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The kidnapping of Travis Walton

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To date, the UFO literature considers Travis Walton’s woodcutter to be the most famous and best-documented fourth type of meeting.

Researchers classify cases of direct physical contact between people and extraterrestrials in the category of fourth type of encounters.

The most common types of this are diversions, when aliens – mostly despite their will – carry their victims to carry out various experiments.

According to Travis Walton on November 5, 1975, this happened to him, and the strangers were taken away by his fellow eyes.

The news of the kidnapping of Travis Walton has crossed the world

The case is special in many ways, but it also carries the most characteristic features of diversion. The events had a huge international echo at that time, but the handful of eyewitnesses had never talked about what they saw since then.

Until 2012, none of them was willing to talk to the public about the night that changed their lives.

Travis Walton in 1975 as a woodcutter

The story begins on November 5, 1975. At that time, 22-year-old Travis Walton, his best friend, Mike Rogers, works as a lumberjack.

Shortly before, Rogers managed to sign up for a nine-year contract with the United States Forestry Service (Unites States Forest Service), so Walton had a date with Mike’s sister Dan, who later wanted to marry.

Other members of the logging team are Ken Peterson, John Goulette, Steve Pierce, Allen Dallis and Dwayne Smith. They all lived in Snowflake, Arizona.

Their task was to thoroughly throw the undergrowth and the bushes in an area of ​​about five square kilometers. Mike Rogers got a great chance of his life when he was contracted by the US state forest management agency, but they were a bit sluggish with the job than they had planned, so they had to work from six in the morning until the dark.

The UFO is displayed

That evening, they did a little over eighteen hours. They put their tools in Rogers’ vans and went home.

According to them, shortly afterwards, they were looking at the high gloss, which was filtered from the hill before them.

They decided to see what it might be. As they arrived, they saw a large, silver disc hovering over a clearing. They said they could have been about 2.5 meters high and 6 meters in diameter.

Rogers slowed down when Travis Walton jumped out of the car and started rushing to the puck. The others yelled at him to come back, he just ran on. According to the companions, as Walton got under the object, suddenly a sound like the big turbines could be heard.

At the same time, the disc began to swing from one side to the other. Walton was frightened to go back to his companions, but the floating disco emitted a bluish-green radius at that moment, which had found Travis at his chest.

A few moments later, like a rag doll, she waved her body six meters back in the light that remained motionless on the ground. Rogers later said he was convinced that his friend had died, so he stepped into the gas.

They drove off the scene because they were afraid the saucer would want to catch them. They could do about half a kilometer when Mike entered the brake. After a short but fierce debate, they decided to go back to the scene to see if their partner was still alive. By the time they got there, the saucer had disappeared and Walton wasn’t found anywhere, but they claimed they were looking for at least half an hour.

Finding Travis Walton

Half past eight, one of them, Ken Peterson, called the police. Chuck Ellison, Sheriff’s Deputy, picked up the phone, and the woodcutter said at the time that one of their associates had disappeared. Ellison met with the remaining members of the team in a shopping mall. They told him what had happened, two of them still crying as they revived the events. The sheriff’s deputy later said:

 “It sounded very unbelievable what they told you, but as I looked at them, I began to believe they were telling the truth. If they were all played, they were doing damn well. ”

Ellison notified Sheriff Marlin Gillespie Sheriff, who had asked his deputy not to let them go until he reached Ken Coplan Police Officer and would not listen to them.

They arrived less than an hour later, and they were once again told by the woodcutters. Rogers urged him to go back to the scene and start looking for Travis with dogs.

They could not be used for tracing dogs, but the police, along with some members of the logging team, went back to the scene of the alleged disappearance. Dwayne Smith, Steve Pierce and John Goulette were too upset, so they decided to go home to Snowflake and report the bad news to their relatives and friends.

Because neither the traces of the saucer were found, nor Walton, the police began to suspect. Later, even more police officers were involved in the research, but they did not follow Travis Walton. The winter nights were very cold in the mountains and Travis was wearing only one jeans and a thin jacket, so he was afraid that he might have hypothermia.

Mike Rogers and the sheriff went to communicate the news with Walton’s mother, Mary Walton Kellett, who lived on a small farm, about fifteen miles from Snowflake. To the said, the woman resonated only asked that the police and other team members heard the events?

Coplan found the mother’s restrained reaction suspicious, which further reinforced the feeling that it was not a UFO but something quite different in the background. At the same time, it was well known that Walton’s mother raised up six more children alone, from your own strength, not in the midst of little trials;

At about three o’clock in the morning, Travis’s mother called Duane Walton, her second eldest child, who immediately left her home in Glendale and hurried to Snowflake.

In the sixth of November, a lot of research was being made on the forest area where Travis Walton was supposed to have disappeared. By the evening, almost everyone suspected that they were trying to conceal either an accident or a crime.

On the eighth of November, on Saturday morning, Mike Rogers and Duane Walton, in a very upset, went into the sheriff’s office, as no police found on the spot looking for their loved one. As a result, the police returned to the afternoon, and this time the research continued with helicopters, off-road vehicles and riders.

The public

The news of Travis Walton’s disappearance traveled to the world on Saturday. Journalists, reporters, UFO fans and, of course, dozens of curious people dropped the small town of Arizona. Among them was Fred Sylvanus UFO researcher, who had an interview with Mike Rogers and Duane Walton on Saturday. In this, they repeatedly expressed their concern about Travis, and that the police – in their opinion – were taking a search on the shoulders.

On the record of the conversation, Rogers remarks that Walton’s disappearance and subsequent research work will be incapable of fulfilling his contract, but hopes that the big fuss will alleviate the consequences.

Duane Walton said she was also very interested in the UFO theme and Walton. Duane also said that, twelve years earlier, she had already seen UFO as a member of another woodcut team.

He added that, after telling Walton that they both agreed to see one again, they would definitely try to get close to him. Duane also explained that Travis would certainly not be offended by strangers because “they don’t want to hurt us.”

In the past three days, the police returned home to Travis Walton’s mother several times. Once upon a time, Duane went home to try to answer police questions with her mother’s tears. Duane then asked the police to leave her mother alone unless there was a new development.


On Monday, November 10, the remaining members of the Rogers team appeared in the sheriff’s office to carry out a polygraph lie test on them. The test was conducted by Cy Gilson, one of the most respected professionals in the subject. They all asked the same four questions:

  1. Did Travis Walton cause any serious injury last week, Wednesday afternoon?
  2. Do you know that any of Travis Walton’s companions would have been physically abused last week Wednesday afternoon?
  3. Do you know that anybody would have snatched or hid Travis Walton’s body somewhere in the area?
  4. Did he say the truth when he claimed to have seen a UFO in the place where Travis Walton disappeared?

Except for Dallis, who was not willing to submit to the investigation, they all denied that they would have hurt Walton or knew that anyone would have hurt him, and also denied where his body was. However, they confirmed that they actually saw a UFO that night. After the investigation, Gilson came to the conclusion that they all are true and that the outcome of the investigation is proof. The final report sounds like this:

“The polygraph tests prove that these boys saw an object that was believed to be a UFO, and Travis Walton was not hurt and not killed on that Wednesday day.  If the UFO wasn’t real,  these five guys wouldn’t have known it.  “

  he added Clark

Dallis later admitted that he didn’t want to be subjected to a lie test because he concealed his criminal record from Mike Rogers because he was afraid he wouldn’t apply it.

Seeing the test result, Sheriff Gillespie announced that he would accept the UFO story presented by the woodcutters:

– I have no doubt that the truth has been said. 

At the same time, Sanford Flake’s headquarters was not convinced by the result and, with the help of a television camera that evening, he secretly visited Walton’s mother’s house to get her son hiding there from the street.

Return of Travis Walton

On the tenth of November, just before midnight, Grant Neff, the husband of Travis Walton’s sister, spoke on his phone. The caller spoke hard to the receiver:

 “I’m Travis, I’m in a phone booth at the Heber Gas Station, help me!” 

At that moment, Neff thought he was just another victim of a joke and hit the phone. However, soon the device was ringing again, and this time the caller sounded hysterical, screaming:

“I’m Grant … I got hurt and I need help urgently.” Come for me! 

The panic sound was taken seriously by Neff and then brought to the gas station with Duane Walton.

Travis Walton was trapped in the second compartment in the second compartment. She had the same dress as she had disappeared, which was inadequate in the minus seven degrees cold. At a glance, he looked thinner and covered his face for several days.

On the way back, Walton seemed to be very scared, trembling and constantly muttering some kind of creatures with terrible eyes.

He thought he had disappeared for only a few hours, and when he was told that he had been looking for almost a week, he froze and said nothing to his home.

Duane Walton decided not to announce her brother immediately because of her brother’s deteriorated physical condition. When she got into her mother’s house, she was bathed and tried to give her to eat, but it didn’t work because even the soft food came back from her. As suggested earlier by his brother Walton, his brother’s first urine was put aside for a sample.

Results of Travis Walton’s medical examination

On Tuesday, November 11th, afternoon, Travis Walton leaked out. He was taken to a hospital where the medical examination found:

  •  A small red dot can be seen on the edge of Walton’s elbow, which is very similar to the hypothermic injection site, although – the doctors added – the red dot was very far from its vein.
  •  The analysis of Walton’s urine did not indicate ketone, which is strange because if he hadn’t eaten for five days and drank barely – which weight loss refers to – then it should have appeared in it.

On the night of Walton’s return, half past three in the morning, an employee of the telephone company informed the police that someone called the Neff family on the phone from Heber Banzinki. Sheriff Gillespie sent his two deputies immediately to take fingerprints from the booth, but none was Travis Walton.

It was one of the main arguments for skeptics later that it was just a fictional and well-organized joke; performed.

When Sheriff Gillespie learned from the press that Walton was coming, she became very angry. A few days later, Snowflake’s chief policeman and Sanford Flake announced that the whole thing was just a joke by Duane and Travis Walton. He believed that a luminous balloon deliberately deceived the other members of the team, which had been released at a given moment by Duane. At the same time, Flake’s wife disagreed with her husband and described her story as the same joke as Duane Walton.

Travis Walton in UFO

After Walton’s return, a series of regression hypnosis helped to recall only a small part of what happened to him in the five days he was away. Travis claims his last memory was that that particular beam hits his chest.

When she came again, she lay on a bed, a large lamp above her, and the air was heavy and damp. He felt great pain and had difficulty breathing, but first thought he was in a hospital.

As he began to come, he noticed that he was surrounded by three strange creatures wearing orange overalls. They were clearly not humans, according to Walton’s description, the so-called gray grains known to UFO researchers:

 “ Their height did not reach one and a half meters, they had big and tar head. They looked like fetuses. Their huge eyes were almost entirely brown, with only a small white part in them. It was their eyes that were the most frightening, as if they were just through me. However, their ears, nose and mouth seemed very small. ”

Walton then jumped from the table in fear and shouted to them to leave him alone. He grabbed a glassy object from the table, then tried to break it, possibly using it as a knife to protect himself, but it was such a strong material that he was unable to break, so he wielded himself. Then the three creatures let him leave the place.

Walton, after leaving the examination room, got through a corridor to a round, dark room with unusually high-backed chairs in the middle. Because they were empty, Walton decided to get into one.

At that moment, the room suddenly broke out, and the star sky appeared on the ceiling, just like in the planetarium. The left arm of the chair was equipped with a short and thick rod, with a dark brown, strange shaped handle on top. The right arm has a twelve-centimeter-sized screen illuminated by a green apple.

When Travis pushed the lever forward, the stars began to rotate slowly around him as he released the lever, the stars stopped in their new position. As he got out of the chair, the stars disappeared over him.

Then he noticed a rectangular opening on the wall of the oval room, which was thought to be a door, so he started to look at it, but suddenly he heard something noise behind him. He thought maybe the low gray creatures came after him.

He turned around and was surprised to see a humanoid figure wearing a tall blue overalls and a bright helmet standing behind him. It was very similar to the earthly people, but it had slightly larger and golden eyes than normal.

Walton claimed he had asked a lot of questions to the creature, who only smiled and waved him to follow. Walton thought the humanoid couldn’t hear him because of the helmet, so he went after him. Through the corridor they reached a huge room, which, according to Travis, was most like a hangar of an aircraft. As they entered the village, he saw a disc-shaped vehicle that was very similar to what was seen in the woods above the trees, but it was at least twice as large.

The humanoid continued to lead to another room where three other like-minded creatures were present. Two men and one woman. There was no helmet for them, so they asked their questions, but they had the same smile on their faces, held their hands and led them to a small table where they were seated. Then she noticed that she did something similar to an oxygen mask on her face and then lost consciousness a few moments before she could defend.

When he returned, he found himself at the Heber Gas Station. He even saw a disk-shaped vehicle floating above the road, then firing at a huge speed and disappearing in the starry sky.

The hypnosis James A. Harder hoped for much more detail during his therapy, but – unlike other diversions – Walton was unable to recall more than two hours out of the five days he’d spent.

The afterlife of Travis Walton’s case

After the events, the team members spread apart. their lives have changed forever. They had to move several times because somehow they were always found by curious journalists who had offered them a serious sum, if they confessed, they were only invented by them.

However, Travis Walton still insists that the aliens were abducted in 1975 and detained for five days. In recent years he has given lectures at UFO conferences, becoming one of the renowned experts in the subject. The others are silent since then. More specifically, they listened to, as two of them, Steve Pierce and John Goulette at a 2012 International UFO Congress, first held the public after 36 years and told what they saw on that famous night.

Travis Walton, Steve Pierce and John Goulette in 2012

The history of Travis Walton still holds a special place in the book of imaginary history of Ufology. Then, and ever since, the skeptics have been trying to cheat the participants of the events in a variety of ways, so far unsuccessful.

Recently, Travis Walton has also subjected himself to a comprehensive polygraph lie test, which has achieved 97% of outstanding results, that is, according to the result of the court’s evidence, on November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was taken by members of a foreign civilization and only they were released five days later.

The following Hungarian subtitles video: Travis Walton and his two companions who talk about the trials they have suffered:

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