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Brazilian doctor contacted and her healing work with extraterrestrials in Brazil

by Alien UFO Sightings
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The claims of people who say they have already lived or who still maintain contact with beings and consciousnesses from outside the planet Earth have been growing and continue to add to the global statistics with each new day.聽We are well aware that many of these claims are untrue or contradictory to the studies and history of human ufological casuistry.

We are more impressed by a testimony that has a lifetime of contacts, extraphysical and mediumistic experiences besides carrying the fascinating act of helping and healing thousands of people through their mediumistic gifts and their direct contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Dr. M么nica Medeiros, 51, a medical surgeon graduated from the University of Campinas (Unicamp), in 1983, with a specialization at the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, between 1988 and 1990, when she became a member of the International Society of Surgery.

M么nica was born in a family whose mediumship has always been very strong and since very small, Monica via entities and beings even without having a notion of what they were, and even says that played with such beings in the greatest innocence.聽At that time, she was very attached to her grandfather, so a month before he died, Monica had a dream predicting what had happened, which made her family very intrigued.

The beginning of everything

After the disincarnation of its grandfathers, Monica missed much of the presence that it represented in its existence.聽It was then that, as Monica relates, her grandfather’s conscience began to visit her at night, telling stories and singing as she did in life.聽One day he “said” to Monica, who could no longer visit her, but that some friends would come instead.

Some time passed and one day Monica wakes up and sees a white, translucent being in a yoga position floating above her bed.聽This being somehow communicated with little Monica saying:聽
– I’m friends with Grandpa!聽
At the time, Monica was very fond of the character “Gasparzinho” and promptly associated the entity with her favorite childhood character, which reassured and comforted her perception of the world at that moment.

It was when this being opened his hand and there was a red sphere.聽This sphere levitated and became planet Earth, that’s when the “gaspar” “said:聽
” – I’ll continue what your grandfather started. “

Then, that sphere that became the planet Earth, this being began to show Monica several events that already happened and that would happen on our planet;聽Geophysical changes that have come and gone.

It was when this being, revealed to him the fact that she, Dr. Monica, would have a very important mission here on planet Earth.聽The mission of making a hospital for the poor and that she could not deviate from such a goal.聽The meetings with him continued until one day, just as his beloved grandfather had done, his “visiting friend” announced that he would not come either, but some friends would come in his place.

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Gray Friends

Well, the friends that came were beings we know as Grays.聽Little ones, big-eyed big-heads and gray skin.聽With these beings, she was abducted and led the ship of these beings, underwent various experiments and genetic changes so that Monica became able to receive and not forget the grafts of information, the programming she would be designed to receive.

The being that was closest to Monica and that is called ZILOK, gave the explanations to him.聽Even the role of surgeon, it would have been something that would already be in such an extraterrestrial agenda, so that in the future, Monica would be able to receive much more complex missions.聽This happened at the age of 5 years.

Grays and Emotions

Zilok explained to Monica that her species underwent very intense cloning processes in Zeta Reticuli, a region of the universe where the Grays provide, and this process caused the species to lose its genetic load, and this condemned their species to an emotional death because they ended up feeling pain, fear and emotions.聽Although they undergo the reincarnation process.

What they came to get on Earth is genetic material.聽The hybrids that began to be born from a cross with the human race, also propitiated the incarnation and disincarnate of spirits officials who ended up “agreeing” the species Gray.聽With this, the race went from villain to ally in favor of the evolution of the human race.

“I remember an abduction in which they stuck me, it hurt and I screamed.聽Zilok looked at me with complete incomprehension, his affection was evident but he wondered why Monica vocalized as a result of pain.

Healing Work

In S茫o Paulo, there is a “spiritist center” where Dr. M么nica and other psychics and contacts develop their activities.聽A place where not only believes in extraterrestrial beings but also, there develops a spiritual and energetic work together with beings from other worlds, is the House of the Comforter.

The comforter house is in the Health district in the South zone of S茫o Paulo.聽Founded more than 20 years ago and since 2004, according to those responsible for the center, they work with beings from other planets.

”聽The change in the house after they came was very subtle, but the difference is clear after they came because they are very ethical …聽” – Dr M么nica de Medeiros

Every second, about 400 people pass through the area and receive applications of Reiki, spiritual passes and in the most extreme cases, undergoing spiritual surgeries, guided by entities from another planet.

A proposal from another world

The psychic M么nica tells that she was contacted in 2003 by the extraterrestrial entity called Shellyana, who coordinates all the work performed at Casa do Comolador.

Monica says that one day, she continued to perform her normal activities in the House of the Comforter and after her usual final prayer, Monica began to talk involuntarily about events that would happen in 2004, she tried to stop and could not.

Then, on this day, when she began to work with the public, Monica let out words without control, that was when a being introduced herself using Dr. Monica’s voice.聽He said he was a being of the stars who wanted to do a job at Casa do Comolador and asked him to wait for contact.

Months later, Monica was in the shower when she noticed a strange movement in the room.聽When she leaves the bathroom, she sees a female being, tall, above 2.50m, with a beautiful physiognomy but perceptibly not human.

She, the being, raised her hand saying:

“- Greetings!聽I am Shellyana and have come to make you a working proposal: I bring a new form of healing to your people and you spread it because my people are here … “

Shellyana also imposed some prerequisites聽on Monica:

1 – You can not drink any soda or cola derivative.

2 – You can not eat meat.

3 – You must go and speak where they call you, as long as it is a serious place and seeks the truth about us.

Then, after Monica agreed to the terms, the beings began to work within the House of the Comforter, began to manifest physically, the seers began to see the little Grays and also the beings coming from the civilization of Shellyana, which generated a withdrawal in mass of the older mediums of the house, because they simply did not accept the presence of extraterrestrials, some even charged Dr. Monica crazy.聽Well.

We’re here

At each end of the year, Casa do Comolador is working on the beach by the sea.聽On this occasion, Monica was alerted by the aliens that that night they would show up for everyone at the event.聽Without warning anyone, Monica followed her tasks and at the end of the work, the 181 people present witnessed for about 20 minutes a true spectacle provided by the extraterrestrials.聽From then on, these beings began to manifest and work with healing through surgeries, which such consciousnesses call Transdimensional.

Dr. Monica explains that the healing system of these beings occurs through the atomic field, they do not work the organs and physical members, they act directly in the energy field that is leading to the mismatch of the atomic field of the physical body.

Extraterrestrial Message

I live with beings of evolution much greater than ours, and they live in wonderful worlds, have no money, everything is exchange services, they have leisure, they have no disease, they live in peace, nature is lush, they respect nature, do not have natural disasters … it’s all in balance;聽And they show that the earth is beautiful and we can live on a planet with the same balance.

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