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15 Eerie Facts About The Bogdanoff Brothers

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Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff are fraternal twin brothers who are famous French TV producers and scientific essayists. Though they have a strange aura and physical appearance that gets them a lot of media attention, they are intellectuals with doctorate degrees in science. They are published authors who are able to communicate with extraterrestrials and  have a lot of out-there opinions on the universe.

Due to their popularity, they have gained a large cult following of spiritualists and those who believe in their scientific philosophy. Their appearance and their rhetoric are both shocking, which is why they have taken the digital world by storm. Countless Reddit threads, YouTube videos and forums are dedicated to them.

They are well regarded in the scientific community by some experts and written off as phoney pseudo-scientists by others. Say what you will, but you could never argue the fact that these dudes know how to make their fame known and generate a strange following. That is a skill in that of itself. They were respected TV hosts at the height of their career, and now they are internet sensations. Read on to discover bizarre facts about the Bogdanoff brothers, and see for yourself!

15They Are Alteration Addicts

These two specimens of human beings are most famous (or infamous) for their shocking appearance brought on by excessive plastic surgery. This seems to be a trend going on now with all these social media celebrities trying to look like human barbie dolls or animé characters.

However, the Bogdanoff brothers were already famous in France before their faces blew up like balloons. Since the ’70s, they are known in France as being television producers and scientific essayists who have published books about science fiction, popular science and cosmology. They have been involved in controversies and have been accused of writing “nonsensical” physics papers that were still published by scientific journals.

Their radical ideas have radiated a cult following and have seen much backlash. Either way, you have to admit that these two are specimens of human beings.

14Aliens and Angels Communicate With Them

If you are a believer in extraterrestrials and aliens, then maybe you are willing to believe this theory. Believers in the supernatural and alien abductees throughout the universe will be willing to listen to the messages transmitted through these twins as catalysts. Apparently, the twins have the psychic ability to communicate with aliens.

Though the mechanisms at which they use to communicate with extraterrestrials is unclear, it seems to suit them given the fact that they look like aliens themselves. The addendum to this theory is even more far-fetched as it utilizes ancient Indian scriptures to justify the fact. “Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them.”

The Bogdanoff brothers are rumored to perhaps be these two angels that the scriptures are referring to. They (supposedly) have regular conversations with the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

13They Suffer From Acromegaly

Acromegaly is a disorder often found in middle-aged adults that is caused by a noncancerous tumor. The symptoms include enlargement of the face, hands and feet.

This causes the following symptoms: increased frontal bossing, brow furrow, enlargement of the base of the nose, thickening of the lips, and loss of oval facial features. This explains why their faces seem so swollen compared to what they looked like in their prime years.

Though they are indeed unrecognizable after their surgery, it could very well be that this condition is what made them want to get plastic surgery in the first place. Before we jump so quick as to write them off as plastic surgery addicts, we could assume that if they suffered from this disorder, that might be why they are so strange to the eyes.

12Their Scientific Theories Are Far Fetched (To Put It Lightly)

The Bogdanoff brothers do promote some crazy ideas that could be scientific or science fiction depending on who you are talking to. Igor and Grichka have become famous in France originally for hosting several science education and science fiction shows throughout the years. Their scientific ideas go beyond what is considered bizarre and out of the ordinary.

In an interview with BFM TV, they said “All those who are seriously involved in science will end up understanding some day that a spirit is showing up among the laws of the universe, a spirit that is immensely superior to that of man.”

This oddball mentality has little to nothing to do with their plastic surgeries. Their current prediction is that alien visitation and communication will be accessible to all human beings in the future. Only time will truly tell if this is true.A

11They Are Almost Seventy Years Old

You might not believe this at first, but these dudes are nearly seventy years old. Though their faces might look like train wrecks, you have to admit that they otherwise look fit and youthful for their age. All that plastic surgery will thwart any lines or wrinkles that might otherwise be incurred.

It’s pretty curious to wonder what they would look like without all that surgery, but you still have to hand it to them. Not too many men in their late sixties have the vitality to accomplish what they have accomplished. Age has not been an issue for them and maybe it never will be.

Then again, their lives revolve around science so they probably have the knowledge to stay energetic and ambitious for so long throughout the years.

10Igor Has Married Into Royalty

It turns out, that Igor Bogdanoff has fathered six children. That is not what is particularly disturbing. What is disturbing is that his current and past wives have been younger than his own children. His first four children were born prior to him going overboard with the plastic surgery. You have to wonder how his children felt watching their father go from looking like a normal human being to a face made out of silly putty.

Here is his marriage history in a nutshell: After a fling with a comedian, he married Countess Ludmilla d’Oultremont who is the daughter of a prince. After that divorce, he married Amélie de Bourbon de Parme, who is another daughter of a prince. It is also said that Amélie is one year younger than his oldest child. Talk about an awkward family structure.

At least you can’t really label the woman a gold digger since…well, she comes from royalty.

9They Originate From Ancient Bloodlines

Though their faces are deceiving since they have undergone plastic surgery, this chart compares the twin’s faces with that of an ancient pharaoh named Akenhaton. As anyone knows, the Russian born Bogdanoff twins are not really descendants of pharaohs…or are they? As it turns out, these two eccentric men are descended from royalty. Their grandmother was the late Countess Bertha Kolowrat-Karakowská.

They come from a family of noble people that have been recorded in history as early as the 13th century and many conspiracy theories about the two brothers stem from their ties to ancient royalty. It is said that this royal family in particular has mystical powers. This manifested into the twins have psychic abilities and earth-shattering intelligence.

If you are believer in other dimensions, you might buy into it…or just write it off as BS.

8The Bog Pill Conspiracy Theory

The Bog Pill theory originated from internet trolls who created forums on 4Chan and then it started exploding on Reddit and YouTube. Whether this theory is true or not neither here nor there, since it is so far-fetched yet so fascinating. This must have been a joke, but the scary part is that there is an arguably large amount of people that buy into this.

This theory states that the Bogdanoff brothers have a complete monopoly over DNA testing labs around the world. There are even a number of people who believe that the Bogdanoff twins developed nanobots for the purpose of creating a collective consciousness to replace human free will.

Though there are other conspiracies about their ties to the lizard aliens, the former seems to be more of a popular theory.

Supposedly, the brothers are in contact with aliens and will be the first human beings to populate the planet of Mars.

7They Have a Cult Following

Even at their old age of 70, these dudes have a massive cult following that involves celebrities like Tom Cruise (which makes them even stranger).

At the opening ceremonies of French festivals, they have chant in the opening sequences that goes something like “Bogna, Bogna Bongdanoff”. That hypnotic chant is enough to resonate with large crowds apparently.

Anyone in the crowd who is singing along to the lyrics are pretty much just singing their last name. The remaining lyrics are some French tune, and there is a hand gesture suggesting that they are putting something in their mouths.

Though they love to leave an air of mystery around them, it is just bizarre hearing people singing their last names. Maybe it is meant to hypnotize the crowd. Between the irritatingly catchy lyrics and the horrible dance sequence, one cannot simply just look away.

Maybe Tom Cruise likes to dance on couches to this song for all we know.

6They Both Have Doctorate Degrees And Abnormally High IQs

Both the Bogdanoff brothers have doctorate degrees in physics and mathematics respectively. It is clear that they are educated and informed, but there are many in the science community who write them off as frauds. Many experts assert that they should not have been granted their titles in the first place.

The content of both their theses did translate well and where criticized for being complete nonsense in the science community. There are those who believe that they did this intentionally to point out the flaws through the peer review systems of their universities. Their arrogance has ultimately led them to believe that they hit hard on some great discovery even though their peers clearly state otherwise.

Ironically, they both have astronomical IQ scores, so maybe they are playing some mind game that none of us will ever know about.

Their radical ideas about quantum sciences have spread immensely throughout the world.A

5They Are Multilingual Masters

Now that we have established the fact that the Bogdannoff brothers have genius IQs, it is no wonder that they are fluent in multiple languages. Both Igor and Grichka speak Russian, German, French and English fluently. So maybe that isn’t a chilling or shocking fact, but what is shocking is the fact that it took such a short amount of time for them to learn.

Apparently, they have learned these languages simply through traveling and contact with others, which is pretty incredible for most human beings. The most notable story is that they were able to learn French within a week. That is pretty unbelievable and most people wouldn’t buy it.

Consider the fact that both their IQs are over 200 respectively so maybe it is not so impossible for specimens like them. Remember that perhaps they are not humans, they could be hybrid human-aliens that were born through royal bloodlines. That makes them superior to us minions.

4They Are Licensed Pilots

With their ability to communicate with aliens and intention of establishing civilization on Mars, it seems only fitting that the brothers are licensed pilots. They have flown any means of transportation that you could imagine: jets, planes, helicopters, and gliders.

They even own a flying/driving vehicle that can change forms (take that, Megatron!) Apparently, the car can transform into a flying machine in under two minutes. This vehicle is now on sale in the Czech Republic at an affordable price only if you are absolutely loaded.

I guess royal blood and coming from old money can work wonders in your space exploration aspirations. It looks like everyone will be looking at them when it comes time to finance the first cities on Mars…if they even live to be that old to see the day when it comes to fruition.

3They Grew Up In The Countess’ Castle

The twins were born in Russia but grew up in France. So it should come as no surprise that they would want to invest in French castles and chateaus throughout the entire country (and Europe). There is even a conspiracy theory that the Bogdanoff brothers that they own castles all over the world, which the ultimate symbol of royalty. While this may or may not be true, they did indeed get raised in the castle of their countess grandmother. They had pampering to the maximum with servants waiting on them hand and foot. Coming from old money, they had everything they could ever want and then some. They first got into science when they were inspired by a library of books about astronomy and physics. This just further proves that they are some of the most aloof, offbeat, quirky and frightening dudes all rolled into one package.

2They Were Hot Commodities Back In The Day

Back in the 80s, these brothers were heartthrobs and every French girl had crushes on them. Their boyish good looks were what helped them secure a number of series on science and science fiction including the hugely popular Temps X.

With their dark features, pillowy lips, chiseled cheekbones and impeccable bone structure, they were the poster boys for good looks coupled with innate intelligence.

Somewhere down the line, their self image went awry and they started over injecting themselves with plastic surgery to the point where they are not unrecognizable. They were described in the New York Times as “wunderkids” with high intelligence but inflated egos, as they courted controversy ever since the ’70s.

1They Became Famous Through Memes

Their memes are directly responsible for their internet fame and have been used as a powerful tool to leverage for publicity. Considering that there are millions of countless memes circulating in the internet on social media sites, the Bogdanoff brothers have reached the ultimate level of meme uber fame.

Going along with the fact that they are in contact with aliens, maybe its the aliens that are spreading memes in other dimensions across the galaxies. Perhaps there is a secret language that can only be communicated by these men exclusively through memes.

Since they already look like human memes in real life, it is no secret that they could use unorthodox means to spread their messages to the world. Google searches usually lead to online results talking about the Bog Pill conspiracy theory, and maybe that was intentional on their end.

They leave what happens in their real lives a complete mystery to the public.

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