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5 Possible Ways Humans Can Evolve In The Future

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Charles Darwin formulated the Theory of Evolution more than 150 years ago. According to scientists, humans really haven’t stopped evolving. This means that humans of the future might look far different from humans of today with continuing evolution. How will future humans look?

Assuming the civilization will continue on for about 200,000 more years, there are theories as to how humans will look like or what characteristics they have by then. Here are five possible ways humans can evolve in the future.

#1. Monoethnicity

Modern society now welcomes different culture as there are more of the mixing of ethnicities.

If the mixing continues, it is expected that humans will no longer have a specific ethnicity and will not bear the characteristics particular to one group.

Instead, the future humans will have all mixed ethnicities. And as comedian Russell Peters said, everyone in the future will look “beige.”

#2. Greater height

For the past two centuries, human height has not ceased to grow. Human height has grown by 10 cm over the last 150 years.

With the availability of advanced nutrition, human height is expected to continue to grow.

Source: James Emery

Famine is no longer a problem and other countries already have a solution for it.

The more people will eat, the more energy they have to grow.

Source: Pixabay

Source: 2014uknz+/Flickr

Source: Max Pixel
Muscle atrophy is also possible in a scenario where humans will be moving out of Earth and into space.

Daily activities will then require less physical strength from people. As a result, muscle mass will eventually be lost.

#4. Loss hair

Source: Matthew Hoelscher

A majority of human body hair has already been lost and it’s likely that the future generation will become balder overtime. For some people, being bald is attractive.

For women, they are considered to be sexy if they have less hair.

Source: Max Pixel

This then paves way to theories that females will eventually have no hair on their body. Also, humans now have modern heating devices and of course, air conditioning units for cooling, which decreases the need for body hair.

Although hair is expected to be mostly absent, future humans may use it as a factor to select a mate.

Source: Luca Vanzella/Flickr
#5. Climate change survival

Source: Geralt/Pixabay

Climate change has been gradually taking a toll on Earth and as it continues, it could have an effect on how human race will look like in the near future. With global warming, the planet’s ice caps will melt and there will be a rise in the sea level.

Humans could develop appendages that will help them adapt to the changing world.

Source: Medical College/YouTube

With climate change’s effects, pretty soon humans would need to survive living mostly in water.

That’s where webbed hands or feet come into the picture.

Source: Pinterest



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