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The rover photographed the soaring triangular UFO

by Alien UFO Sightings
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“This triangular UFO was captured on the camera by the rover this week, photo Sol 688. I say the triangle because the object looks like a TR3B (a classic triangular UFO) at a distance. The ball in its center and its short end … says it can be a triangle with two visible points, “writes ufologist Scott Waring on his website ” UFO Diaries ” 

Date of detection: 14 July 2014Place of observation: Mars The original snapshot of a NASA UFO here

A triangular UFO was originally discovered by the user Youtube Streetcap1, known for his findings while studying NASA photographs. He said that he “almost shed his coffee when he saw it.”#

Waring writes: “When I increased the details of the photo, I saw that the object really looks like most of the traditional triangular UFO ships that have been seen for decades or more.” This is a real three-dimensional object that has a shadow. “Look at the shading around the edges. at the edges and this indicates that the object is real.The sunlight is reflected more at the top than at the bottom.Nasa should give clear explanations. ”  

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