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Ancient Aliens recap: Alien abduction, implants and hybrids

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Last night’s episode of Ancient Aliens looked at alien abduction and the evidence to back it up, both recent and ancient.

Since the dawn of civilisation mankind has been enamoured with tales of gods and other visitors from the stars, what if it was all true?

The show started off with perhaps the highest profile alien abductee ever, former President of the Republic of Kalmykia in the Russian Federation, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

While he was still in office he recounted to several newspapers and TV shows how had been taken by aliens and travelled light years.

President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov claims her was taken to another solar system

In one interview he said: “I was taken by my apartment in Moscow to this spaceship, we went to some star and after that I asked them, please bring me back.”

He told reporters they dressed in yellow outfits and gave him a tour. He was gone almost a whole day and was taken to another star on a massive vessel.

Some alien abduction experts think in his case that the extraterrestrials deliberately took someone high profile in order to add weight to the story.

Ilyumzhinov’s abduction account is just one of thousands and many of them feature similar elements such as being paralysed and a loss of time.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of Legendary Times says: “It would be one thing if it were only 10 or 20 abduction stories worldwide.”

“The fact of the matter is that there are hundred of thousands of abduction reports all roudn the world.” The show also asked why these abductions take place and why people seem to be taken for medical tests and then returned to Earth.

Was Moses taken and given the Commandments by aliens?

Some say the clues lie in age old account from nearly every culture. A representative of humanity is taken to another place and has some sort of revelation or is given knowledge.

Think of Moses and the Commandments or even fairies and fey of Celtic legends, who often take people away only for them to return changed.

Many Ancient Astronaut theorists point out how similar these reports are to modern alien abduction stories.

Can they all be made up? Not according to the experts, there must be some basis.

Next Ancient Aliens looked into the construction of the vast city and temple complex at Angkor Wat, near modern day Siem Reap in Cambodia. The temples form the largest religious monument ever built, covering over 160 hectares. They are thought to have been abandoned some time in the 15th century, possibly due to drought and overpopulation.

Was the construction of Angkor Wat guided by alien knowledge?

They were built around in the early 12th century by Khmer king Suryavarman II and some say he was an abductee himself.

Ancient Astronaut theorists say he was taken off Earth and the tale describes him been bathed in a blue light and being rejuvenated, they say this was probably some sort of decontamination pod.

Ancient Astronaut theorist say the king was taken into space by aliens

He was said to have returned weeks later with great knowledge and to have planned the city based on the some of the structures he had seen, this sort of ties in with some legends that the temples were created overnight by a divine architect.

Back to the more recent past and Harvard professor Dr. John E. Mack is convinced to look into some alien abduction claims and their victims. Starting off as a sceptic, he went on to believe that people really were experiencing something and he continued his work long after his peer ridiculed him.

Continuing to look at who has been abducted and why this episode examined the prominence of Rh-Negative blood type and green eyes amongst those taken. It seems the aliens either created these mutations or are very interested in them.

Ancient Aliens asked whether these are part of some longer term agenda or plan.

Whitley Strieber tells his story of being abducted

A more recent abductee victim is best-selling author Whitley Strieber who wrote The Hunger and The Wolfen horror novels – later following them with the Communion series which recount his experience with aliens.

Back in 1985 Strieber was on vacation at his cabin in New York State when a strange event happened that would change his life.

He says: “I woke up the in the middle of the night right after Christmas in an incredibly peculiar situation.”

“It was like being inside a nightmare and at the time I was a horror novelist and I thought, oh good! But only for a second because then I realised this was not a dream and its not going away.”

“I had these big eyed creatures in front of me like big insects and I was in a little round room and these other dark blue figures were there.”

“It degenrated very quickly into what amounted to an assault. I then found myself waking up the next morning feeling pretty beat up and very, very confused.”

This happened many times and finally after one incident he was returned with physical proof.

He found a lump in his ear that had not been there before. He visited the doctor who suspected it was a small cyst. After some surgical examination the doctor said he did not know what to do, obviously confused by what he had found.

Claimed implants made from meteoric substances

Tsoukalos visits a man who claims to have implants taken from victims and show him apparent proof of their extraterrestrial makeup, if not design.

But what would be the purpose of these medical experiments and implants? Well some think it could be medical tracking, work on hybrids or even the aliens creating sort of Manchurian Candidate style sleepers.

Russian PM and former President Dmitry Medvedev spoke about aliens to a reporter

The episode finished up with a interview Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave on December 7th 2012.

After the interview is over he makes a statment saying that when you become president you are given some files with information on aliens in the country and the human groups that are monitoring them…seemingly straight faced, though some say he was just having a laugh.

Interestingly a Russian MP asked asked Medvedev to look into alien abduction in the Ilyumzhinov case, not just asking if he was fit for office but also if he might have given away secrets!

Others think the Russian government is carrying a policy designed to prepare their citizens for the truth.

Do you believe people have been abducted? Are there aliens already amongst us?

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