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Did NASA Snap A Flying Bird On Mars?

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NASA has yet again taken a bizarre picture on Mars that has been the buzz among alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists of late.

This time, the picture shows a bird-like figure flying in the great skies of Mars. The black and white picture that has now gone viral online was imported by NASA’s Curiosity rover sprawling Mars since 2012.

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Originally, the video featuring the image was up on YouTube by a user named Sandra Elena Andrade. Soon, popular UFO theorist Scott C Warring got his hands on it and shared some interesting news.

Over the last seven years, NASA has been actively exploring the Gale Crater on Mars via its Curiosity mission. The car-size Rover examines the Martian climate and geology, assesses any possible existence of microbial forms of aliens and is chiefly on a lookout for life on the Red Planet. The black and white photo thus captured a week ago shows a black speck, in the shape of a bird in flight in the Martian sky.


Scott C Warring wrote that since it is a ‘bird’ that has showed up in the camera, the footage cannot be from Mars, but from Devon Island in Canada. The self-proclaimed alien hunter claims that the United States government is releasing images from Earth in disguise as Martian photos and fooling the public.

“This is impossible, and yet, there it is…captured in a photo on a NASA website. Of course, it could be a UFO. Aliens like to use nature to inspire their structures and ships. But it looks like a soaring eagle…which if that’s true, may mean one of two things…either animal exist on Mars or…and I hate this idea, but it needs to be considered…the rover might not be on Mars at all, but on Devon Island in Canada. Devon is a desolate island area with only a hand full of people and NASA has gone there many times to test the rovers in an environment similar to Mars,” wrote Waring on his website.

Now, Devon is an isolated island area in Canada with harsh climatic conditions similar to that of Mars and other planets. Warring asserts that the NASA has been to the largely uninhabited island to test its rovers. However, it must also be noted that many unexpected anomalies like this have been spotted on Mars previously, as a result of camera lens flare and cosmic rays.

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