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‘I’m a ‘genderless’ alien’ Miley Cyrus makes bizarre claim in interview

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MILEY Cyrus has admitted she really is on another planet after claiming to be a “genderless” alien.

The Wrecking Ball singer, 24, famous for her oddball antics, insisted she was not a human being – and not male or female.

Miley Cyrus

In a bizarre telly interview, she said: “I’m weird because I feel very genderless.

“I feel like I’m just a spirit soul, not even divided by human being.

“I treat the animals the same and hopefully treat the planet with as much respect as possible.”

The Disney TV star-turned-twerking popstar told Lorraine’s Ross King: “I feel very much like there’s no ‘us’ and ‘them’, there’s no me and you.”

It comes after Miley, who appeared alongside Ariana Grande, 23, at tribute gig One Love Manchester, revealed she has given up drugs.

Last month she said she no longer smoked marijuana after suffering a recurring nightmare that she was going to die.

“I kept having this nightmare. I had this dream that I would just get so stoned that I just died.”

The babe, daughter of Achy Breaky Heart singer Billy Ray, 55, is known for her bonkers behaviour.

During her Bangerz tour in 2014, the then 21-year-old simulated giving oral sex to a backing dancer dressed like former US President Bill Clinton.

Her racy performances have regularly seen her strip off, grab her crotch and even pop a pair of fan’s knickers into her mouth after the undies were tossed on stage.

During her strange chat, she spoke about her godmother Dolly Parton, 71, claiming: “If you don’t like Dolly then you’re weird.”

Source www.dailystar.co.uk

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