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Bizarre Reddish Planet Shaped Object Captured Below Our Moon

by Alien UFO Sightings
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This huge object was filmed on August 24, 2018, Atglen in Pennsylvania, and this is an head scratchier as to what this could be.

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This is not Mars as the person filming shows us where Mars is and it not lens flare. To me this looks like another planet but which one or could this be Nibiru / Planet X? AlIen states the following “Just filmed this, Yup, it is still there. Bigger, so I am assuming it is closer. Wonder when NASA is going to tell us what the hell this really is. Someone used filters to show what it looks like. It looks like a giant rock or ship with spikes all over it.”

He also added “One thing before you start saying things that make no sense at all like, this is lens glare, this is mars, this is a giant penis near the moon. KEY IS, WATCH and LISTEN to what I explain in the video. Quit accusing me of fraud, quit saying this is lens glare and taking silly screen shots of something you have no clue of. I do not deceive anyone, if you feel this is faked, lens glare or even a giant penis, COME HERE HOLD THE CAMERA AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

We got reports from people from different countries telling that they saw this too.

Have a look and please let me know what you guys think.

Many thanks to AlIen for allowing me the use of his footage and to leave your thoughts on this stunning footage or to view the original.


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