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Ancient Discovery: Ancient paintings show alien visit and UFO contact centuries ago

by Alien UFO Sightings
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History has proven to be a great teacher for the human species. We realized that our ancestors were extremely intelligent and had amazing knowledge about topics such as astronomy, geometry, mathematics and other important sciences.

But they were also amazing artists! From the construction of the great pyramids of Giza to paintings in the Renaissance era and beyond, incredible stories were told that were difficult to explain.

In this article we will focus on some of the most interesting paintings in history, such as “The Baptism of Christ” by Aert De Gelder, “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”, “The Annunciation” and other very interesting pieces.

Of course, each of these images can be interpreted differently from person to person. However, all these pictures have something in common: they tell the same story. Incredible “flying machines” seem to be integrated into the “landscape”. But who had the ability to fly at the time?

Were these flying machines misinterpreted? Are they “clouds” or “angels” or is there anything more to be learned about them? Are these different objects an artistic message of the creator? If there is one thing these images are not, then that is “ordinary.”

One picture that we find very interesting is “The Baptism of Christ” by Aert De Gelder.

As you look at this image, you notice these strange rays of light falling from a disk-shaped object in the sky right at the beginning. It is one of the most interesting paintings of its kind and, according to alien theory, a proof representing a disk-shaped flying object.

The artist of the picture painted a circular object. It is difficult to confuse it with a cloud. It seems to have some kind of light in the middle. The rays of light come out of this object. It can not be a storm either.

We believe that the artist painted what he saw at a certain moment in his life. If he wanted to paint a cloud or the sun, he would have painted it much more effectively. We believe that this painting is a disk-shaped UFO, much like the disc-shaped objects that are reported today.

“The Miracle of Snow” by Masolino Da Panicale is another incredible image that we can not stop by without taking a closer look. This painting was formerly known as “Dedicatio Sanctæ Mariæ ad Nives” (Dedication of the Church of the Mother of God of the Snow).

This painting is very interesting because it shows a large number of disc-shaped objects flying in the sky.

The first thing you can imagine to explain these objects is clouds. But are they really clouds? Did the author at that time draw all the clouds in such a way and give them a “disk” or saucer form?

One of the objects in this painting that attracted particular interest is the object to the right above the building. If you look at it, it shows incredible similarity to some of today’s representations of unknown flying objects.

This object does not look like a cloud in our opinion.

We have seen several paintings from the Renaissance and compared artists’ techniques when it comes to the illustration of clouds. The work of Masolino Da Panicale is simply impressive and we wonder why this artist would choose that disc shape? Can we say that we are dealing with several UFOs in this painting, or are they just clouds? Disc-shaped clouds? ( Did an alien race bring the ancient Egyptian civilization to Earth more than 60,000 years ago? )

In the monastery Visoki Dečaniim Kosovo we find another very interesting work of art. It is entitled “The Crucifixion of Christ”.

This painting is a very detailed work of art. We see several different objects that are depicted around Christ. But after viewing the painting, there are two objects that seem to stand out from the other objects on the painting.

You can see two people on the left and right of the painting who are in a kind of spaceship. According to today’s explanations, these “objects” were placed in the painting to represent the sun and the moon, as in other paintings. Why put “pilots” or a human in them?

Did the artist really try to illustrate our sun and the moon? Or was the artist trying to portray something beyond?

By looking at the left object in the picture, we see that the “pilot” in this particular object seems to be serving something in front of him, his arms are outstretched and reach for something in front of him. The object on the right shows a figure turning its head to see what is behind it.

Are these two objects representations of UFOs and their crew? Or are they just the way the artist represents the sun and the moon?

Another painting that we find very interesting is “The Annunciation” by Carlo Crivelli.

This artist prefers green landscape backgrounds and his works can be identified as decorative motifs by the characteristic use of fruits and flowers. His works were clear and unambiguous in outline, with amazing attention to detail. In his painting “The Annunciation”, several objects stand out from the rest of this highly detailed work of art.

We have a circular cloud here. In this cloud we can see several “angels” looking out of the cloud. This scene is particularly interesting because of the light beam, which shines on a “dove” and on Maria’s head.

Well, we find it puzzling that Carlo Crivelli painted several other clouds in this painting. In fact, the sky is filled with clouds, but he decides to paint this specific “disk-shaped” cloud with “angels” and a ray of light.

Why should one paint a certain cloud so differently than the other clouds and then with a ray of light?

Judging by what we have seen in similar paintings, artists usually paint rays of light coming directly from angels or from the sun. However, this is not the case in Carlo Crivelli’s painting, in which he gives the details the utmost attention. He made sure the public would see differences in analyzing this masterpiece. 

We can also see a person who Carlo Crivelli inserted in the middle of the painting, which looks into the sky – in this disc-shaped cloud directly above the gate.

The 15th century Madonna and saint Giovannino. Another painting that can be added to the list of ancient paintings depicting an unknown flying object.

Over Maria’s left shoulder, we observe a disk-shaped object that seems to glow – a UFO? It is an object that the artist depicted in great detail to ensure that it would stand out in the painting.

On the right side of the painting, we see a man holding his right arm over his eyes. The artist wanted to send the message that this object is extremely bright. On the left side of the picture in the upper corner we can see an object that looks like the sun.

This means that the artist painted this disc-shaped object and gave it a shiny detail. He also made sure that it was displayed right next to the sun, so we can not confuse it with the sun itself. This disc-shaped object does not look like an ordinary cloud either. So, if it’s not the sun and not a cloud, then what?

Is the Madonna and the Saint Giovannino an illustration of an otherworldly visitation? The artist considered this object to be extremely important, otherwise he would not have placed and painted it as accurately as we see it here.

Noteworthy also the image “Disputa of the Eucharist” by Ventura Salimbeni, around 1590, where a spherical probe with antennas between the Heavenly Fathers seems to lie.


What do obvious spaceships do on old pictures and paintings?

Curiously enough, some paintings from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and other (art) epochs show UFO-like objects in their mostly religious depictions. Thus, the thesis of the Präastronautiker around Erich von Däniken, according to which extraterrestrial astronauts have visited and observed humanity since childhood, and even have partially interfered in our cultural development, is quite plausible evidence regarding their historical factuality.

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