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Russian scientists decipher extraterrestrial messages and discover a warning to humanity! (Videos)

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According to Russian  scientists  , the earth is currently in the final stages of a cycle for the development of human consciousness and the organic world.

There is just a  critical decrease in  the Earth’s magnetic field. The scientists believe that this could lead to a pole shift and eventually to catastrophic global effects in the form of a cataclysm.

The Russian researchers Dr. Victoria Popova and dr. Lidia Andrianova believe that extraterrestrial civilizations want to allow humanity a way out of this situation. The two scientists published a total of over two hundred publications and 19 patents.

After 15 years of research, they discovered two keys – analogue and digital. With these keys they could decipher the mysterious crop circles and other extraterrestrial pictograms on stones.

These include Stonehenge and the Avebury Stone Circles in England, the Nazca Lines in Peru, the pyramids of Chichen Itza in Mexico and the statues of the Easter Island. All of these places bear specific pictographs, which are of extraterrestrial origin to researchers and provide humanity in advance with important information for the development of human consciousness. By Jason Mason.

Crop circles are to provide the most important information for salvation. But there are deliberate forgeries that try to ruin the human future. The elites are trying to shield us from this information, because they do not want humanity to free themselves from their prison here on Earth through a cosmic consciousness.

After the Russian researchers managed to decipher many hundreds of pictograms found in these enigmatic places around the world, a dictionary with over 250 symbols could be created.

It was used to decode many of these ancient pieces of information, and it came to light that they are predictions of the future, announcing three catastrophes for the immediate future, following global cataclysms. These three catastrophic events are to eclipse everything humanity has experienced in its historical history.

Researchers agree that humanity should be informed about this scenario before these cataclysms begin to enter. An uninformed civilization has no way to master the transition of consciousness to survive this catastrophe.

The first phases of these events, according to researchers, are disruptions in global information networks. This event is to be followed by a seismic event that could emanate from the west coast of Peru. In South America, there is the Great South Atlantic Anomaly, a major disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field.

This event is said to trigger strong tsunami waves and disturb the ocean currents in the Pacific Ocean. All of this could have catastrophic effects on the United States, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. Maybe also Africa and Western Europe could be affected. The second and third phase of this pre-cataclysm should be much stronger.

The scientists believe that these events occur cyclically and have already taken place regularly in the past. There are records of global floods and the Flood of all ancient cultures of the earth. They occur at the end of a particular cycle or at the end of a world. Many Indian legends, such as those of the Hopis, tell us that we already have several worlds behind us and that the change to the next world is imminent.

Part of this change is the evolution of human consciousness. For certain people, this opens up the possibility of achieving a spiritual transition to a higher level of existence. It is a window in higher dimensions, the ascent.

The pictograms declare that we have reached a point in our historical evolution where humanity’s symbolic final exam is about to proceed to a transition to higher and finer levels of existence. It is a mental metamorphosis in connection with an ascent.

The Russian researchers Dr. Popova and dr. Andrianova think that this transition can only be made possible by a synchronous union of all human consciousness. This leap in consciousness still has to happen in the first phase of the catastrophes, because in the second and third phase, there will not be enough people alive to start the mechanism of spiritual transit.

Mankind is destined, after the great change, to be reintegrated into the galactic community of progressive extraterrestrial civilizations connected by their consciousness.

After the great transition, a millennial Kingdom of Peace is set to begin on earth. Nostradamus also spoke of it and said that there will soon come a time – the golden age of humanity – that will last forever. Now the time seems to have come for this transit.

The end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 symbolized the beginning of the last phase before the great leap in consciousness that we already find ourselves in. Advanced alien civilizations have insights into the times and know what lies ahead, so thousands of years ago precautions were taken to prepare humanity for it to enable it to enter the golden age of immortality created by our united consciousness ,

Dr. Popova is convinced that the big events will start in September 2018. You can already see strong changes in the weather patterns, floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions and other signs that are now increasing.

Many alternative researchers believe that Russia will play the most important role in this transition because this nation has been designated by the higher powers as the spiritual center of the earth. That is why Russia will show the world the way to the redemption and survival of human civilization on earth.

The fate of all people living in the world today is closely linked to the coming ascent, hence the strong increase in population over the past one hundred years. The plants and animals also have a connected consciousness and participate in this change.

The global elite have known this fact for a long time, and in recent decades, precautions have been taken to prepare for emergencies. Huge underground bunkers have been erected around the world to save the world’s rich elite from these catastrophes. In addition whole mountains were hollowed out.

Dr. But Popova and her colleagues are convinced that these bunkers will not help. They believe that only the raising of consciousness can save us from these cataclysms. In preparation for ascension it is important to overcome all negativity and to focus on love, friendship and fellowship, only in this way can a unity consciousness emerge.

It all sounded very exaggerated until recently, but now even mainstream science admits that the rate of migration of the Earth’s magnetic poles has reached such a high speed that it is almost certain that the magnetic poles Earth will still jump in our lifetime! This new data is in line with the predictions of Russian scientists.

Geologists have found that the Earth’s magnetic field is now weakening ten times faster than it has been a short time ago. It can not be predicted how this development will continue and when it will come to a pole shift. It is certain that he is coming. The mainstream science, however, does not believe in cataclysms, because allegedly at the last pole leaps also none have taken place.

But how should one determine when exactly the last pole shift took place? In any case, there will be a collapse of the protective Earth’s magnetic field, and then the incoming dangerous cosmic rays and strong solar storms will turn off the earth’s electronic grid.

As a result, catastrophes are already occurring, and power will collapse in large parts of the world. Hardly anyone can imagine today what that will mean. Hospitals would be without electricity and fuel can no longer be promoted. Nuclear power plants can not be cooled anymore. Everything would fail within a few days. Since there are no preparations for this emergency, it is like a total catastrophe.

Together with the disappearance of the earth’s magnetic field, strong volcanic eruptions will occur. If the Yellowstone volcano erupted, it could mean the sinking of all of North America, and the whole northern hemisphere would darken in a short time.

That would trigger a mini ice age. Many more volcanic eruptions and tsunamis will follow. As a result, the destruction of nuclear power plants and the release of high levels of radioactivity around the world occur. But that is not spoken of. Mainstream science only warns that the collapse of the earth’s magnetic field due to the unprotected sun and the cosmic rays, the cancer rate will shoot up, but that is the least worry.

But how does the Earth’s magnetic field weaken? Either these are cyclical processes that have to do with the solar activity, or a foreign body penetrates into the inner solar system and disturbs the inner planets. That would be the mysterious Planet X or Nibiru.

Some whistleblowers confirm that this dangerous planet is actually approaching and orbiting around the sun, which is 3,600 years. New scientific evidence shows today that cataclysms and great flooding on Earth have occurred at regular intervals. It is predicted that the planet Nibiru will make its transit over several years.

The whistleblowers say they will feel the effects from around 2016, and that natural disasters, storms and volcanic eruptions will increase by 2030. So that’s about the same as Dr. Popova together. In fact, more and more new volcanoes are breaking out almost daily. The survivors of the last global cataclysm attempted to warn future generations of humanity of these dangers and left their warnings in the form of megalithic installations.

The alternative researcher Graham Hancock also came to this conclusion years ago. It was not until 2018 that the first academic scientists began to show interest in his theories and even confirmed them. For the first time, experts from the University of Edinburgh analyzed the mysterious symbols on the stone columns of the megalithic complex Gobekli Tepe in Turkey.

This megalithic site is today considered the oldest in the world. The symbols suggest that about 13,000 years ago, a comet or swarms of fragments of a comet on Earth had set in, triggering a global cataclysm. An ice age followed and the course of humanity changed in a fatal way.

On a stone pillar of Gobekli Tepe you can see images of strange figures and a large disk that symbolizes either this comet or the Nibiru, which was responsible for the cataclysm. A headless figure may indicate that there have been large losses of life, and the symbols indicate a change in the axis of rotation of the earth.

The scientists believe that Gobekli Tepe served as an observatory to predict the next cyclical disaster based on the stars. Thousands of years ago, the whole complex was then buried in the earth with unimaginable effort and could only be rediscovered and uncovered a few years ago.

Intelligence officials confirm that the Earth’s major governments have been preparing for decades for a seemingly massive global catastrophe and large underground bunkers. In it, a chosen part of the population is to be brought to safety to survive everything.

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