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Alien alert in the US?

by Alien UFO Sightings
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What’s up at the US National Sun Observatory? The research institute in the state of New Mexico was suddenly closed, the FBI moved in, and the station was evacuated. The local sheriff, Benny House, was ordered to turn off his officers for guarding, but he was not given reasons for doing so.

“The FBI refuses to tell us what’s going on here,” House told ABC 7 . “They are here and do not talk about their intentions.”

▶ ︎ The sheriff suspects in the squad of agents that there must be something strange going on. “The fact that the FBI gets involved so quickly and that they make such a secrecy out of it, there must be a lot going on here.” Because, the sheriff reports further, it flew a Blackhawk helicopter around the solar observatory, some people were running with antennas, others worked on towers.

Foto: Google

However, why does not betray anyone, it is ironically silent – even from the side of the observatory. This just apologizes for being closed until further notice. Of course, the room for speculation of all kinds leaves!

What did the researchers see in heaven, which now has to be examined so intensively and isolated? Aliens? Is the FBI on a secret mission? Was Anthrax in the mail? Or have you spotted China spies?

Whether this secret will ever be revealed …?

Source www.bild.de

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