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A study has been published in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, in the study it is said that there are ancient extraterrestrial civilizations that traveled from the cosmos and, possibly, from beyond the Milky Way.

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He also relates that possibly now they are in a state of hibernation that self-imposed themselves, waiting for a moment when the universe in which we live has the changes they need.

Supposedly they would be waiting for the climate to be colder than now, to take advantage of a type of energy that is currently not available anywhere in the cosmos.

Well, the reality is that, according to this study, although the universe was populated by extraterrestrial civilizations, there is no way to know how to get in touch with them.

Unless they live in the Milky Way, it would be difficult to find traces of aliens, due to the expansion of space.

This would take billions of years to reach those civilizations, and obviously we do not have the kind of technology to do it. However, there may be an explanation as to why we have not found them yet.

Two neuroscientists: University of Oxford

Called Anders Sandberg and Stuart Armstrong, together with Milan Cirkovic of the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory in Serbia, they have suggested a quite promising theory.

This theory is based on the self-imposed hibernation of the aliens of multiple civilizations.

They expect the Universe to be colder than it is today to obtain a type of energy that they can not obtain today. This theory based on a research has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

“Wait for the universe to cool”

They explain that our universe is too hot today, and that is why the most advanced civilizations are waiting for the temperature to lower in order to live and expand again.

Hibernation is a static state and we know by science that in the cosmos everything is movement. Every inert being is dead. They would also delay their own evolution.

There is no doubt that the universe hides many mysteries to be solved, shares the information and helps us to reveal the truth. Thanks for your visit.

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