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Russian Warnings That A War With Extraterrestrials Has Started In The Arctic

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Life outside the planet Earth was always a great mystery for humanity, and although it has not yet been able to determine its existence, there are very few who do not believe that there are other worlds with civilizations far more advanced than those of men.

Even so, in this perhaps eternal doubt, as long as contacts are not formally externalized, a world power like the former Soviet Union already chose in 1989 20 people from a total of 30,000 initially analyzed, all with special abilities, to try advance in the purpose of relating to extraterrestrial beings.


It was a meticulous way of choosing psychics who could find those other beings from different worlds, just thinking and using other skills.

And although that investigation did not shed light on the results, since it left many secrets and doubts kept in some drawer of the complex Russian political apparatus.

At the same time, the highly influential organization Veteran Intelligent Professionals for Health (VIPS) warns President Trump that the “deep state” information about Iran that he is receiving could be catastrophic.


The Kremlin suggests that the United States, and the entire world, may have even more important things to worry about, and it is due to the downing of the United States Air Force of a known and accepted “interdimensional device” (more commonly known as UFO) within the Arctic Circle on July 25, 2018.

Whose explosive force was registered at 2.1 kilotons, and now has seen this “device” suspect “, on August 4 entering the Earth’s atmosphere in the autonomous community of Khanty-Mansi, Region-Yugra in western Siberia from where it began to cross the globe-until August 7.

It floated in the skies over the Philippines, afterwards or ran towards the Arctic Circle where it sank in the Greenland Sea with enough force to cause a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, what do you think?

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