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Google Earth FRENZY as ‘ancient megastructure’ discovered on ocean floor

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A CONSPIRACY theorist has found what he believes to be an “ancient megastructure” buried off the coast of Costa Rica.

YouTube conspirator MrMBB333 was on an online expedition of Costa Rica when he noticed a collection of what appeared to be large objects around 6,300 feet below sea level.

Discussing his discovery online, he said: “I’m sure you can see already that this looks like it once was an ancient megastructure.”

He goes on to reassure viewers that the objects are “three dimensional, so they’re not any type of a glitch”.

“It looks like a collection of things that are actually the same size, so they’re not random acts of nature,” he continues.

The theorist claims the long objects measure four and a half miles wide.

Summing up his find, the theorist argues: “Those are not glitches – that is something huge on the surface of the seafloor.”

The astounding video has already gained almost 19,000 views since its upload yesterday (December 4).

And viewers are completely bewildered by the deep-sea discovery.

DISCOVERY: A YouTube theorist found a structure online (Pic: YOUTUBE/MRMBB333)

One person commented: “That thing is freaking huge.”

Another shocked viewer wrote: “The human race really needs to investigate all of our oceans thoroughly.

“We are so worried about space when we don’t even know what is on our own planet.”

Source www.dailystar.co.uk

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