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8 Terrifying Alien Abduction Stories That’ll Fuck You Up

by Alien UFO Sightings
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1. The Gundiah-Mackay abduction

An extraordinary and controversial milieu has developed around events that reportedly began late on the evening of Thursday, October 4th, 2001, at a Gundiah property near Tiaro, culminating in the early hours of Friday, October 5th, 2001, and then played out in the glare of rapidly escalating media coverage.

Three people were directly involved in these alleged events. Keith Rylance (39), his wife Amy (22), and their business partner, Petra Heller (35) were on their property, which was being developed as “Whispering Winds” winery. Other potential activities were also being developed at the location.

The following account comes from interviews conducted by us with them, along with primary source material such as TV interviews.


2. The abduction of Jesse Long

As you can imagine, I have seen a lot of videos. Many of them where people claiming to have been the victims of alien abductions speak about what they feel happened to them.  Few of these alien abduction videos have been as fascinating as the alien abduction case of Jesse Long.

Jesse Long reports having been abducted for the first time in 1957 at a very young age. No joke, he says he was merely five years old. No matter who you are or what you believe that is such a tender age.


3. The Barney and Betty Hill case

When I was but a young boy, the only time anyone talked about flying saucers was after watching a movie about them, or seeing an episode of Twilight Zone, or Science Fiction Theater.

Then one morning, I was scanning over our local newspaper, and noticed about three pages deep this heading, “New Hampshire Couple Encounters UFO.”

Well, needless to say, I was intrigued. In our small town paper, you just didn’t see things on this type of subject.

As I began to read the article, I was astounded to see that these two people claimed to have been abducted by aliens, and taken inside the ship!


4. The abduction of Antônio Vilas Boas

The Antonio Villas (some sources spell it Vilas) Boasalien abduction, while not the first such supposed occurrence, was among the earliest to attract wide public attention. 

The story begins in November 1957 with the arrival of two letters in the mailbox of noted Brazilian journalist Joao Martins, who having allready written several articles about UFOs and having placed an add in the newspaper was looking for material to write another. In the letters a supposedly poor farmer from the Brazilian interior, 23 year old Antonio Villas Boas related a story of kidnapping by extraterrestrials, a tale so incredible that it piqued the writer’s curiosity to the point where he contacted a Rio de Janeiro doctor by the name of Olavo Fontes and showed him the correspondence. The two decided the story warranted further investigation and sent Boas the fare in order that he might travel the several hundred miles from his home in Sao Francisco de Sales to the doctor’s office. 


5. The Travis Walton UFO incident

To date, the UFO literature considers Travis Walton’s woodcutter to be the most famous and best-documented fourth type of meeting.

Researchers classify cases of direct physical contact between people and extraterrestrials in the category of fourth type of encounters.

The most common types of this are diversions, when aliens – mostly despite their will – carry their victims to carry out various experiments.

According to Travis Walton on November 5, 1975, this happened to him, and the strangers were taken away by his fellow eyes.


6. The attempted abduction of Colonel H.G. Shaw

Every once and awhile, I like to post these Older Stories, I like to think, Someone is out there keeping a record, There are so many stories of reported experiences but what are the cases that you wonder about when you ponder on the History of Ufology?

Most people think of Betty and Barney hill or, Travis Walton or even The Roswell Crash.


7. The Hilary Porter case

One of the most famous victim of alien abduction in the UK is, arguably, Hilary Porter. First taken at the age of 5, Hilary says that she has been abducted so many times over the years she has now lost count. A stretch of road between Cardiff and Swansea is a particular hotspot; in September 1970 Hilary and her then husband were driving home from Ireland. As they approached the original Severn Crossing they blacked out, coming to to find themselves outside a garage on the outskirts of Cardiff. The petrol gauge hadn’t budged.

Flashbacks from that encounter troubled her for years, and it was 2009 before she finally drove the stretch of road again to visit a friend in Llanelli. The trip itself was uneventful, but Hilary was abducted from her bed during the night, waking in the morning with an unexplained black eye.


8.  Peter Khoury and the “Hair of the Alien” 

Peter Khoury had a bizarre experience on July 23, 1992, in Sydney, Australia.  He had a shattering experience on July 12, 1988, which he was ultimately able to understand as an alien abduction.  It changed his life. He would go on to help others who had similar experiences by establishing the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA).  But nothing prepared him for the July 1992 episode.  It was so shocking that Peter would only share the experience with his wife and a few close associates.  

“Hair of the Alien” is “the single most convincing fact ever found in support of the physical reality of aliens” – Whitley Strieber author of the best selling book “Communion” – in “Whitley’s Journal”, Sunday August 7th, 2005“In his remarkable book(“Hair of the Alien”leading Australian researcher Bill Chalker, who has  a background in chemistry and mathematics, describes his exemplary investigations into what has  turned out to be arguably the most convincing case for alien abduction (the Peter Khoury case)”      – Timothy Good “Earth – an alien Enterprise” (2013).


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