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Secrets of the Oval Office

by Alien UFO Sightings
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According to polls, more than 80% of Americans believe in UFOs. 


In the 1950s. Americans feared the newcomers no less than a nuclear strike by the USSR. Assistant to President Harry Truman, General Robert Landry recalled that in 1948, the head of state summoned him to the Oval Office and instructed to compile a report on the situation with UFOs every three months.

Ronald Reagan told reporters that in 1974, while still a governor, he saw a UFO on board the aircraft. “When I looked in the porthole, I saw a glittering white object, it zigzagged moving right in front of us.” I walked over to Bill Painter (personal pilot) and asked: “Have you ever seen anything like this?” He said shockingly: “Never ! “- Reagan admitted.

The plane of the future president was pursued for several minutes by a strange object, emitting a sharp white light. Not far from Bakersfield he perpendicularly soared up and disappeared.

Later, in a private viewing of Steven Spielberg’s film “The Alien” R. Reagan said with feeling: “There are not six people in the room who know how much all this is true.”

The main issues of US policy

Despite the fact that John Kennedy never made statements about UFOs, he was surrounded by a lot of parascientific legends. One of them linked the assassination of the president with the aliens: allegedly in Texas he was going to talk about the contacts of the CIA and extraterrestrial civilizations, but the latter did not want publicity.

Bill Clinton was very interested in this topic. After taking up the oval office, he ordered his assistant to find out “who killed Kennedy and how things really are with UFOs.” While in power, he and his wife, Hillary, remembered about the aliens 26 times in their speeches, and after leaving his post, after a lengthy trial, he said: “If we were attacked by aliens, we would not be in for such games.”

A few years ago, an Ohio congressman, Dennis Kusinich, admitted during the presidential race that he saw a noiseless triangular spacecraft, felt “in touch” with him and received “commands into his brain.” Despite the Americans’ love for UFOs, he was ridiculed and called crazy.

Answering a question about the “Book of Secrets” containing information about UFOs, which is allegedly stored in the Green Room, where every newly elected American president is introduced, Obama (in 2009) joked: “I would tell you what is written in the Book of Secrets, but then I will have to kill you.”

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