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Could the Vatican be hinting at the existence of the Anunnaki?

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Zecharia Sitchin has dedicated his career to examining the mysterious alien race known as the Anunnaki who many people believe were responsible for the creation of humanity and the progression of human civilisation throughout the generations. While this is often considered to be a ‘fringe’ theory, it has many influential adherents and some people now believe that even the Vatican are beginning to drop allusions about their presence on Earth.

It is believed that the Anunnaki first arrived on the planet Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago to mine for gold. After a brief period, the alien workers they had brought with them rebelled and the Anunnaki were forced to look for other options. A genetic scientist called Enki was ordered to splice Anunnaki DNA with that of an ape-like creature that had been discovered in Africa (homo erectus). This genetic experiment led to the creation of Adamu, or human beings, who were intended to be a slave race. With the help of Enki, human beings learned to reach beyond their intended purpose and eventually came to shed themselves of their shackles of servitude.

Following the Great Flood, the Anunnaki largely lost interest in the planet Earth with the exception of Enki and his descendants. Throughout the annals of human history, there are tales of a ‘god’ descending from the heavens to teach communities about the intricacies of language, agriculture, mathematics, architecture and religion before abruptly leaving, never to be seen again.

It is believed that the early Christian community were gifted with one of these profound visits from an Anunnaki called Joshua, or Jesus. He came to Earth to teach human beings how to empower themselves against the forces of darkness as well as a brief history of Anunnaki involvement in the affairs of human beings. It is believed by followers of Sitchin that the Book of Genesis is a summarised and highly edited version of the Anunnaki story.

But is there evidence that prominent Christians today might realise the origins of their religion in the Anunnaki colonisation of Earth. Pope John Paul II made important and unusual references to angels, both good and bad, which he did not believe were part of the central content of the word of God. “The truth about the angels is in a certain sense ‘collateral, ’ though inseparable from the central revelation… They are superior to all that is created in the visible world, including man, ” the Pope said in a speech. Many took this to be a direct reference to the Anunnaki.

It is known that the Anunnaki had a god of their own, who they referred to as the ‘Creator of All Things’. In this speech, if he was referring to the Anunnaki, Pope John Paul II seems to be saying that human beings must be careful to be able to distinguish between the god-like aliens and the true God of creation that they also worshipped.

The current Pope has also made some statements that have made believers in the Anunnaki story prick up their ears. “We know that man enjoys a unique position within the sphere of creation. By his body he belongs to the visible world, while by his spiritual soul which vivifies the body, he is as it were on the boundary between the visible and invisible creation.” Some people believe that Pope Francis may well have been making another clear distinction between the Anunnaki aliens who created the human body and the Creator of All Things who created the spiritual soul inherent in human beings.

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