

The UFO material does not look like metal. It is soft like fabric.

While a law enforcement source said the strange object was like ‘a ball that had been welded shut’.

Residents have also reported seeing the object spinning in the sky before it crashed, with bright lights pulsating around it.

Local woman Assel Mukhambetkaliyeva said:

This glowing sphere seemed to be spinning around and turning over our village.

Then it fell down somewhere behind the village and exploded. There was a loud rumble. The house trembled.

A large flame and smoke appeared over the place of the fall. We ran out of the house in fright. It’s good that no one was hurt.

The object is described as ball-shaped and 10ft in diameter. It took firefighters four hours to put out the flames at the site.

There has been no official comment from the Kazakh authorities or from space officials in neighbouring Russia, but some theories suggest it was a satellite crashing back down to earth.

E.T. phone it’s coming home.


Source www.unilad.co.uk

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