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Nat Geo Photographer Admits To Encountering Alien Beings Underwater

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Renowned photographer for National Geographic and OceanX claimed that he has encountered alien beings during his underwater assignments. According to the photographer, the beings resembled stingrays and appeared to be more advanced than humans.

The claims about the underwater aliens were made by Luis Lamar, an underwater director of photography for National Geographic and OceanX. He made the revelation through a recent video made by the latter company.

The clip, which is only about a minute and a half long, focuses on Lamar’s profile and his remarkable experience working as an underwater photographer. At the beginning of the video, Lamar immediately confessed his encounters with alien lifeforms from other planets.

“I think, in the ocean, I have come across potentially beings from another heavenly body that are more highly advanced than humans,” he said.  TOP ARTICLES4/5READ MOREOffshore Wind Set For 15-foldIncrease: IEA

In another part of the video, Lamar discussed the various marine lifeforms he came across underwater. While talking about the strange marine organisms he encountered, Lamar also discussed the appearance of some of the underwater aliens that he saw.

“I’ve seen giant deep sea arachnids, venomous sea snakes far offshore with, like bright-yellow heads,” he said.

“Sharks in a frenzy, Orcas swarming all around me,” he continued. “Some sort of you know, hyper-advanced aquatic alien creatures inhabiting the shallow waters, which almost look like stingrays.”

Despite his bizarre and terrifying encounters with deep sea creatures, Lamar still considers the ocean as a very beautiful place to be in.

Claims regarding encounters with underwater aliens are not new. In January, a report was released regarding the encounters of U.S. nuclear submarines with unknown underwater objects. These were referred to as the underwater counterparts of UFOs, which are known as USOs or underwater submerged objects.

The report, which was released by The War Zone, focuses on the encounters of Navy personnel with USOs. In one of the encounters, an attack submarine was patrolling the North Atlantic when its sonar picked up an object moving fast in the water. Although the submarine’s sonar personnel were not able to classify what the object was, they noted that it was moving at a speed of several hundred knots.

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