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Elon Musk’s ‘Space Mountain’ rocket ride: Anywhere on Earth in under 20 mins

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Musk promises roller-coaster feel to rocket flights around the world

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Elon Musk, no stranger to outlandish pledges, just teased around-the-world flights aboard one of his rockets.

The chief executive of Tesla Inc. TSLA, +1.83% and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. was tweeting about SpaceX’s latest mission when he veered toward the stuff of sci-fi.

Earth-to-earth rocket flights could carry about 1,000 people. Alas, all seats would be coach, and there would be no toilets, but on the plus side most trips would take only 15 to 20 minutes, Musk tweeted.

It would be “unwise” to let passengers move about during the flights, likening the experience to Disney’s DIS, -1.26% famed Space Mountain roller-coaster ride:

The latest SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy liftoff was on Monday, when the powerful rocket was set to deliver 24 satellites to space and other items on a mission coordinated by the Defense Department. Musk called it SpaceX’s “most difficult launch” yet.

Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters, which were previously used on Falcon Heavy’s first paid mission in April, landed safely. The rocket’s center booster, however, appeared to have missed its target, SpaceX’s droneship “Of Course I Still Love You,” and to crash into the sea.

Falcon Heavy blasted off in April carrying a high-capacity telecommunications satellite payload, and then landed all three of its boosters safely, including the center core.

Falcon Heavy’s first flight was a demo flight in February 2018 with its famous dummy payload of a Tesla red Roadster and a spacesuit-clad dummy called “Starman,” after the David Bowie song, behind the sports car’s wheel.

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Source www.marketwatch.com

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