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Joe Rogan “Pushed Over The Edge” About UFOs After His Recent Podcast With Bob Lazar

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Joe Rogan, who is obviously well known, has always had an interest in the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon. That being said, we here at Collective Evolution have always felt that he failed to look at the actual evidence that exists out there in a proper way. Anybody who examines the evidence for the existence of UFOs, which is no longer a taboo subject under the conspiracy realm, can’t deny their existence.

Be it radar trackings, high ranking whistle-blower testimony, released pictures and videos and admittance from high ranking government officials and documents that these craft have been “retrieved” for study, there is a plethora of evidence that exists making the reality of UFOs quite clear.

For years, Rogan, in some ways, ridiculed the subject while un-acknowledging or simply not knowing about this evidence, yet still had an open mind towards it.

Even in his interview with Lazar, he ridiculed the idea that some extraterrestrials may be concerned with Earth, and that some people are having contact with extraterrestrials. Obviously, if you believe ET’s have been visiting, and are visiting, like Rogan now does, then how far off the line is it to believe that they are making contact with humans? This is not discussed in the podcast, again, it was only ridiculed. This is another case of Rogan not doing his research.

Take Dr. David Jacobs, a retired university professor, and Young-Hae Chi, from the University of Oxford, both of them have hypnotically regressed people who claim to have had ET abduction experiences. After thousands of people, they all share the same story. That’s just one example, what about the case of more than 60 school children in Zimbabwe who witnessed a craft and extraterrestrial beings who supposedly had a telepathic effect on them, warning them we are destroying our planet. Many of them had disturbing visions, and are still speaking about the encounter today, which was made public by Harvard psychiatrist John Mack. You can read more about that story in detail, here.

What about weird declassified documents contemplating where they come from and how their crafts work? What about, again, the testimony from hundreds of high ranking people around the world?

We have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public. – Victor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979)

What about the founder of Bigelow aerospace who said that that “they” are already here?

What about military personnel like Lord Admiral Hill Norton, former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, who said that that there is a very real possibility that we are being visited by people from outer space

What about the story of tall black extraterrestrial humanoids from the legendary aeronautical NASA engineer Norman Bergrun.

These are a few of countless stories that are not to be ridiculed…If you’re going to listen to someone like Bob Lazar with an open mind, you would think that stories like this would be examined with an opened mind by the likes of Rogan as well, instead of ridiculed.

Lazar talks and has talked about supposed “Gray’s” that are from different star systems. Rogan brings up the idea that “they have no sex organs.” This is placing all eggs in one basket. The research shows that we could be and have been visited by a number of different species which also include human looking beings as well. To say “this is what they look like” is not responsible and negates that the research shows, again, that we are and have been visited by multiple races over a long period of time.

To be honest, there are probably trillions of races that span across multiple universes that are doing star travel, and that doesn’t even include multi dimensional beings.

Sure there might be some “crazies” out there, but that’s a stereotype. It’s quite clear we are being visited, possibly by both malevolent and benevolent beings, who knows, and that there are some very credible sources for these claims, more so than Lazar.

I also find Rogan usually takes a ‘fear’ or ‘freaked out’ type of perspective.

This is why it caught my attention when he decided to have Bob Lazar on his podcast. Bob Lazar is man who, decades ago, claimed to have worked for the government at top secret facilities on UFO technology. I found this interesting because Bob Lazar, who is considered credible by most in the field, but not all, is just someone sharing a supposed story. I find it interesting that this is what pushed Rogan “over the edge” (as he tweeted) when again, there are mountains of very credible pieces of evidence, be it hundreds of high ranking testimonies (astronauts, academicians, military personnel, astronauts etc), or documents detailing various UFO encounters that have been had with the military. These certainly hold a lot more weight than a man who’s identity cannot really be verified.

I just wanted to reiterate that.

There is also a lot of credible information out there regarding the supposed extraterrestrials that man some of these craft. So, again, why did someone who is simply sharing a story, push him over the edge when there was and is so much more out there?

This does not mean that I doubt the story of Bob Lazar, I’m simply making a point. For example, early on in the episode he speaks on how he worked on the reverse engineering of UFO technology. I’ve written numerous articles on reverse engineered UFO technology that provides a lot more detail than simple witness testimony from someone who has a background that cannot be verified, although I do believe Lazar may be who he says he is.

Below are links to two of my most recent articles that provide a lot of detail and examples of that, so I won’t go into it here. If interested, you can refer to the articles below, they are quite recent.

Video: The Most Significant Leak About Extraterrestrial Craft Just Went Public

U.S. Government Has Debris/Material From UFOs Says High Ranking Government Official

With all of this being said, the fact that Joe Rogan was blown away by Bob Lazar is a positive thing for the UFO community. For years this subject was ridiculed, evidence was buried and people were “hushed” up. As I’ve said many times before, an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” (Ex-CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter) of the phenomenon.

Today, it’s a different story, and although the mainstream media and the global elite who own them may be putting UFO disclosure out there in the open for the purposes of using it for their own interests, many people are waking up to the fact that something is going on here.

Sure, there is a lot of deception in the field, and a lot of misinformation, but buried within this ruble are multiple truths. These truths are what threatened the global elite and their agenda in several different ways for so long, and still do. One example would be propulsion systems and ‘free’ energy, for example. The list goes on and on. That’s a much deeper discussion.

I always found a clip of Edward Teller, known as the “father of the hydrogen” bomb refusing to answer a question about Bob Lazar quite interesting, you can view that here.

To listen to Lazar’s full discussion with Rogan, below.

The Takeaway

This is a topic that leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. It has huge implications, and we must always question why mainstream media is beaming this out rapidly. Is there an agenda? Will lies and manipulation be involved. There is enough information about this subject that mainstream media does not cover nor acknowledge that is truly mind-altering. The fact that they don’t acknowledge it means the minds of the masses, whose perception they control, remain completely unaware of it. Something to think about…

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