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Did Leonardo da Vinci contact Aliens or was one of them?

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Da Vinci was one of the most gifted people who ever lived. But perhaps his most important work remains to be discovered, as researchers claim that da Vinci’s works can find secret messages that point to extraterrestrial influences.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) was an Italian painter, philosopher, engineer, architect and sculptor. Thanks to his numerous works of art and inventions, he is one of the most famous polymaths of our history.

The fact that his work still fascinates and fascinates us today is above all due to the myth about his person, which is still upheld today.

Not only since the book and the film of the same name “The Da Vinci Code” is discussed, namely, whether the scholar has incorporated hidden messages into his works.

The Mona Lisa

His most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, raises countless questions. The biggest one is who the mysterious woman is in the picture. There are many different theses:

One says it was a Neapolitan housewife who sat the painter’s model. Another refers to the alleged nobleman Giuliano di Lorenzo de ‘Medici was the principal and the Mona Lisa should be an idealized image of his mother.

A third guess even says that the Mona Lisa is by no means a woman, but the image is the Da Vinci student and lover named Salaj. Even the name is supposed to provide an indication, because Mona Lisa is an anagram for “Mon Salai,” my salai.

Alien Pictures

New research has now found that on the painting of Mona Lisa the image of an alien should be hidden.

For this purpose, the image must be mirrored and then zoomed in close enough, then you can see the outline of an extraterrestrial being. Also in other works of da Vinci should hidden messages be found in a similar way?

Da Vinci himself an alien?

Some theories even go a bit further: well-known UFO blogger Scott C. Waring says on his website that guessing that Da Vinci himself might have been an alien.

He cited the genius’s many talents as justification, saying that his creative bandwidth and his incredibly high intellect could be signs of being from another planet. He also sees the supposedly hidden messages as an occasion to believe that the artist was an alien.

Mysterious Leonardo

In 1989, experts examined his painting “the Annunciation”. It turned out that when the picture is x-rayed, the archangel Gabriel disappears. He becomes invisible. While painting the rest of the picture with a lead paint, he used a color for the angel that could not be captured by X-rays.

Why? A coincidence, or a secret message? It is known that da Vinci experimented a lot with colors and constantly developed his materials.

The Northeastern University in Boston (USA) has been looking for secret messages in his paintings and found some. Among other things – as mentioned above – a hidden alien will be on the Mona Lisa.

(Alien hiding in the Mona Lisa)

Leonardo da Vinci has drawn several designs for flying objects. How did he know what such machines must look like? 

He also drew protected cars reminiscent of modern tanks. Where did he get the idea from? At that time rifles had just become fairly common, although spear and sword were still the most popular weapons.

Da Vinci has also created concepts for helicopters.

His famous “Proportion Study on Vitruvius”, which formed the basis for the “golden section”, is to contain – like many of his paintings – a secret message.

Amazingly many details are known about the life of Leonardo da Vinci. There does not seem to be room for him to suddenly appear as an alien on the surface of the earth.

Nevertheless, alien believers cling to an important question: where was he between 1476 and 1478? Did he possibly kidnap aliens in time?

All we know is that he disappeared in 1476 and reappeared in Florence in 1478.

Upon his return, his art changed. He drew maps of Italian cities, which are reminiscent of modern aerial photography. And he drew machines, tanks and utopian-looking flying objects.

Had he been abducted, had he been in contact with extraterrestrials and was on a spaceship? Or had he even tried to return to his original planet and failed?

For alien believers that’s quite possible.

It is also amazing that after his disappearance he began to deal with human anatomy  ( Russian scientists decipher extraterrestrial messages and discover a warning to humanity! ).

(Da Vinci’s John the Baptist)

He was not a doctor, and yet he dissected corpses and examined all the guts and muscles very well.

Alien believers doubt that it was only artistic interest hidden behind it, so that he could create his sculptures and paintings as true to the original as possible .

They believe that da Vinci wanted to know how a human was built because he was not himself.

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