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Scientists: Other intelligent civilizations settled the Earth in front of people

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After a global catastrophe, some of them left the planet, and some plunged into a symbiosis at the bottom of the oceans to wait out the cataclysm.

The human species has evolved over 1 million years. From wild monkey creatures, people turned into developed civilizations. Most of the archaeological finds were made in the last 200 years of our evolution, and people went into space and not so long ago.

This all shows that knowledge about the past world of man is very small. There are many theories about how the first man appeared. Among them is the cosmic theory. It is possible that other sentient beings lived together with apes hundreds of thousands of years ago.

One theory says that even in the era of dinosaurs, more than 225 million years ago, intelligent beings inhabited the earth. Some scientists believe that due to an environmental disaster, some of them decided to plunge into a kind of symbiosis at the bottom of the oceans in special arks, and some left the Earth.

When intelligent beings woke up after 200 million years, he saw monkeys on the planet. They did not like living with primates, and they flew off to their relatives. However, there is no archaeological evidence for this theory. Reasonable creatures had to have the technology to perform these actions. There are simply no traces of them.

At the same time, the ancient texts of the peoples of Egypt, North Africa, Central America, and China indicate that it was “God-like creatures from the sky” that were the ancestors of all people on Earth. Scientists suggest that we can talk about the colonists of the planet. They created the first intelligent beings. The whole earth could be one big lab.

Be that as it may, scientists cling to any theory. Archaeologists around the world are looking for traces of earthly civilizations that lived on the planet hundreds of millions of years ago. T-shaped monuments on the borders of Turkey and Syria can be traces of the first inhabitants of the Earth. The pillars are considered one of the most ancient finds of the planet. There are finds in Greenland and Australia at all, which are more than 4 million years old, provided that a person lives about 300 years.

One theory says that all traces of ancient civilizations destroyed the Ice Age, of which there were several. Perhaps this is true, but now scientists have to find evidence that other people inhabited the Earth before people.

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