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Human genetically modified to “live” on other planets (Video)

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Millions of years ago, Earth and Mars were similar, if not identical, planets, and according to unofficial sources, we came from this wonderful planet.

Some time ago, the second planet closest to ours is practically the greater part of the arid desert, wrapped in the remnants of its original atmosphere, incapable of harboring life as we know it and being able to breathe for ourselves.

However, Mars feeds our imagination like no other celestial body. One of the dreams of science is to return it to its original appearance, that is, to terraform it. There are several theories on how to return a stable, resilient and moist atmosphere to the red planet.

Some talk about creating an artificial magnetic field that protects Mars from solar winds. Others, to release large amounts of CO2 (trapped on the surface) and create an artificial greenhouse that will warm the planet..All of them, so far, are possible. But at least impossible with current technology, yes, those who do not wish for the moment know, as the latest study published on Bruce Jakosky, University of Colorado, says the journal Nature.

Maybe the answer is not on Mars, but on a nearby planet. One that is not as cold as Mars, but which also does not have a pleasant temperature … the planet Venus. “Although its geology is similar to terrestrial geology, its surface is hot enough to melt lead and is covered by craters, volcanoes and lava plains. “This is how NASA presents the attractive Venus environment. 

Placing the (human) foot on a land that reaches 462 degrees Celsius seems complicated. But its atmosphere is much more friendly than any other in the solar system.”It’s made up mostly of carbon dioxide and thick clouds of sulfuric acid that cover the entire planet. The atmosphere captures the solar energy and heat emanating from the planet itself. “With 50 kilometers of height, the temperature is of a maximum of 75 degrees. And the pressure and gravity are around Earth-like values. It is in this atmosphere that the scientists of the HAVOC project are watching.

The High Altitude Operating Concept (HAVOC) is the script for the US space agency to send manned missions to Venus. Currently, specific deadlines are not managed, though, as expected in more ambitious circles, are those that ensure that others do not want to accept or replicate society.

NASA says it’s a much more feasible, economical and sustainable mission than bringing humans to Mars.Are we facing an evasion maneuver to divert our eyes from what they are really doing on the red planet?

Sending light vehicles floating in the dense Venusian atmosphere is possible with today’s technology. In addition, the existing pressure and temperature, which at some times of the day are 30 degrees, would allow the realization of exploration trips without the need of expensive suits.

And as it is an atmosphere with all the law, not like the Martian, astronauts would be protected from solar radiation. Yes. Oddly enough, Venus’s atmosphere is the best place to continue the human exploration of the solar system..Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano has recently revolutionized social networks, commenting that the science of the future will intervene in the genetic design of the space mission crew. “Genetically modified astronauts?” As he says, “Yes, it is possible. “But what if NASA, with its secret investigations, was able to genetically modify humans to take long journeys in space and has reached unimaginable places for us?

And on the other hand, what may be the consequences of these changes, can they be completely unpredictable? How many things does NASA hide from us? Will they tell us the deepest secrets that will ever be made at the international space agency? Watch the video below and leave your comment below.

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