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Aliens In The Book Of Enoch Tells Another Tale Of The Pyramids!

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Of the apocryphal biblical texts, there’re a couple of more enigmatic as well as fascinating compared to Book of Enoch, and specific sects of Christianity these textbooks are even now section of the dominant biblical canon.

The Book Of Enoch

Once they found the Book of Enoch in the Dead Sea Scrolls, it started to be clear that it was an item of literature which influenced biblical writers including people who authored the New Testament. Thus exactly why is the Book of Enoch not within the Bible? These days it is just integrated into the primary canons of Ethiopian Orthodox sects. However, was well-known for years and years in historic Jewish viewpoints.

In the book, we discover the story plot of Enoch. He was the dad of Methuselah as well as grandpa of Noah. He resided for 365 years until the flood that worn out much of the populace. They took Enoch away within a fiery chariot prior to the floods through the Archangel Michael. A few have construed him as an extraterrestrial.


Theories which propose an alien race visited our ancient forefathers point out the Watchers probably to be those historic astronauts. During the time, they thought about them as angels. Some of them good plus some bad, who ultimately procreated with pick female people.

A few points to a specific passage that describes a free account from Enoch’s grandson. Lamech, throughout the delivery of their son, that read:

“And his dad, Lamech, was scared of him, He fled, as well as visit his father Methuselah. And he stated: ‘I have begotten an unusual boy, distinct and not like the man. Similar to the actual sons from the God of heaven.”

It was an explanation of Noah who does later continue to build the actual ark as well as make it through the flood. Brought to wipe out the actual Nephilim as well as cleanse mankind of the impurities.

However, you may be wondering what was Enoch’s connection with the Nephilim and also the gods that created all of them? They chose Enoch’s grandson to create the Ark to outlive the flood. While the angels took away Enoch. Might Enoch have left any hints for mankind that could have to outlive the actual flood? A few indicate the ancient pyramids in Egypt as the solution.

Enoch And The Historic Sumerians

There is certainly some crossover in the biblical texts associated with Enoch as well as ancient Sumerian texts. Especially when it involves the actual Watchers. Referred to as the Annunaki, or site visitors from a world called Nibiru, the Sumerians additionally thought about these Watchers as gods. Showing the crossover between two historic cultures. Additionally, there is a reference to the Sumerian leader, Gilgamesh, in the Book of Enoch. He often identifies the Annunaki in a very similar way which Enoch identifies the Watchers.

A False Story Of The Pyramids

As it ends up, the Great Pyramid at Giza, or else the Pyramid of Khufu, may have not really been correctly attributed to the one who ordered the construction. It appears that there is really significant proof that it was not really built by Khufu. The only purpose historians, as well as archaeologists, have dated this to the fourth dynasty is a result of a doubtful breakthrough by an English Egyptologist, Major-General Vyse.

Writer and alternate theorist, Zecharia Sitchin, discovered that there is sufficient proof that Vyse, right after spending over the million bucks on a journey into the top chambers from the Great Pyramid, came up empty-handed as well as forged the actual cartouche of Cheops.

Extraterrestrials In The Book Of Enoch

Thus, exactly how it this related with Enoch and historic superior extraterrestrial race? Erich von Däniken highlights that this only cause we believe that they created the Great Pyramid of Giza for Cheops throughout the 4th empire is due to that cartouche, that was likely faked.

He additionally stresses that the sarcophagus that contains the pharaoh, Khufu, never been available at that site. Additionally, the techniques of the building that popular archeology claims were simple for constructing the actual pyramids in those days are highly improbable.

The majority of historians who assign, to the dominating narrative associated with Khufu getting developed the Great Pyramid, make reference to the articles of the Ancient Greek historian, Herodotus. He visited Egypt as well as recorded trading accounts of the pharaohs of historic Egypt. However, Herodotus was naive, and frequently flat-out wrong. Siculus even discount rates Herodotus’ declare that Cheops constructed the pyramid.

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