Conspiracy theorists have spotted a mysterious green UFO hovering very close to the surface of Jupiter after analyzing an image released by NASA. When IB Times India too checked the respective image now available on the official website of NASA, it was found to be true that a green object is hovering over the giant planet. Pending expert opinion, here is the first version of the news.

The image of the object was shared by UFOmania, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel. After watching the video, many people argued that this green UFO is an irrefutable evidence of alien life. As per these alien buffs, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have that sophisticated technology to withstand the harsh conditions in barren planets like Jupiter.

The video has now racked up more than 3,500 views and viewers were quick to speculate what this anonymous green object could be.

“I’m beginning to believe that we’re are merely the ants working in the farm, stuck in the glass walls,” commented Sarahnoya Is Cute, a YouTube user.

“Under the ground of Jupiter lives intelligent lives like humans being,” commented Azazael Russia, another YouTuber.

Some conspiracy theorists claimed that NASA is slowly gearing up for an alien disclosure, and release of fishy photos like these are an evidence in the direction of a slow but imminent acceptance of extraterrestrial existence.

However, experts put out a different theory to explain this mysterious green object sighting. After analyzing the photo, some experts suggested that the green UFO-like object spotted in the image could be the result of an imaging sensor anomaly. These people argue that reflection of high energy particles hitting the sensors in sunlight might have caused this anomaly.

Just a day ago, the conspiracy theory YouTube channel ‘Secureteam10’ had released photos of UFOs hovering across the skies of Brazil and South Korea. Interestingly, both these UFOs remained static in the skies, but it emanated eerie lights all around its body.