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The Battle Of Los Angeles: A UFO Sighting In Los Angeles Prompted Military Action In 1942

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Are we alone? It’s a question that remains unanswered now for thousands of years, and given the vastness of space, it will only be answered with extraterrestrial contact—otherwise every uncharted nook of the universe could be harboring alien life.

Whereas some believe we must explore  out into galaxies to find biological brethren, countless others believe the life has come to us, mostly in the form of UFO, abductions, and other “conspiracy theories.”

But are the tens of thousands (or more?) eyewitness reports and video/photographic evidence just theories?

What about the countless military personnel who risk reputation and rank to testify on the shocking UFOs they’ve seen—so much so that some of them even convened at the National Press Club to discuss the matter?

Let this quote from Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, a Former Chief of Defense Staff, 5-Star Admiral, and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, add credence to this otherworldly claim:

You can watch a video interview with the Admiral here.

With all the of the documented incidents, one particularly fascinating moment was witnessed by roughly 1 million people in Los Angeles in 1942.

This is a photo of the flying object that nabbed the attention of LA locals and even the military, which actually responded with military fire—approximately 1,500 bullets:

The UFO was, understandably, seen as a threat since it had only been 3 months since Pearl Harbor.

  • “Several radars detected an object about 120 miles west of Los Angeles
  • Within minutes, anti-aircraft batteries went on high alert
  • At approximately 2:20 am, the object was tracked on radar to within a few miles of the coast and a city blackout was ordered
  • Shortly after 3:00 am, the object appeared right over the city and anti-aircraft batteries opened fire
  • Approximately 1500 rounds were fired into the sky, not over the ocean but directly over the city
  • Three citizens died from the shelling and three more from heart attacks attributed to the shelling
  • A great deal of property damage was inflicted
  • Dr. Bruce Maccabee, an expert in photographic analysis, believed the objects to be roughly 100 feet or more in diameter
  • The event was witnessed by approximately 1 million people.”

When multiple people end up dead and the United State military is forced to respond with violence, you know this isn’t just some fake news hoax.

Here is the eyewitness testimony from one of the roughly 1 million people who witnessed that night’s events, Scott Littleton, a professor from Occidental College in LA:

“The two of us stood side by side in front of the house, huddling together in the chill night air and staring up into the sky.

“The planes we’d heard were not in sight, but what captured our rapt attention was a silvery, lozenge-shaped “bug,” as my mother later described it, that was clearly visible in the searchlight beams that pinpointed it.

“Although it was a clear, moonlit night, no other details could be discerned, despite the fact that, when we first saw it, the object was hanging motionless almost directly overhead.

“Its altitude is hard to estimate, especially after all these years, but I’d guess that it was somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 feet.

“This may explain why we didn’t see the orange glow reported by several eyewitnesses in Santa Monica and Culver City, where the object was apparently much lower. (One witness suggests that this glow may simply have been the reflection of shell bursts against the object’s “silvery” body.)”

Although the government ultimately tried to deny the incident by describing the UFO as anything but extraterrestrial life, many people are not so convinced.



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