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‘ET told me to do it’ UFO alien landing pad built in Argentinian desert

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A Swiss named Werner Jaisli, built the place after receiving orders from a ship during a sighting in the area. Specialists confirm that it is one of the favorite places for sightings.

In the last months, UFO sightings have experienced a remarkable growth in different regions of Argentina, specifically in the towns of Córdoba, Entre Ríos and Salta, where dozens of tourists get ready on guided excursions to observe “extraterrestrial episodes”.

In addition, Capilla del Monte is home to the Alien Festival, which has been running for six editions, as well as the International Ovnilogy Center. The other regions most visited by tourists passionate about UFOs are Victoria (Entre Ríos), where there is also a museum dedicated to this matter, and Cachi (Salta), where a star with 36 points and 48 meters in diameter known as the “Cachi Ovnipuerto” .

The ovnipuerto was constructed by the Swiss Werner Jaisli, that mounted in Fuerte Alto to four kilometers of the town the place for the landings.

This subject put together a white central star of 36 points and 48 meters in diameter and to the middle another smaller one, of the same color, but with 12 points. They say that Cachi is a privileged place to make the best views of UFOs.

Sofia, a tourist who decided to know the place, not only was going to see that strange ovnipuerto but being in the place she took a picture of something she saw in the sky and caught her attention. What he saw later he could not believe: it was a UFO.

The place where he did his work is called Fuerte Alto and occupies an approximate space of about 4 blocks. There he traced with stones a star of 36 points, with 48 meters in diameter and at the middle of which there is another minor, of the same color, but with 12 points. The whole work can be seen from above.

He started doing it in 2008 and in 2012 he had it ready. In addition, he built a house sunk in the earth. He wore boots to protect himself from spiders and vipers from the place he cleared.

The star seen from the satellite images never ceased to be a curious attraction. Today, the municipality wants to capitalize it for tourism and everything is ready for the communities to start exploiting it.

“They were solid, circular and like burnished metal.” 

Brief story

In an interview with El Tribuno, Jaisli told:“I was there in Fuerte Alto with my neighbor Luis, it was midnight on November 24, 2008. The noise of a party in the sports complex was felt from below, and suddenly everything was silent and the supply of electricity was cut off. It was total darkness. “It’s a UFO night,” I said to Luis. And the sentence had not ended, when two luminous objects advanced 200 meters above the Calchaquí River. They were up to my eyes. They were solid, circular and like burnished metal. Mentally I asked them to come closer. And they did it. They perched about 100 meters above our heads and projected on us a beam of powerful light, incredible that made us see both as beings with their own brightness. The funny thing is that this extraordinary spot did not affect our vision. At that moment something began to bubble through my brain: It was an order. They asked me telepathically to build the airport. “

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