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Doctor Says We Now Share Our Planet With New Species Of Humans

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Dr. Mary Rodwell, a hypnotherapist and ufo expert, says she has spent years studying ‘Star Children’ – a race of hybrid beings who allegedly descend from aliens.

Hiddenfacts.net reports: According to her, there’s an increase in the number of young children who claim to be aliens, and this is independent of contact with the media. In fact, this new human race derives from abductions and alien experiments, something that Rodwell could indirectly witness through the regression therapy sessions she had held with many patients that had been abducted by aliens. The experiences they shared were good enough evidence for the researcher to believe that a new species of humans is living among us.

According to Rodwell, “They are upgraded. They have the ability to think and reason way above the curve. The children had a lot more conscious awareness of multi-dimensional experiences. While their parents were afraid of the experiences relayed by the children, the children spoke naturally of their experiences.”

One thing that distinguishes these people from the rest of us is the different perception they have of the world. Rodwell believes that a number of conditions including Asperger’s and ADHD these children are diagnosed with are in fact a sign of hidden abilities directly resulting from genetic manipulation by a technologically-advanced alien race.

Should this prove true, the so-called ‘junk DNA’ in our genome could provide a range of cognitive functions that have never been studied by science. Unlike past decades, today we have much more information relative to these syndromes. However, we have a lot more to learn as we still have no evidence how one gene influences another and how deep the roots go. Generally speaking, modern science hasn’t yet reached the level where it can fully understand and explain the subtle mechanism through which life constantly upgrades.

The Human Genome Project’s Prof. Sam Chang, one of the first specialists to promote the idea that junk DNA is of extraterrestrial origin, is of the same opinion.

According to him, “These alien sequences have their own systems and resist certain drugs.”

Although evolution largely depends on adaptation, these processes take thousands of years to become a standard. Taken that there is such a wide gap between two successive generations, the only reasonable explanation is that there must be an external factor accountable for this manipulation of the human genome.

What we are still wondering about is whether all of humanity will eventually become activated to a ‘higher intelligence’ when the aliens arrive. Or we’ll become museum exhibits alongside the Neanderthals we made extinct with our bigger brains and appetites. And most importantly, are we driving ourselves towards the end of us as a result of our desires?

The video below provides the answers to some of these questions.

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1 comment

Tommy Hawksblood December 24, 2019 - 10:40 am

Well guess she likes working with mind programmed fools. I have been a hypnotist since 1964. A real one, not part of a group of programmed people believing in man’s lies about what you can and cannot do with hypnosis. You can do almost anything to a person if you can hypnotize them, good or bad. People take parts of their past lives and add it to this one, without even really knowing what is was.
All the so called walkins are programmed, There are more people programmed then not not that have been abducted then ever before in history. The whole UFO field is filled with mostly story tellers, the ones that have truly been abducted are completely mind programmed and have no real awareness of what really happened. They are reprogrammed because of the deals the US made with aliens which allows them to abduct a certain number of people, again another lie. You can believe all the lies you want – but aliens have never done anything good for mankind. (ever).


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Doctor Says We Now Share Our Planet With New Species Of Humans

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