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A Stranded ‘Alien’ Without Fuel Contacted Humanity Via 4Chan

by Alien UFO Sightings
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On September 22, 2017 an alien published a series of strange but interesting messages on the 4chan site:

He begins by lamenting that he has run out of fuel and that he was bogged down by our planet.

At the end of the whole comment stream, there is a series of binary code… reader Fae Rie from Ohio went ahead and translated the binary using free binary translator.com.

Anything in () is an attempt to correct bad grammar.

*Myziam Hi. Me am jesef from the org planet, not stuck but visiting. please meet here tomorrow at 2200 local hour. 21.173764830224062 -101.6769191622734 please be here at 2200 local hearth time. 01001101 01111001 01111010

*Myziam Hi again, we are a team working on earth. Need help. human are destroying self and planet. seems to be no hope since the cycle of life and consciousness had reached its due time. The final coming of one and final creator is also due, we are waiting to he(re).

*lp as man fair and consciousness human, and all the rest of the species that supply the planet, destruction is imminent, they do not know, they have been misleading and leaders would not let me help them, please stay to help as much as we can find me at the planet coordinates system which we believe you understand. be there every day at 2200 planetary local time.

*Please remember time is short. human time is up.

*If any other Consciousness aside the previous one, please send me DNA code to be able to give you next contact site. I m transmitting on. 0000000000000000000000000000011222313 codes send DNA to that tone, please. we will designate site soon possible.

*ag32 ghht012 wqwq eg31 ghth012 wqqw[092=112/.;;;ghht013 zg32 ghh000,..;l;;;[]’]]]-_-_–___—-_-. 19631519 estonia

*l7 _ l l _l7

*Established no more transmission you here necessary. we wait for next con DNA. Now, that last message having had been sent at 1:55am today. You just have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the stream.

see the video above and see the posts. Please share your thoughts.

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